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Empire vs. Dwarfs (750pts) – 6/26/11   1 comment

*dun dun dunn!*

Rob and I finally got to set our forces against each other.  Mano e Dwarfo.  I’ve been looking forward to this game, and it delivered.

Army Lists


  • Warrior Priest (General)
  • Captain (BSB)
  • 20 Swordsmen
  • 10 Handgunners
  • 10 Greatswords
  • 5 Pistoliers
  • Mortar


  • Thane (General)
  • 10 Warriors
  • 10 Warriors
  • 9 Longbeards
  • 2 Cannons
  • Gyrocopter

We rolled up Watchtower, and I got to start in it.  Three Forests, some shrine or another, and some fences made up the rest of the terrain.  I popped my Handgunners in the Watchtower, and the rest of the deployment looked like this:

I Vanguarded my Pistoliers straight up, and we began.

Turn 1 – Dwarfs

The Warriors to my right attempted to Charge the Pistoliers, but fell short.  They ended up moving 6″, and lost nobody to the Stand & Shoot reaction, so it’s as if they had merely Ran.  The Gyrocopter puttered up closer. 

The Cannons opened up on the Watchtower.  One Misfired (Rob’s first time rolling so) and blew up, and the other fell just short.

Turn 1 – Empire

The Pistoliers made their way past the Warriors and faced the Thane and his Longbeards.  The Swordsmen and Greatswords both moved up.

The Pistoliers took out a whopping four Longbeards, while the Handgunners dropped another three Warriors.  Pretty happy with those rolls, but I would later realise that the Gyrocopter would be a greater threat, sooner.  The Warriors passed their Panic check, but the Longbeards, Thane and all, ran.  Luckily, they only Fled 2″.  The Mortat took a shot at the Longbeards as well, but it scattered off to the side.

Turn 2 – Dwarfs

Both Warrior units moved up.  The Gyrocopter got into position, and the Longbeards Rallied.

The Cannon once again fell just short of the Watchtower, the Handgunners inside getting used to not being hit.  But the Gyrocopter’s crazy template attack toasted a whopping 9 Swordsmen.  They passed their Panic check.

Turn 2 – Empire

The Greatswords got off a long Charge on the full Warrior unit.  The Pistoliers got behind the Longbeards (in Grapeshot distance of the Cannon…d’oh!), and the Swordsmen, or what was left of them, moved up.

The Handgunners took aim at the Gyrocopter, and managed two Wounds, one shy of destroying it.  It would have been nice if I had remembered that I had a Marksman in the unit, who might have been able to knock it out with his higher BS.  But, once again, I forgot I had him in there.  I need to start making sure I have a print-out of my list with me when I play, I really do.  Anyway!  The Pistoliers managed to drop two more Longbeards.  And the Mortar….blew up.  Once again.  Pfft.

In Close Combat, the Greatswords deal four Wounds to the Warriors, who inflict none in return.  The Warriors can’t take it and Flee!  Once again Rob manages to Flee to exactly the board edge.  This has to be the third time he’s done this, completely by fluke.  His corner dude lands a bare millimetre from the edge.  Yeesh.  What’s worse, the Greatswords can’t even manage to Catch them.  Can you believe that?  Big ol’ elites can’t even catch up to a bunch of stunties.

Turn 3 – Dwarfs

If the previous turns were a little lackluster for the Dwarfs, this one was a little too shiny for my liking!

The Longbeards got a very long Charge into the Flank of the Greatswords.  The one Warrior unit attempted a Charge on the Watchtower, but lost three to the S&S reaction and were driven backwards in fear.  The other Warriors Rallied, and the Gyrocopter merely spun in place.

The Cannon Grapeshot the Pistoliers and blew them all up.  The ‘copter roasted another eight Swordsmen.  That made it 17 dead Swordsmen to the Gyrocopter alone.  This was turning out to be a bad turn, indeed!

