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Just a quick update on what’s been occupying my table for a bit.

I’ve finished up my first wave of Helldorado Immortals.  Basically this set includes 6 models.


Here’s the peasants.  A great melee group that deal impressive damage at a low cost.  Being peasants, they were a fairly easy paint job.  I kept them drab and dirty.  I also kept the brushstrokes visible to give them rough look.


The Lemures were again an easy job, mostly because they are tiny.  Still each of them keep their quirky character.


The real meat of the job was the leader, Li Tsu Tsin.  She’s very detailed and extremely tiny.  Basically I spent a great deal of time squinting througha  magnifying glass with a 00 brush.  If i do any more of her, i’ll have to upgrade to a big dazer.

I found that the effect was not as good as the effort.  Her robes are just a simple shade of red.  Looking at her now, she looks as though there are few fine details.  Even the blue jewels that i painted on her don’t show at all.  Oh well.

Next up…ORKS???


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Just a quick update post that gives an idea of how things are progressing on my table.


Last night I had a chance to play my third game of Helldorado.  The scenario was Ambush! and my opponent was azmzero fielding the Lost.

Much like my game with mborges, this “ambush” quickly turned into a mosh pit of combat.  We were fielding much larger warbands this time.  Each of us took about 148 points of figures.  That pushed my forces up to 5 peasants, 2 bucket carriers and finally Li Tsu Tsin.

Li is quickly becoming my preferred leader.  She is lean on points, runs like Usain Bolt and has an absolutely demoralizing ability to steal one model away from my opponent.

The peasants managed to deal copious amounts of damage while the bucket bearers were able to spread the damage around and keep them on the table.  Having two bucket bearers made my damage redirection very effective.

I guess the important thing is that my crew seems to be working well together.  I’ll probably add 1 or 2 more figures for variety and color, but that will take me to a good solid force that i should be able to enjoy for a while.

As for build state, all the models are built and have their primary blocked in colors.  A bit of detail has been added to the peasants, but still they are pretty rough.

Dark Age

I haven’t had an opportunity to play this one this past week.  I do find it’s a much easier game to get into, so I’m quite eager to table it again.

I’ve assembled and painted on the first colors.  I’ve started detailing in earnest the Buzz Blades.  I’m not sure why they are named that by the way…they don’t look very “buzz” to me.  The skin tones are done so the metal and cloth goes next.  I’ll try to post some pics in the next few days.


I picked this game up on a whim.  ProtectHorate of Ryu starter is now built and primed.  I’ve been using them as extra Peasants for my HD band…I find they are a bit large for HD even though their bases are the same size.


Well, all these little skirmish titles have slowed down my main wood elf repaint.  I’ve got the second block of glade guard on the table and their pants are about halfway done.

So an all text update from me…i’ll post an all image update in a few days.



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Lost starter

Freshly back from vacation and un-rested, 2 kids means vacation time is really just childcare, I thought I would put up a post about what I am working on.  I didn’t do even a single hobby related thing while I was on vacation so I am going to have to redouble my efforts now.  First off is an update on the Alkemy Tale of Gamers…yet again it sort of fizzled out.  Maybe we should stop hobbying in the ToG format, it seems to kill the momentum for a particular game.

That being said, my Avalonians are still sitting right here on my desk so I should really do something with them.

Next is Hell Dorado.

I have been waiting and waiting for a Dark Age starter to come in.  Justin has picked up a few starters and another friend just picked up the Forsaken so it looks like interest in this game may take off.  Waiting 5 weeks for a little box of models to come in is a bummer though.  How does this have anything to do with hell Dorado, you ask?  Well, I picked up the Lost starter for Hell Dorado last night to make myself feel better that my Brood starter still wasn’t in.  Yes, that is how I work.  Anyhow, all I have done so far is open it up and dry fit the models.  Not 100% happy.  The fit is not great but it is workable.  I love it when you put a join together and the parts slide together and have a “feel” like they have fit perfectly.  Being able to see that there is minimal line or gap when dry-fitting is also nice.  Neither of these two things occurred with any of the parts in this starter.  😦   It took some serious fiddling to get a dry fit that I was happy with.  Nice models though.  I like Lizardmen (obviously) and I like the theme of the starter which is: “Demons that have abandoned their demon heritage.”  Interesting.  A quick peek at the rules let me know that there is a few things about this game that I am looking forward to.  The first is that the attack stats equate to a particular number of dice rolled looking for successes.  There aren’t very many games that do things that way AFAIK.  On top of that perks and leader abilities grant stat increases so you can get more dice.  Dice are cool.  The complexity of the game looks roughly equivalent to Dark Age.  I am unsure of what size a standard game would be but given that the starter contains a leader, 2 troopers and a support model it is probably a pretty low model count game.  I know that both Rob and Justin are interested in this one so we’ll see where it goes.

Finally, I secured a ridiculous amount of Warriors of Chaos for a very reasonable amount.  Not sure what the  timeline is for me getting them on the table but it will probably be quite some time.  I will need to go through it and do an inventory.  Then I will decide on a 600 or 800 point list and just start building.  Fun times!  Here is a sneak peek:

Big box O’ Chaos