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Kirai vs. Perdita (25ss) – Rematch! – 03/20/12   Leave a comment

It’s been a while, so here’s a meaty post for you all.

So this Tuesday Loy and I started the evening with a game of Malifaux.  It was a 25ss rematch between my Ortegas (starter) and his Kirai (variety).  His crew was a little different from last week’s, which was a brutal affair seeing my Ortegas eventually whiped off the board, unable to defeat Kirai and her annoyingly-healy Spirit friends.  At least after that game I knew what it felt like to face Resurrectionists, although I think that Seamus & Co. are easier opponents than Kirai & Co.  Might have to face them off against each other sometime 🙂

Anyway, to the game.

Set-Up & Deployment

The board was once again the desert terrain with two buildings (ranch house and barn), an outhouse (centre of the table) and a scattering of barren trees and cacti, which I did not represent on the map this time:

We flipped up Reconnoiter, but this was once again quickly forgotten and it came down to general duking it out as sometimes happens with this game.  We had intended to make this game a bit more themey with a backstory and all that, but it didn’t work out.  Perhaps for next game, if we plan ahead a little.

The Shikome chose Nino as her Prey, as apparently Loy has beef with my 16″-ranged repeating rifle.

Turn 1

I got the initiative, but as it was the first turn nothing really happened other than moving around and some summoning.

Francisco and Santiago moved up the left, while Perdita, Papa Loco and Nino moved up the right.  The only other thing I did was have Nino cast In My Sights (bonus to attack) on the Shikome that moved up and in LoS.  This action also told me that the Shikome was about 18″ away, so too far to shoot at.

Kirai sacrificed the Seishin to summon Ikiryo, who floated up to the roof of the ranch house and cast Call Spirit to get everyone in closer.  It was like some kind of rooftop Spirit party!

Turn 2

Loy got initiative and started off by having the Shikome move behind the outhouse and cast Guarantee Fate against Francisco, forcing the duelist to get closer by the end phase or suffer.  I think at this point he may have forgotten or not realised that he could only attack his Prey, which I did not notice either.  So in retaliation, and to help a brother out (…yeah, I know…), Perdita moved up and made the Shikome Obey her and Charge Francisco, thereby helping me out of the Fate pickle a bit.  At the time there was no dispute, but later on in the night Loy was doing some reading and questioned whether I could make her Charge a model if she was not able to attack it.  I’ve asked up on the Wyrd forums and will share the answer with Loy and you when I find out.

Ikiryo moved up and called the Spirits back to her, pulling the Shikome out of harms way a tad, or at least making it more difficult for Francisco to stay within 6″ of her.  Ikiryo then moved closer, for future engagement.

And now came one of the little issues of the night, about cover.  As a Henchman-on-hiatus, you’d think I’d have the rule right.  Well, I did, but Loy said I was wrong, and I didn’t have the Rules Manual handy to check it out, so I used the old book.  Which has the old rule.  So we based the ruling on that, which blows because it meant that Santiago, who was behind a low cacti, was being penalised.  Clearly he was fine (within 1″ of the terrain so no effect on him), but I guess playing so many different games stuff like LoS and cover does get confusing.  So, I gave in and instead of using Rapid Fire he moved out and just shot the one time.  Bah.  I later realised that the faux-cover would have been negated by the Paired trait of his guns, so I should have just shot anyway.  Bah, again! At least the single shot he did take had a rams in the attack flip, so even at Weak he still did 4 damage! Which of course was halved because the Shikome is a Spirit.  Francisco Companioned and charged the Shikome, swung his big-arse sword and did 3 more damage (well, 6, but halved…grrr), leaving her with 2 Wds left.  So close!

The Onryo moved up and hit Francisco with Malevolence for 3 points of damage, and then used Vengeful Whisper to give Ikiryo Immediate Revenge 1 (inflicting 1 damage on anyone that shoots her and deals damage).  Papa Loco moved over and attempted to throw some dynamite at Ikiryo, but was out of range.  Oh, the barn has a long little alleyway in it, like a little covered area that opens into the horse stalls, I think.