In Combat the Thane Challenged, which was accepted by the Count’s dude (Greatsword Champion), who died before he could lift his sword.  Two other Greatswords fell to the Longbeard, and neither Captain nor the rest of the unit could inflict a single Wound on the Dwarfs.  Yeesh!  At least they did not Flee.  They did Reform, however, to better fight the Longbeards next turn.

Turn 3 – Empire

With fewer units on the board, at least it makes turns go faster 🙂

The Swordsmen just move on up, hoping to eventually get into this game, other than as casualties.

The Handgunners finish off the Gyrocopter.

And in Close Combat the Greatswords are once again stifled by the Longbeards.  The Thane once again Challenges, and the Captain accepts.  They each do a Wound to each other.  Otherwise, one Greatsword dies, and not a single Longbeard goes down.  At least the Greatswords stay around again. 

Turn 4 – Dwarfs

It’s not pictured, but the first Warrior unit failed to Rally and actually Fled off the board.  I think they needed a Flee roll of 11 or 12 or something, and got it.  The other Warriors Charged into the Greatsword flank.

The Cannon took a shot and finally landed one in the Watchtower, easily killing off 5 Handgunners.

Combat turned out to be another draw.  The Challenge continued with no headway, while the larger combat ended with one more Greatsword dead and NO Dwarfs killed.  Seriously…what in the world are these Greatswords good for?

Turn 4 – Empire

The Swordsmen continue their move up the field.  That’s 3 Swordsmen (Full Command) and a Warrior Priest, the only survivors of the Gyrocopter’s rampage.  At least they’re still around.

The Handgunners take a shot at the Cannon and I think fail to do anything.

In Close Combat, the Greatswords finally knock off one more Longbeard!  But they lose two themselves, and are forced to make a Break Test.  They fail.  And Flee.  But don’t get Caught!  So hah! Take that, Dwarfs!  I may have lost my Captain and the unit standard, but the unit lives on.  Mwahaha!  I’m not really that happy about the outcome, but at least a few of them survived round after round of combat.  Pathetic, pathetic combat.

Game End and Final Thoughts

Well, it was turn 4 and a roll of 6 was going to end the game.  And thankfully I rolled a 6, and won the game by controlling the Watchtower.  Oooh, it was a bloody battle indeed.  Fun, even though one unit got decimated without even doing anything, and another failed to do much harm. 

My MVP award goes to the Pistoliers, with a Runner-Up nod to the Handgunners.  These two units did the most damage to the Dwarfs, either knocking out the Gyrocopter, or punking the Longbeards a few times down to four.  Even though those four did exceptional damage to my Greatswords.

Speaking of Greatswords, I think I’ll have to outfit them in the future with a Warrior Priest or something.  I definitely want a larger unit of Greatswords, so they can survive long enough to really strike back. They also need some aid to avoid the flanking Charges against them that they suffered this battle.

Well, there you have it.  Another game in the books, and I finally had a chance to play against Rob’s Dwarfs.

Thanks for reading, and following our little Tale of Gamers.



The Dwarven Throng Marches Onward!   Leave a comment

Yesterday i was reminded why I love Warhammer and Minis in general.  I got to do the 3 things I love about minis:


After a long wait the Dwarven Throng finally got a chance to clash with the mighty Empire army.  We played the watchtower scenario with the Empire guarding the outpost and the Dwarves on the attack.  This was also my first battle with 750 pts.  I’m sure that Mrborges will write up a much better battle story than I can.  For the Dwarves, only a single line will be struck in the Book of Grudges.

“Bring engineers next time.”

It was very close battle with heavy casualties on both sides.  In the end, I raced for the objective only to have my short Dwarf legs fail me.

Here’s how my notable units did:


Finally the warriors showed a bit more staying power this battle.  After nearly routing off the board, they managed to rally and flank the great swords unit tied up with my Longbeards.  Together they were able to take down the surprisingly resilient Greatswords.


Incredible unit.  Single handedly defeated a large block of men-at-arms.  With a bit of luck they could have cleared out the tower too.


I experienced the pain that is misfire this battle.  It’s a deep unpleasant pain.



