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Southern Strike & Fire Support Cadres – Nearly There!   2 comments

I’m really happy to see Loy and Andrew posting on here again.  Barely a week ago I came to this blog and sighed, as there had been no activity since October.  I had almost given up on it, but it looks like we’ve got some life left in us yet!

I’ve been posting (quite) regularly on my own blog as of late, and I don’t want to start overlapping here too much, but I just have to throw in my own update on one of our Tale of Gamers games (yes, we now technically have three: WHFB, HGB and Malifaux).

Here is what my Southern starter box looks like at the moment. 

I will probably only be adding ‘eyes’ to the gears, and call it a day.  I was going to add some other details, and possibly colour the pauldrons of the Strike cadre, but I don’t think I will.  The original plan was to buy more units, but we never got this game off the ground.  Just in case we do, though, I’ll be ready for it. 

I would like to play the game a few more times, though.  We only got learning games in, with single squads.  And I think the game can provide a lot of depth and fun if we get back into it.

Tonight it looks like Loy and I are going to take Malifaux out for another spin.  With all of the work I’m doing on the Ortega gang, I’m going to use them.  Looking forward to seeing Loy’s Hoffman in action.  I love the look of the Guild’s constructs.  Might have to pick them up myself, along with a Peacemaker.  Oooh.

Thanks for reading!


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South Fire Support Cadre Update   Leave a comment

With pictures!

A week or so ago the guys and I shot some emails back and forth regarding the status of our Heavy Gear Blitz forces.  I was glad to hear that both Rob and Andrew were nearing completion of the building phase for their starter units. 

Unfortunately, schedules have not allowed us to play a game in a long time.  For me, this means my interest dropped quite a bit, and I was almost afraid that I would just shelve my gears for the time being.  However, those emails, and a discussion with Rob at Meeplemart while looking at all the other minis games we’d like to get into, spurred me to sit down and work on the gears a bit.

It’s still slow going, but over the past few days I’ve put 10, 20 or 30 minutes at a time, at different points in the day, towards painting these models.  I’m focusing right now on the four-member Fire Support Cadre, which currently look like this:

The second guy is closest to being complete, needing just touch-ups.  The other two Spitting Cobras will look just like him.  The small Jäger has different bits of armour shapes, so he won’t look exactly the same, but will use the same colours.  This is all pre-wash as well.   Once washed, they look more like:

Here is a Jäger and a Black Mamba, my paint and wash test subjects.  They’re part of the Strike Cadre, which I’ll get back to once I’ve finished the Fire Support team.  These guys use most of the same colours, sometimes in different areas, and have a Badab Black wash on them, which everyone will get, and then some highlighting, etc.

When I’ve finished the Fire Support Cadre I’ll post again, and list the paints I used.

I’m glad I’ve resurrected my interest in these guys.  They are dang cool.  Hopefully I can keep plugging away a little each day and get them all complete relatively soon.



p.s. if you’re wondering who those brown guys in the background are, check out my personal hobby blog to see some early, early progress on my C&C Ancients in 3D project.

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Primed and Choosing a Paint Scheme (South)   Leave a comment

No pictures, sorry.

Both cadres are primed, though. 

And I’m on the road to choosing my paint scheme.  As I stated previously, I started going for something similar to dp9’s stock colours, a light-gray/dark-gray look (which I later realised had a blue tint).  But after my first attempt, it looked quite different, but I liked it.  I ended up using a mix of P3 paints, mainly from the Rhulic and Cryx lines.  So I’m going to call my paint scheme Crhulics. 

Smart, eh?

Anyway, I really liked my first go at it, on a Jagër, but I wanted to add some colours to add variety.  I was less impressed with the overall second try, on a Black Mamba, but I figured out a few things that worked.  My third try, using a Spitting Cobra, seems to be the one I’m going with.

Oh, after all the paint is on, I lather on some GW Badab Black wash.

Now that I think I know what I want to do, it should go a little faster.  Maybe that means that in a couple of days I’ll have an entire squad painted, with pictures and a more detailed rundown of the colours used.

p.s. I was quite pleased with Andrew’s post!  I’m glad to see that he’s actually doing some work on his units, even if it is slow going.  Maybe we can pressure Rob into posting an update as well? 🙂

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Assembled: Southern Strike & Fire Support Cadres   1 comment

Well, it took me a little while to do (see below), but I’ve finished assembling the Strike and Fire Support cadres that come in the Southern Starter Army box.  I picked it up a couple of weeks ago from Meeplemart, and had worked on the minis for good six or seven hours total over the course of a week to get them built. 

Out of the Box

There are a number of reviews of the starter boxes around the internet, so if you’d like to watch/read an in-depth look, do a quick search.  I’ll just say that the boxes come with a couple of cadres, some dice, a tape measure, a small version of the Locked & Loaded v1.1 rulebook, and a Field Manual with some advanced rules.