Datsue-Ba moved up twice to get in close to the action, and also used Guide Spirits to move Ikiryo into melee with Francisco.  Nino moved, got the Onryo in his sights and took a shot, doing 3 (from 5) damage but taking 1 back from Immediate Revenge.  Hrm, the range-heavy, magical-weapon-less Ortegas might not be the best crew to take on these Spirits! 🙂

Kirai moved up and healed the Onryo a bit, and Lost Love moved up and healed the Shikome a bit as well.

Can I tell you how frustrating it is to see all your hard work and damage get healed up?  Yeesh!

Turn 3

A side note, it was exactly 8 o’clock at this point and Scott showed up, so Loy and I should have rushed the game a bit.  But it was going well, so we just played it out normally.

I started the turn off by having Francisco Flurry into Ikiryo, dropping her in I believe two of the three attacks.  Santiago Companioned in and charged into the Shikome and deals enough damage to drop her.  The Ortega brothers high five, at this point.  “Go team!”  Not even the Spirit trait could protect the enemy from The Family.

Datsue-Ba guided the Onryo in closer, and then charged into melee with Francisco, and does a couple more points of damage (nearly dead!).

Nino moves up, aims at Lost Love but misses his shot (Black Joker!).  Perdita tries to Obey Nino for a shot, but fails.  She then moves up instead and declares that if the Onryo charges or casts, she’ll shoot him.  Great idea, but this was negated when Kirai came and switched Datsue-Ba and the Onryo, taking the one out of melee and putting the other one in.  Sneaky!  She also heals herself.

Papa Loco moves through the barn and throws a stick of dynamite… a big one at that, hitting Datsue-Ba and catching Lost Love in the blast.

The Onryo swings at Francisco a couple of times who dodges the hits with lucky flips.  Lost Love ends the turn healing up Datsue-Ba and trying to sacrifice himself to summon another model with Kirai’s Evolve Spirit, which gets us into another debate about wounding yourself during an action, blah blah blah, and we decide in the end I said he could do it.  I’ll have to figure out exactly what happened and then ask about it on the forums as well.  Anyway, he turns himself into a Gaki, who moves towards Perdita.  No worries, Loy, I’ll give this one to you.

Turn 4

I needed to use one of my soulstones to re-flip the initiative, and getting the Red Joker.

Francisco started the Companion chain and uses Flurry to hack apart the Onryo, whose upon-dying ability Haunt failed against Santiago.  Papa Loco hit Datsue-Ba with dynamite, while Santiago began a Rapid Fire + Trigger Happy combo that took down the old Datsue-Ba.  Fate was definitely with me there, giving me exactly what I needed to send the Spirit back to the other plane from whence it came.  This gave Kirai a Seishin.

The Gaki charged into Perdita and missed the attack.  Perdita hit back and killed it with two attacks.   The Slow to Die attack-back missed as well.  She then just moved up a bit.

Nino moved up and took a shot at Kirai, hitting her for a few points and taking 2 back.

Kirai healed up and attempted a slew of Spells and (0) Actions, but failed them all, I think.  Loy’s frustration was increasing at this point, and with good reason.  Looks like Fate was looking the other way, this game.  She may have cast Spirit World and turned into a Spirit at this point, though.

Turn 5

Kirai started the turn off.  She casted Spirit World again, healed herself as a Spirit.  She then summoned Ikiryo (dropping herself to 1 Wd left).  I realised while writing this and watching the video that Loy removed the Seishin to do this, which was not necessary, so he actually should have had an extra Spirit around to help last a bit longer.  However, this may be a moot point as I did have all five Ortegas alive and ready to pounce on Kirai, Ikiryo and the Seishin.