As the deadline approaches the Dwarves are in good shape.  During the weekend, I put the finishing touches on the warriors and the cannon crews.  This leaves me with only the Gyrocopter.  As the Gyrocopter appears to be the most delicate model on Dwarf list, i have to make an exception for it and paint it in 3 assemblies.  This means i can’t assemble the model until i’ve painted it to a higher standard than just wargaming.  Right now it’s in 3 pieces, the propeller, the body and the base.  I doubt that i’ll have this one assembled before the deadline as the amount of detail i want for this unit is very high.



We’ve got the go ahead to increase our lists to 1000 pts.  As i’m pretty happy with what i’ve got, it’s just a matter of adding another 250 to my current list.  The first thing i’ll probably add are engineers.  They are 25 pts each, but allow for a misfired cannon to reroll.  I was also impressed with the effectiveness of the Empire battle standard, so i’ll probably follow suit and add another Thane carrying a standard.  This leaves me with about 100 pts give or take.  Should i add another unit or just bolster the ones i have?  Or should I unleash the my BIG surprise?  Muwah ha ha!!!

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The Dwarven Throng Races to Muster 750   Leave a comment

I’ve entered into “get it done” mode very quickly.

The honeymoon is over now and the models that I’ve bought are no longer new.  All the grand ideas of meticulous detail painting have faded and I just want to “get it done.”  Sounds sad, but I find that this kind of thinking is the most productive.  People may feel like they are “cutting corners” or “betraying” the integrity of the army by rushing.  However, I feel that you really have to throw caution out the window and just go for it.  You’re not afraid to make mistakes anymore, so just put the paint down.  Details will come in later stages.

The deadline for 750 points is in just 8 days and I’m still gunning for it.

Here’s how things look:


This weekend I got to finish the Longbeards to a wargaming level.  Here I used to a blue scheme with the grey beards.  It gives them a nice veteran look to them.  I was pretty happy with how the mining picks look.  They have a very crisp engraved line that i left black.  Small easy to do details like this can very quickly improve the look of a unit without a lot of work.

Wargaming quality while quick sometimes isn’t adequite for certain details.  In the Longbeards (miner models) each model has a candle on his helmet.  I’ve painted the flame white in order to have a bright base for later detail painting.  Right now it just looks like primer and stands out like a sore thumb.  This may be one of the details i need to work on first when i start my second pass.

Don't these guys have darkvision or something?


If the wargaming-quality candle is small annoyance in my army, the wargaming-quality Thane is a huge pain in the butt.  The look I’m going for is similar to a painting by Ingres of Napoleon on his throne.  Really the beauty in this model is going to be in the painted details…none of which are there now as you can see above.  But in the interest of the deadline, the Thane will need to wait for his royal accoutriments.

Yeah...maybe not.

Cannons and Crew

I’ve been working on the crew while the paint was drying on my first warriors unit and the Longbeards, so progress has been fairly good.  I’d say they are more than half done.  There are a few decisions about the colours of the detailing and that’s about it.

For the cannons themselves, I’ve been looking at the studio paints, especially the ones from the Skull pass box.  I find the GW scheme a little dull, frankly.  It’s a lot of iron and brass.
I know thematically, the Dwarves try not to build anything in wood, favoring the strength and availabilty of metal.  However, I’ve decided to paint the carriage a rich wood color.  Let me know if you prefer the effect or think it’s Dwarf blasphemy.

Wood or no wood?


I’m ready to start on the Copter in the next few days.  Most of the work will be related to the color scheme i’m going to choose.  As i’m not super fond of the studio paints (again) I’ll probably do something kinda silly for this one.

I used to build WWII balsa models so I’m thinking of using a camo pattern from a fighter plane.  I’m leaning towards doing a traditional Spitfire theme, but am also going to look at some WWI camo schemes before I choose.  Anyone got any favorite airplane schemes?

Warriors Unit 2

As this unit will be identical to the first one I painted, this is really a no-brainer.  However, it is probably the biggest obstacle for me to complete the 750 pts in 10 days.  It’s probably only 3 hrs of work…but procrastination will probably get the better of me.

