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I hate to paint #3 Update: Fire Gamin   4 comments

Just a quick update on my Fire Gamin progress. Sorry, I just don’t have time to do a detailed post. I’ll put up a workbench post in a day or two as I have started a number of new projects.

Halfway through the washing process.


I hate to paint #3   2 comments

So I have been struggling with finding a technique for painting fire.  Following a suggestion from Argentbadger I took a stab at working up from yellow and am quite pleased with the results.  First off, I know the Gamin are supposed to be some sort of solid, like Lava or Magma, and wouldn’t be coloured like this.  This assumes that the Gamin’s “heat source” is at their feet.  Just imagine that they are a spout of flame given shape and this look could work.

The wash technique.

Here are the details.  I gave this new Risen model a generous base coat of Golden Yellow.  Then a light wash of Baal Red picking out only the highest areas.  I felt that it started to look kinda junky at this point so I changed focus and gave it a generous red wash around its head.  After drying I washed it again, head and shoulders.  Twice more getting progressively lower on the model.  During each wash I focused a lot on the head to get it as dark as I could.  The photo above is after the last wash but before the model was completely dry.

I could try to implement the same technique over smaller areas, leaving the individual recesses of the model yellow but I don’t think I am quite ready for careful work at that scale yet.  Maybe I could do some work on the base to support the idea of fire coming out of the ground.

I an not 100% convinced that I should have finished by very lightly dry brushing the red.  It seemed to dull it down quite a bit.  I will probably give his head one more wash to liven it up.

After a light white dry brushing.

Anyhow, the next big challenge will be to reproduce these results on an actual Fire Gamin model.  Something tells me that will be easier said than done.

Okay, on to other things….


I’ll start from the end.  Here is where I have gotten her to:

Kaeris mostly base coated

Fairly straightforward stuff here.  To bring her up to this state I used a curry’s #0 tapered flatbrush and a Reaper Pro #0 detail brush.  I blocked in all the metal on her torso.  Boltgun Metal for the backpack and wing mechanism and Shining Gold for the feathers.  Then painted in her skin with Elf Flesh.  I switched over to a Reaper Pro #2 flat brush and blocked in the exterior of her cloak with Fortress Grey.  For the interior I used Codex Grey and a combination of all three previous brushes to get into nooks and to easily coat flat areas.  Last thing I did was lay down some Scorched Brown Graveyard Earth on her pants with the #0 detail brush.

For the base I started at a greyish colour…whatever it was Justin had base coated it with before he gave it to me.  I then gave it a light coat of Fortress Grey and a wash of Badab Black.  Once it was dry I gave the areas between the rocks another wash to darken them up.  I dry brushed on some more grey and finished with a light application of Thraka Green wash.  Not sure I like the look of the green.  I was hoping it would suggest moss or mildew on the rubble.  I’ll work at it some more later.  I did the whole base with:

Stumpy the P3 drybrush

This work was spread out over a few days so, alas, no booze summary.  I will inform you that I did most of this work without drinking any beer.  If you think this seems to be better quality work then before I can assure you that it has nothing to do with the absence of beer, nothing.

I am still obsessed with Manchester Orchestra’s album Simple Math but this time I listened to a bunch of other stuff as well.  Songs of note:  Back and to the Left by Texas is the Reason, The Name of a Street by Metroschifter, and Sleep Is Wrong by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.

Next time: Painting the real Fire Gamin. Also, Kaeris may get an all over wash.

Thanks for reading.

I hate to paint #2   4 comments

Hi there…  I am back with the second instalment of “I hate to paint” (Click for “I hate to paint #1”).  Today’s post is short and sweet and contains fewer mistakes (but more booze) than the last instalment.  All I managed to get accomplished this time was to bring the other two Gamin up to the same state the first Gamin made it to.  Here we go.

I base coated the next two Gamin with my orange blend (3 glops of Golden Yellow + half-ish of a glop of Blood Red) using my stumpy, now officially named Stumpy, small drybrush from P3.  I decided I would skip all those pesky white and yellow pre-stages and cut right to the good stuff.