You can guess that at this point it was a forgone conclusion, and with all of the Ortegas in Companion range of each other, they would all be able to work together to lay down the hurt.  Nino actually killed Kirai on his activiation, and Santiago got Trigger Happy and took out Ikiryo.

Game over.

Post-Game Thoughts

Well, I was quite surprised that I tabled Loy’s Spirits.  After last game, which was a much closer battle (with Loy coming out on top), I thought I’d lose a few of the family members and maybe-maybe-not pull out a victory.  I believe this is only Loy’s second game with the Spirits, so of course he’s still working on figuring them out.  He’s getting closer, for sure, but Fate was definitely on my side this game.  I flipped all of the right cards, and he flipped few that he needed.  That one turn of Kirai failing most of her spells was pretty bad.

Tuesday night we shot some emails back and forth about rule issues, including cover and using Obey on the models with Kirai’s Soul.  Hopefully we’ll figure all of our questions out for our next meeting.

Now I definitely know Loy will not want to face me again any time soon.  At least not my Ortegas.  Maybe I’ll try Lilith next and see how a melee-heavy crew fares against the Spirits.

I picked up Abuela Ortega, hoping to put her healing powers to good use.  I’ll get her painted up soon.

I also left my two crews and my Freebooter’s Fate Imperials at MM in one of the display cases.  I forgot to take a picture, but I will next time I’m around.  They look neat in there, with their stat cards splayed out.

Thanks for reading.


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Latest Purchases   1 comment

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted so I’ll get you up to date.

Meeplemart (LGS) purchases

I’ve opened up the purse strings a bit and bought more than my usual.


You notice that I’ve picked up a bunch of Malifaux. Wasn’t I the guy who thought Malifaux was “errr … okay” and didn’t really like the card flipping mechanics versus a bucket of dice? Sure, that was me but I totally had a change of heart. Here I was a couple of weeks ago, I fully painted up the Hoffman starter + a peacekeeper but really didn’t like how they played (or in reality, got shot full of holes from the Family). Although they faired poorly, I wasn’t really interested in how Hoffman needs to be played to be successful so they went into the display case (for now).

So at this point, Malifaux got put on the back burner and Freebooter’s Fate was put front and center. But then I found a PDF of the Malifaux Rising Power’s rulebook. I had no intention of purchasing this book but I thought I would look through it and read a few of the background stories since I did enjoy the 1st rulebook’s stories. I read the stories about Kirai and I really enjoyed her background and how all the related characters fit into her story. So off I go and buy the Kirai starter and a week later, I pick up a bunch of supporting characters. Also picked up both the supplemental Malifaux rulebooks. I have to admit this is the first time I’ve ever used a PDF to “try before I buy”.

Since I also have the Lilith (Neverborn) starter, I decided to read up on other minions that work with her. In the Twisting Fate rulebook, the story of Tuco is really cool. He’s part of Ortega family who was captured and tortured until he turned. He was holding out for the family to save him (since they never leave anyone behind) but they were never able to rescue him. Awesome story so he’s another guy that I have on order.

I’m now a big fan of Malifaux more for the fact that there are so many different stories and different styles of play. You can play cowboy gunfighters, mechanical robots, undead hookers, demons, goblins and ghosts all in the same game.

Important self revelation

With the whole Kirai purchase, I’ve realized that I’m a mini game that is drawn more to background story and the look of minis than game play. If I really like the miniature or the background story, I’ll purchase it and play it regardless of how much they suck game-wise. I’m not one of those guys that wants to play competitive games but rather fun and non-serious games. I wouldn’t purchase multiple copies of the same miniature so that my army is more powerful/advantageous. For example, my Cygnar army has only one Lancer light warjack but since it’s the only Cygnar warjack with an arc node, I’ve read that it would be better to have more than one. Nope, not for me.

When playing a game that requires placing terrain at the start of the game, I place the terrain pieces somewhere that add variety to the game rather than to my advantage (i.e. in the corner out of play). So competitive tournaments or leagues are not for me.