As I’m hoping celebrate my 750 during the Dominion day weekend instead of cramming to finish, the race is on.  The weekend is piling up with birthdays and gaming…So I gotta focus, put some Led Zeppelin on, and brush like there’s no tomorrow.

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The Dwarven Throng Grumbles into Battle   2 comments

I’ve been lazy posting, but not playing.

My first battle test was against Loychan and his Dark Elves.


Here are some observations:

At 500 pts, you don’t get a good idea of how the army performs.  It’s just too small a battle.  You do get an idea of how each unit performs and its strengths and weaknesses.

Warriors with shields

The Good

The heavy armor and shield gives this unit a nice 4+ save.  Coupled with the hand weapon 6+ ward parry save, this unit does well under fire.

The Bad

At strength 3, it doesn’t hit very hard.  It also lacks the mobility of most units.  This along with a low initiative makes it a second grade

The Performance

During the battle the warriors were setup in front of one of my cannons.  As the Dark Elves repeater crossbowmen inched closer, I sent these stout fellows to engage.  Two failed charges later, I was reduced to about 60% by stand and shoot.  Finally I was able to charge in doing a fair number of casualties, however the crossbowmen and their deep hatred were able to eventually wipe out the whole unit.

Longbeards with Shields

The Good

Another very tough unit.  It can take absorb a lot of hits, enough to cover the distance to get it into combat.  It has a great weapon skill
and great toughness…and even better strength.

The Bad

Again, it’s the mobility.  Dwarves just don’t run very well.  Also, I can only take as many long beard units as I have warriors making them difficult to accumulate in numbers.

The Performance

I setup the Longbeards in front of the other cannon.  In the game, they faced the DE corsairs.  With fury and hatred, the corsairs charged in and rained down blow upon blow.  But the Longbeards held their ground and cleaved their way through the corsairs.


The Good

An inexpensive Hero that gives any unit he joins a nice boost.

The Bad

Not much really.

The Performance

One of my favorite parts of the game is Heroic Challenges.  The fact that the entire combat stops as the two leaders go mano a mano is just such a highlight to any battle.  It took two rounds, but my Thane held steady and managed to bring down DE general.



In the second battle with the Dwarven Throng I faced the might of the Tomb Kings.  Again, both Asmzero and I felt that the game was more like a demo than a battle.  There’s something missing at the 500 pts level that I can’t quite put my finger on.  I think it’s because Warhammer is a game that relies on Center / Right flank / Left flank tactics to be whole.  With only 500 pts, you are really only fighting in the center.

Regardless, I did get some value out of the short scenario we played.

First, I’ve come to realize that the force I’m fielding is very effective and plays very easily.  The Dwarves shoot very well, can defend their shooters well and can nullify magic well.  This is a huge contrast from my first army, the Wood Elves.  Wood elves are a difficult army to field effectively and I struggled for quite some time before I got even slightly decent results.  The Dwarves are much more plug and play.  They are easy to build, paint and field.  They have a very nice balance of strengths with very few weaknesses.

Secondly, I finally got to see the full destructive effect of the cannons.  Cannons are great characters killers, especially if they are left out in the open.  They are actually excellent against any multi-wound models.


More Painting Toil for the Dwarves

I guess the most important thing is that we are going to 750 pts.  As I’m pretty happy with the state of my force, I’m not going to change it much.  I’ll just be adding a Gyrocopter for variety and a second unit of warriors to bulk up my core / center units.

As for building, I’ve got the new unit of warriors built and primed.

The Gyrocopter is a slightly more delicate animal.  First of all, it’s on a flight stand.  Second of all the propeller is quite large and has a very small gluing point.  Third, the model is on a fragile flight stand.  Normally, I will assemble the entire model and then spray prime and paint.  The gyrocopter I’ll have to keep in 3 parts.  I’ve built the propeller and the body of the gyrocopter.  I’ve not mounted it on it’s base yet.  Both the propeller and the body of the gyrocopter are primed.  I’ll paint them separately and then assemble the model at the end.  As for playing, I’ll have to use the Asmzero style and just use the base with the body of the gyrocopter on top for the time being.  Finally, I’ll probably create a separate foam casing for easy and safe transport of this model.

