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Menoth’s Wrath   1 comment

(And we’re back… for how long?  Who can say!)

A long time ago I picked up the 4 Warmachine starters, some glue, and some paint from a local game store that was going out of business.  I don’t remember what inspired me to do this.  I may have been given a demo of the game at another store, one of my friends who already knew about the game may have demoed it for me, it may have just been a whim.  I had built and painted gaming models in the past, quite significantly actually.  Mostly models for Dungeons and Dragons but also some for other games – a completely unknown to me pair of companies called Citadel and Games Workshop mostly.  However it happened I decided that I was interested in this thing that people were playing on these tables that were designed to look like a miniature battlefield.

Also a long time ago but not quite as long a time ago I somehow convinced a young, well younger, boardgamer from my gaming club to try this game that uses metal models that I had now become addicted to the assembly of.  I have absolutely no recollection of our first game, or even exactly when it was, but when Privateer Press announced that the next faction box for Warmachine would be a pirate themed set Justin was all over that.

Since then Justin and I have supported each others model buying and building and sometimes painting insanity fully.  We probably should have been separated by our wives long ago.  I regret not a single purchase.  Now this most recent show of support is for Justin’s renewed interest in our legacy game.  He has been hankering for some Warmachine and after some late night talks about the reasons why I stopped playing I agreed that I would join him in his foray, or re-foray, into the world of Warmachine.

Menoth Jacks and Caster from the 2 player starter

Menoth Jacks and Caster from the 2 player starter (primed with brush on primer)

Justin has already introduced this series and talked about the factions and how we acquired them so I’ll skip over all that and jump right to it.

So what do I write about when it comes to rebooting Warmachine and working on models I have been building for years?  Well, they are plastic now.  I thought I was going to be disappointed.  Aside from making the cleaning of mould lines harder I am finding the plastics excellent to work with.  I built the Trollbloods starter in metal for Rob so he would participate.  It took about as long as I spent on the Vaquisher in the Menoth starter.  Maybe we can rack this up to experience with metal models, and more specifically Warmachine jacks, or maybe metal really is a lot easier?  Not sure.  I even did some pinning of the Trolls to fix a broken axe and it was still much faster than plastic.  Whatever it is the end result is the same.  Plastic or metal, once they are assembled Warmachine ‘Jacks, and even Hordes beasts, look great.

Since starting this process we have managed to get in a few games.  Khador are a very difficult army to break but Menoth seem to be doing ok.  I hope to try my hand at a battle report one of these days and it would make sense to write one for this game.  I plan to talk about tactics and some of my frustrations when it comes to facing Khador (they are soooooo strong!).  I will also be tracking my purchases and progress on assembling and painting models.  And on that note, I have recently acquired a Revenger and two Paladins of the Wall.  Details in the next post.