That’s just me. Nothing wrong with being competitive though.

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The Crews I Use #1 – Seamus (Part II)   1 comment

The other day I posted some thoughts on my Seamus crew, featuring his Belles and some Punk Zombies.  On Tuesday I played a 35ss game with them against Scott’s Ramos and Friends, which you can read about on my blog here.  Today I’m going to re-visit the crew, and take this game into consideration.

Rotten Belles

Like I said in the battle report, the MVP for me goes to the Belles, so I’m going to start with them.  They gave me board control which was vital to my success.  If not for all of their successful Lures (I’d like to calculate their percentage of success), it would have been a different game, surely.  Not only did they neuter Hans by drawing him out of his sniper position, but they brought the various Arachnids into the fight as well.

I also used Undress successfully, I think against some Arachnids at one point. I didn’t try Distract this time around, but I’ll do so in the future.

In terms of damage output, they didn’t do too much, other than the one Belle who gave it to the Hunter.  But their Luring sure made up for it, so I can’t complain.


I’m only talking about him next because he is the leader of the crew.  Otherwise, he did not do much in this game!

Killing Ramos aside (as it happened technically after we ended the game), his only claims to fame were Summoning a Belle, giving them +2 Wk at the beginning of the game, and weakening the Large Steampunk Arachnid for the Punk Zombie to finish off.  There were actually a couple of turns where Seamus literally did nothing but Pass.  That’s unheard of, man!  And that’s thanks again to the board control provided by the Belles.

He would also definitely do better against a Living or Undead crew to fully use his ability.  Constructs are pretty useless opponents!


Sybelle did well in this game as well.  Between her Shriek (although only used once, it did a whopping 6 points of damage), Flurry and being used in tandem with a Belle (using Companion), she was actually a powerhouse in this game.  Having the Belles bring an opponent right up to her is fantastic, and exactly what she wants with her Flurry, and string of Triggers.  Call Belle was another helpful Spell, somewhat.

Punk Zombies

Sure, they didn’t do as well as they could have, what with Cb7 andPaired Katanas, but they did their part.  Both the Hunter and the Large Steampunk Arachnid fell to the slashing attacks of the Punk Zombies.  In that sort-of turn at the end, the dying PZ failed his Slice and Dice Spell by missing a Mask suit.  That would have irked Ramos, I’m sure.

I will definitely continue to include Punk Zombies in my list.  I just know that they will do awesome some day, and instil fear into the hearts of my opponents.  And their miniatures.

* * * * *

Where to go from here?  Well, I’ve got Mortimer that I still need to paint up before I use him again.

Those are all of the Resurrectionist models I own.  I am honestly not planning on picking up any more, as I’m actually looking to sell my other crews (while keeping Seamus, the Ortegas and probably Lilith).  But there are a few ways I would go if I did.  Crooked Men look fun and would help with board control as well, as they leave little mine-like shaft markers that enemy models would want to stay away from.  Bete Noire is a psychotic chick who would fit right in with Seamus’ ladies, even though she isn’t herself one.  Seamus’ fiery little totem, the Copycat Killer would be interesting to have. The Hanged of course would be a great way to play the Wp/Morale Test game.

I’m sure there are a few more that would fit (I don’t want to stray too far off the theme path, so no Nurses or Spirits, etc.), but again, I’m not looking to grow my crew right now.  I’m content with what I have.

Actually, it would be nice to have some more Belle models, so I can Summon a few more during the game.  In this game, for instance, Hans left a Corpse Counter behind, and in those turns that Seamus had nothing to do, he could have dug up more.  I could have had another Belle or two on the board, so it’s quite possible I could have forced Ramos to square dance between the Belles like a puppet, Luring him back and forth like their little bi…

And thanks for reading, folks!

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The Crews I Use #1 – Seamus (Part I)   3 comments

As it’s been a million years since I posted to ToG, I figured it was time to do so again.