So for this week, it’s all about painting to a wargaming level.  I’m targeting the Longbeards and the Cannons and crew for the end of the week, however with a local con coming up, I’ll settle for just the Longbeards.  I also have a feeling the Dwarves will inevitably clash with the Empire this week…

The Dwarven Throng Assembles!   Leave a comment

Gathering the Dwarves

Knowing I was eventually going to do Dwarves, I’ve been collecting them for some time now.  I initially picked up the Skull Pass starter box at GW.  Since then, I’ve added 2 more boxes of Skull Pass.  One thanks to loychan and the other one was from a Romanian drifter who only wanted some beads and beer in exchange.

There’s something special about going into a shop, looking at beautiful studio photos of minis, purchasing your units and then proceeding to build your force.  It’s that wonderful time of dreaming about how the army is going to look…how this next army may fulfill the promise of ultimate gaming pleasure.

If that’s the case, the miniatures I acquired are the story of unfulfilled promises and dreams forgotten.

If you want a pretty shot, see the Empire army. We're talking Dwarves here!

Our mysterious Romanian left the models in various states of assembly and painting.  A few are fully complete and some are just primed black.  The rest are in various states in between.  So, while the rest of guys get to start with clean models, I must make a key decision.  Do I strip or not?  It’s a question that every minis hobbyist will eventually ask.

At first, I was convinced I was going to strip the models and start again.  This blog idea was originally intended to take the Warhammer army building experience from new model to fully finished model.  Also, the figures are all primed in black.  Personally I am in the white primer camp.

But in the end, I decided against it.  Why?

  • The shadowy Romanian did a fairly good job of the models he completed.
  • The paint is thin and can easily be painted over.
  • I’ve only tried painting over black a few times, so this gives me another opportunity at it.
  • Stripping would take about a week and will set me back time wise.
  • I find that black primer doesn’t strip off plastic that well.

Ok, so that covers the infantry and the cannons.  The rest of the army was filled in with a quick trip to Meeplemart and some cunning trades at the GW Bits Bazaar.

Assembling & Priming the Priming

As this is my least favorite part of the hobbies, I’ll let my fellow Generals expound on this topic.

Fortunately for me, assembling the minis was pretty much just gluing the figure to the base.  Much of the work was also completed by the enigmatic Romanian, so I only needed to do some touch up and reinforcement gluing.  I’m not going to re-prime the black models.  For the bare plastic models I’ll be spraying those with Tamiya white primer.  It is the finest finish you can get.

Painting:  The Battleplan

Strategy – The General plan for painting the Dwaven Throng

Now we’re getting close to the good stuff…

As I’ve decided not to use Miner units in my army, I’m going to use those to represent the Longbeards.  The regular warriors with axes will be the regular warriors.

Finally, before I put paint to brush I’ll workout the color scheme I’m using.  Typically I’ll use the “canon” colors, but for dwarves I’m going to do something a little different.

Overall, the army will be bronze, chainmail and stone; this will unifythe army visually.  As I find the Dwarf figures very similar between units, I’m planning to use color to distinguish them.  Here’s the color strategy I’ll be using:

  • Warriors – Green with blond beards
  • Longbeards – Blue with grey beards
  • Heroes – Purple with various beards
  • Artillery Crew – Red with black beards
  • Slayers – naked with red beards…of course

 Colors are planned.  So how do i get em on the figures.

As with everything related to miniature gaming, you need a strategy when it comes to painting.  There are two forces at work here:

  • The desire to field your new army quickly
  • The desire to have a well painted army

I use the following method to get both an army on the table in the shortest amount of time AND have a very nicely painted force.