The dice and tape measure are nice little bonuses to the set.  The Field Manual will be great for when we’ve played some games and are ready to move on to more advanced aspects of the game. 

The small rulebook is great.  Like the ones that GW releases, this is a great mini version of the rules, albeit Dream Pod 9 does theirs in black and white.  Hopefully this was to keep costs down.  Really, I don’t think that the booklet lacks any, being colourless.  The only section that really should be in colour is the painting section, and that is only a quick and simple guide, anyway.  The binding looks, so far, to be superior to GW’s (my mini WFB rulebook started falling apart before I had played my first game!).  My only minor qualm with the book is that the data cards in the back of the book, covering all of the Gears and other units from all of the main factions, are tiny.  Fortunately, my eye sight is fine and I personally don’t have a problem with reading them, but I can imagine this being a problem from some. 

And lastly, the miniatures.  Each cadre (unit, by the way) comes in its own 6-compartment clamshell case, separated by Gears, with the ‘extra’ compartments containing the hex bases and optional weapons.  I love when companies use compartments like this, as it makes building much easier when you don’t have to dump out a whole pile of stuff and sort.  Of course, there’s always room for some mixing and matching, especially arms and the like when you want to use optional weapons.  In my case, there were a couple of swaps, but overall I built each Gear out of its compartment.  Easy peasy.


I hate metals.

After months and months of only despruing, cleaning and assembling plastic figures (all three of my WFB armies ended up being plastic-only), I got used to the ease that comes with plastics.  Even between WFB and HGB I built/painted a Firefly (Warmachine) and the Khaliman Republic starter (Alkemy), and those were all plastic. 

I was so spoiled by all that plastic that coming back to metals was a near-nightmare!  I had forgotten the subtle intricasies required for gluing metal to metal.  Especially heavy metals, as most of these Gears were.  Sure, a lot of it came together very easily.  Most of it, in fact.  But one arm/gun/arm combo alone took FOUR tries to get right!  Yeesh!

But I finally did get them together, and now I’ve got a Strike cadre and a Fire Support cadre:

*Not shown are two demolition drones that also came in the mix.


Irrelevant to you if you don’t/won’t play the game, but I thought it’d be interesting to list what heat the Gears are packing.

Strike cadre:

L-R: Black Mamba w/ 2x Medium Rocket Pack (MRP), Medium Autocannon (MAC), Vibroblade (VB); Jagër w/ Light Autocannon (LAC), Anti-Tank Missile (ATM); Black Mamba w/ 2x MAC, Very Light Rocket Pack (VLRP, on back); Jagër w/ Light Rocket Pack (LRP), Light Bazooka (LBZK), VB; Black Mamba w/ Heavy Grenade Launcher (HGL), VLRP, on back.

Fire Support cadre:

L-R: Spitting Cobra w/ Very Heavy Autocannon (VHAC), Medium Rocket Pack (MRP), Heavy Rocket Pack (HRP, on back); Command Jagër w/ LAC, LRP, Anti-Personel Grenade Launcher (APGL); Spitting Cobra w/ MRP, Heavy Autocannon (HAC), HRP on back; Spitting Cobra w/ HAC, Light Guided Mortar (LGM), Very Light Field Gun (VLFG).

Oh, and just for giggles, here is a pic with an above-average (size 7) Gear beside a Light ‘jack from Warmachine:



Speaking of Warmachine, you know what I don’t like about Heavy Gear Blitz?  Okay, as we continue to play I’m sure I’ll find more things I don’t like, but for now, my one real gripe about the game is the base sizes.  You know how in Warmachine (and Malifaux, and Warhammer, etc. etc. etc.) the base size is reflective of the model size?  So, usually a warrior model is on a 30mm base, a Light ‘jack is on a 40mm base and a Heavy ‘jack is on a 50mm base.  Or a human is on a 20mm base, a Lizardman is on a 25mm base, and a Rat Ogre is on a 40mm base.  Etc. and so on.  Well, in HGB, most of the Gears are on the same size base!  Other than the super-large Striders (which are on round bases, instead of hex bases like the rest…I guess another gripe!), all of the Gears are on the same hex base, which for some Gears are perfect (see the Jagers), while others are spilling over (see the Spitting Cobras). 

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s great when a model is made to be a little bigger than the base, like a Hell Pit Abomination or an Arachnarok Spider.  But I feel that the larger models in HGB actually look a little silly on such small bases. 

I very much considered using other bases, even round ones, for my Gears.  But in the end it was easier to just use the hexes, and the game uses 60* turns, so hexes help.  Meh.  Just silly.

On to Painting

Tomorrow I should be able to prime these guys.  I’m going to go with white, and follow the shades-of-gray paint scheme that is stock for these guys.  I considered some other schemes, but this one won out.

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