Andrew’s incessant prodding and whining helped, too.

I think since Malifaux continues to be the mainstay of our little group these days, I’d like to put down some thoughts on the crews that I currently use.  Since my long-time favourite crew has been Seamus and his Undead Hookers and Friends, I should start with him.  And with a 35ss game coming up with Scott on Tuesday, these are my pre-game thoughts.  After the game I’ll speak a little more about them, how they did (sorta like how Andrew did about Kaeris after two games with her), and so on.

So, on with the show.


This mad hatter is nuts.  In sanity-wise and game terms both.  I really enjoy playing with him. 

He makes his Belles move further with Belles of the Ball, giving otherwise slow minions a nice boost, as long as he’s within 8″.  And since he does like being up near the action, this is pretty much always the case.  He can also Companion a Belle, including Sybelle, but I hardly ever use that one.  I’ve used it I think once for sort of like a ‘feat turn’ surge (a la Warmachine/Hordes), getting all of Belles to pounce on the Seamus-weakened oposing caster.  Possibly Rasputina, but I’m not sure who it was.

He’s Hard to Wound 2 and Hard to Kill, both of which are annoying to opponents.  His DF is only 4, but HtoW2 helps a lot when he becomes the target of attacks.  Another thing that annoys opponents is his Necrotic Ministrations (not Menstruations, as I like to say it while playing).  Healing when a living or undead model nearby dies and drawing a Control Card is awesome.  Again, more reasons to have Seamus up in the thick of things.  He’s also Terrifying 12, which also hasn’t come up much (he usually doesn’t get charged before the game is over).  Oh, and he’s Fast, so he can do a lot on his turn.

Okay, let’s stop beating around the bush and just get to the BFG: The .50 Flintlock.  This thing is a beast, and even though it can only be used once a turn, it instills fear into the hearts and minds of enemies.  With a DG of 4/6/7 you can guarantee that opponents will spend good Cheats and Soulstones to avoid a Severe damage flip.  Even a Weak flip will kill lots of enemies, so if in range and he can spare the Action Point…BOOM!

He can make more Belles, which is awesometastic.  Especially mid-game when there are a bunch of Corpse Counters around the field that he can use.  I love when an opponent gleefully kills one of my Belles, and then cringes when they get back and get locked into close combat with one of their models…especially the important ones.  The down-side of this spell is that it requires a second Crows (feathers) of 10 or higher.  It’s not often that Fate just drops necessary cards into my hand, but it does happen on occassion.  I also like Live for Pain, which both damages  a target and heals Seamus himself.  That’s two Healing Talents he’s got, which is rad.

He’s got a bunch of other Actions, Triggers and Spells I didn’t go over.  They don’t usually come up for me, but I’d like to try and work the WP angle of Seamus and Friends.  You know, lower the enemies’ WP, then use the various Spells and Abilities in the crew to send them packing or make them go crazy and just plain die.

Madame Sybelle

Seamus’ right-hand hooker, she’s a well-rounded psuedo-Henchman (you know, the second-in-command, but without the Soulstone abilities).  Looking at her, she’s definitely round (I hate when her gross, thonged-butt is facing me…I try to get her on the flanks and move her on an angle so I don’t have to look at those dimply blobs).

Anyway.  She’s not terribly easy to kill, what with Regen 1 and Hard to Wound 1, and with Slow to Die to boot,  but she always does seem to fall.  I think it’s because she’s got Flurry and some good Triggers, as well as a couple of useful spells: Call Belle, to slingshot other Belles around the board, and Shriek, doing a little damage and freaking hit living models out.

Overall, I enjoy using her.  The only other high-end Minion I own is Mortimer, and since he’s not painted, Sybelle will get the spot.  She also fits the Undead Hooker theme, so that’s another reason.