Here are the standards I’m going by:

Recruit Standard

At this stage I have one layer of paint on the entire model.  No primer is showing through.  Typically the paint is extremely thin allowing a kind of wash effect.  Shadows are the recesses where the paint collects and highlights are the parts where the paint is thinnest and the white primer shows through.  Only the base colors are used.  There are no details painted at this point…no eyes, no belt buckles, etc.  I just want to get stuff on the table that isn’t bare plastic.

Wargaming Standard

At this stage, I have shaded and highlighted the entire model.  All the details are painted on and the model’s base is flocked or decorated.  Typically this involves 3-5 layers of thin paint and washes.  Most of the figures will be painted up to this standard with only a few centerpiece figures getting more attention.

Museum Standard

At this stage, you’re afraid to play with the minis for fear of ruining your paint job.  I’ve only painted a few figures to this standard because of the time involved getting them to this point.  Also, with the wear and tear that wargaming causes on a model, it’s almost not worth it if the figure is going to get a lot of play.  Basically you are looking for a look akin to those seen in Golden Daemon competitions or Confrontation 3.0 paint jobs.  It’s at this point I add weathering, banner details, fabric patterns, weapon inscriptions and other cool special effects.

So how do you get a Wargaming standard or better army AND field the army almost immediately?  The key is to paint THIN!

The plan is to paint everything to a Recruit standard first.  This gets the minis on the table fast.  For a 1500 point army it would probably take 3 weeks of painting to get models of this standard ready.  500 pts should take me about a week.  After the whole army is painted this way, I’ll proceed to go unit by unit and improve them to a wargaming standard starting with units that perform the best in battle.  Getting up to that standard will usually take 6-8 months.

Tactics – How I take the pain out of big armies

I’m not going into too much detail on how to paint, but here are some guidelines I use:

  • I keep the paint thin!
  • I paint like sculpts together.  The repetition allows me paint faster.
  • I don’t worry about the edges.  In fact I paint over edges to make sure I don’t have primer showing through.  It may look sloppy at first, but the overlap leads to a better line later.

Sounds like i’m painting like kid just getting into the hobby and in a way I am. 

Here’s the progression from beginning to end for the Dwarf Warriors unit.  The colours in the sequence I painted them on are:

  • Bronzed Flesh – skin
  • Dark Angels Green – Cloth and shields
  • Bleached Bone – Beards
  • Boltgun Metal – Metal weapons
  • Chainmail – Chainmail
  • Dark Flesh – Armor trim
  • Tin Bitz – anything that is going to eventually be bronze
  • Scorched Brown – Boots and Gloves
  • Foundation Grey – bases

    Warriors - Fast and Furious

In total that was 9 fast passes with the brush.  I’m looking at about 1 minute per model per color.  So that adds up to about 90 minutes painting.  Probably more like 2 hrs real time if you add in the brush cleaning and trying to make dried up paint alive again.

As you can see, the models are in a pretty rough state, however at a distance of about 2 feet in the fury of battle, it makes very little difference to well painted figures.  Also, don’t forget that they will get a nicer touch up if they perform well in combat.

That’s pretty fast.  Another 3 hrs and I should have the rest of the 500 pts ready to field.

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The Dwarven Throng (not Thong) emerges!!!   1 comment

Goal: Create a 500 pts list

Why Dwarves?  When I start playing a game I go through the armies available and decide upon which and how many armies I’d like to build.

With Warhammer Fantasy, I decided to go big and shoot for 6 armies.  Looking back, that was probably dumb decision as even building one army is a pretty monumental task.

 Here’s the six I decided on:

  1. Orcs & Goblins – Basically Green Gorillas…this was a no brainer for me.
  2. Wood Elves – Elf fantasy babes…another no brainer
  3. Tomb Kings – Undead with an Egyptian theme…I love the look of these models.  Probably my favorite minis in the game.
  4. Bretonnia – Chivalry, heraldry, knights…a painters dream…a non-painter’s nightmare
  5. Beastmen or Skaven?   – I’m still on the fence about this choice, but I do want a feral army
  6. So why Dwaves first?  It was for me a toss up between Orcs and Dwaves.  In the end I went with the dwarves, mostly because it’s a lot fewer models than goblins and orcs.  Also, I’d like to get some play out of the old codex before they revise it.