The other Gamin base coated.

A generous coat of Baal Red wash, again making use of trusty Ol’ Stumpy.  After the first wash, looking at the wet models, I suspected that they wouldn’t need a second wash (I was very generous).  This is the tricksie nature of things like this though…a second was indeed necessary.  The GW washes dry quite a bit lighter than they appear when wet.  Less so, I believe, with the black one (and maybe blue, purple, and mud) than with the lighter coloured ones.

The Gamin after a first (or possibly second) wash.

Another generous coat of Baal Red wash and we should have 3 identical (or very similar) Fire Gamin.  Here’s hoping!

All three of the Gamin together.

Looking at the three Gamin together I am hard pressed to tell which is the one that had the lighter undercoat.  Some people say that you can apply light or dark undercoat to assist with the shading and highlighting process.  These people are jerks.  While I was waiting for the above models to dry I turned my attention to my test model.  The poor Risen model got a very, very generous base coat of roughly the same orange.

Don't worry little fella, you'll get dropped into the Simple Green soon.

That wrapped up my evening of painting.  Next up I brutalize the rest of the Kaeris starter and continue with my experimentation on the Risen to try to find some easy effect that will pass for fire/lava/magma.  Thanks for reading.

Drinks consumed during this painting session: 1 x double Gin Caesar, 3 x Gin Fizz (1 tbsp Lemon juice, 1/8th tsp sugar, 1 oz Gin, 2 ozs Club Soda)

Listened mostly to Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math.

I hate to paint #1   7 comments

This is the first in a series of highly uninformative posts on painting from a guy who hates to paint.  Scratch that.  I don’t hate to paint.  I like painting.  But only when it is easy and produces good results.  I enjoyed painting Space Marines.  I didn’t do a great job, but I did good enough of a job that I was fairly happy with them.  The key about painting Space Marines is that they are pretty easy to produce a decent paint job on.  All you need to do is follow the tiny little guide that comes along with every 40K starter that tells you how to paint.  It, admittedly, is a very simple paint method but it works really well.  That being said.  Most things in the miniature painting world do not work like that.

I recently picked up a Malifaux starter.  Kaeris.  You can see it in its studio painted glory here, just click on the links to the contents of the starter at the bottom of that page.  This installment covers the process I went through preparing myself to paint the Fire Gamin, test painting on a poor Risen, and actually applying the first few layers of paint.

The poor Risen model I brutalized during test painting. (Front)

The poor Risen model I brutalized during test painting. (Back)

#2 reaper pro flat

overbrushed on straight golden yellow trying to leave only a small amount of the white prime visible

lightly overbrushed with a mixture of Blood Red and Golden Yellow (approximately 5 to 1)

this ended up looking terrible so I heavily overbrushed with the same mixture trying to leave only a small amount of the previous white/yellow layer visible

this ended up looking terrible too so I washed it generously with baal red wash using a p3 small drybrush that I have cut square because it was frayed.

I now have a red/orange gamin

One fire gamin painted orange and washed red in 18 simple steps.

he is drying.

During the wait I decided to torture the Risen with a heavy drybrush of yellow and then white over the red I painted on the front of the legs to see if I could get a passable result by doing “fake fire” (red up to yellow).  It looks better looking right at the model than it does in this photo.  This technique, or something similar, will probably be what I use on my Orange/Red Gamin.

The Risen after a test dry brush of yellow and white.

1 Guinness later

A further generous wash of Baal Red targetting two specific areas, the tiny dots of white I missed during the first wash and areas I want to have darker shadows.

he is drying, again.

The end result of an evening of aggravation. Things can only get better, right?

(Another Guinness)

This concludes the first instalment of the wildly popular “I hate to paint” series.  What did I learn during this mockery of miniature painting?  1) Fire is hard, 2) Studio paint jobs are like those girls in the glossy magazines…real life just doesn’t look like that, 3) Have something else to paint while you wait for washes to dry so that you don’t just start drinking Guinness, 4) How to spell Guinness.

See you!