Rotten Belles

When Malifaux was new I was drawn to the game for a number of reasons (variety of cool interwoven themes, nice-looking models, deck of Fate cards).  But what really helped me decide was the fact that I could play as Undead Hookers.  Undead frickin’ Hookers, man!  You can’t tell me that’s not an instant highlight of any game.

These ladies of the (eternal) night have overall low scores (which is fine for a 4-cost minion), but they make up for it with their plethora of goodies.  Hard to Wound 1 and Slow to Die again annoy the opposition.  ” You’re dead!…and yet you’re still attacking me…and you just healed Seamus…oh look, you’re back again…and attacking me again…I hate you.” 

In terms of Spells, the one I use most is Lure, drawing enemies close and biting their faces off, or at the very least bringing them closer for the next Belle to bite their faces off.  This is helped by their Seductive ability, making it so that you only need to flip a 4 of anything for the spell to go off.  You know, I don’t use Distract (makes targets Slow) or Undress (makes targets -2DF) very much.  Like, hardly ever.  I think I should change that.  Might need to try them out next game.  More annoying tactics, yay!


This is not the cute little noisy kid who I read about to my 9-month old.  No, this is a shovel-wielding fatty with a hard-on for Undeadliness!

With Regen 1, DF5 and 10 WD, he’s pretty resilient.  He doesn’t usually die as quickly as Sybelle when I field him.  His Six Feet Under helps, too, making him Hard to Wound 2 for a 0-cost Action. 

He can Exhume, pooping out a Corpse Counter for Seamus to use, but it hardly ever happens.  The spell is easy enough to get off, but flipping a Crow does not usually happen for me.  Fresh Meat! is cool, sending all friendly Undead models towards a target.  I haven’t used it much, though.  He can Summon a new Belle with Make My Own Friends, but it’s expensive (2 Corpse Counters and an All Action). 

I think his best value is in his attacks, either a ranged one at 2/2(Blast)/4(blast), or his 2″ melee at 2/3/4 with the potential (with Crows) to cast Empty Grave (1/2/4 plus Slow) for free (Paralyzed instead if you’ve got another Crows in the casting).  That’s a wicked combo that can do between 3 and 8 damage, with Slow or Paralyzed to boot.  Cool.

I’m going to paint him up and get him on the field some more, but I personally think it’s a Sybelle-or-Mortimer showdown for who gets to play.  Together they’re just too expensive to bring them both out.

Punk Zombies

Awwwwwwwwwyeah!  Nothing says “Fear My Crew” than samurai punks…be it the rocker or the bride!

Not only are their Katanas Paired, but they’ve got a CB of 7(Crows) and damage of 2/4/5.  Add Flurry to the mix, and if they start within 1″ of you…y’er chopped liver, boy!

They’ve got the usual zombie Hard to Wound 1 and Slow to Die.  Without a ranged attack the latter is only good if within 1″ or 2″ of enemies…

…because they can either do a regular attack, or castSlice and Diceto deal 3WD to anyone within 2″, if the spell goes off.  Not exactly easy, requiring at least an 8 of Masks, but it could happen.  They’ve also gotSelf-Mutilate, which essentially hurts them, but they then whip out the same amount of damage in shuriken at a target.  Booyah!  Eat Ninja Stars of Undeath, suckah!

The Punk Zombies do have some weaknesses, though, namely DF5 and WD6.  Even coupled with HtW1, they’re easily felled before they get into combat.  Without Nicodem’s healing/boosting powers, they’re not as resilient as they would be with him as their leader.  But, you know, I’m not ready to drop Seamus for Nicodem, so I’ll have to make do with squishy punks.

* * * * *

Well, those are the Resurrection models I currently own.  I don’t have any plans to add to this any time soon, as I think I’m fine with the amount of Malifaux models I have (aside from maybe Abuela for the Ortegas).  I’m going to try and run Seamus and company for the next few games I play, trying out some of the other tactics that I mentioned I don’t usually use.  I’ll be sure to post my findings here in further Parts.

Thanks for reading.

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