Army Planning 1: The pretty girl at the dance

Queen of the Dwarves

“The Wood Elves have twin sister hotties riding a winged Forest Dragon…we get Helga…”

First and foremost, I take a look at the GW website minis shots and pick my favorite sculpts.  It’s shallow, but for me looks are 90% of a minis game.  Going through the Dwarves list online I found that there isn’t much variety.  Basically there are Dwarf infantry and Dwarf artillery.  Yes, there are several cool looking characters, but it really is quite a homogenous looking army.

The only must haves for me looks-wise are the Anvil of Doom and the Gyrocopter.  I’d love to have the Book of Grudges as well, but then I’d probably have to give up the Anvil points wise.

At 500 pts, I’ll be stretching to get either the Anvil or the copter in.  So for now, looks take a second seat.  No models chosen yet.

Army Planning 2:  She’s got a nice personality

Dwarf warriors, hammerers, miners, long beards, slayers, quarrelers, etc…How many ways can you sculpt a pot belly and facial hair anyways???

It was the look of minis that drew me in, but it’s the theme and story behind the game that keeps me playing.  The story of the Dwarf Army is that they are dour, steadfast, drink lots of beer, hold grudges and are great builders…kinda like asmzero.  So, basically I’m looking for models that remind me of a 4 foot tall asmzero.

Even if he had profuse facial hair, I don’t think that many of the models remind me of asmzero, however GW does do a good job of making the models nice and Dwarfy…unfortunately they are all very Dwarfy.  Looking at the Wood elf army, you can go Tree Spirits, you can go Elven cavalry.  You can go skirmishy scouts, you can go wild hunters in the forest, etc.   With Dwarves, you can go Dwarves with a lot of Artillery or Dwarves with a little artillery.  Thematically, they feel monochromatic.

So again this criterion doesn’t help me select models for my force.

Army Planning 3: – The ugly girl at the dance

The above considered, I get technical and start looking at unit performance.  This is my least favorite part of the Army building process, but probably the most well documented.  There are countless forums that evaluate units and their strengths and weaknesses filled the intricacies of a unit’s stats.

For me, this kind of research is work…not play.  I do enough technical analysis from 9-5.  In my off time, I just want to throw down.  So, instead of hitting the internet and getting a min / maxed list, I do the following:

One of the things I love about army planning is not knowing what I’m going to face.  That forces me to build a list that can take all comers instead of just building to counter specific things.  So, in order to build in this way, I look at the following roles for a standard WH Fantasy army:

  1. Close Combat – Usually CC is the turning point of a WH Fantasy game
  2. Flanking Troops – Getting a flank is a key to winning CC
  3. Character Assassination – The Herohammer factor is less, but you still need to take care of casters and uber characters
  4. Magic or Dispelling Magic – Magic is very fickle, but can tip the battle for two equally matched armies
  5. Shooting – Personally I think this is the least viable way to win a battle.

Every army is different however…that’s the great thing about variable force games.  For Dwarves, I’d adjust in the following way:

  1. Shooting – Personally I think this is the least viable way to win a battle…unless you have a buttload of Dwarven artillery!
  2. Close Combat – Dwarves have good, high armor CC fighters
  3. Character Assassination – I don’t think this will be a factor until we hit 1500 pts…so I’ll worry about this later
  4. Flanking Troops – the Dwarf idea of a flanking attack is hitting an opponent on the side of the head with a warhammer…
  5. Magic or Dispelling Magic – Dwarves just don’t cast spells

Going by the roles above, I start nominating units.

As artillery is big part of the Dwarven force, I’ll first add 2 cannons and their crew.  That’s about one third of the total force value at 500 pts.

Next, I’ll add 2 minimum sized units:  10 Warriors and 9 Longbeards plus a thane.  That’s a good start.  I’ll also add a full command group for each.

At this point, I’m at 485 pts!  I forgot how small a 500 pt army can be.  I’ll shore up the last 15 pts with a Rune for my Thane.

I gotta list and I’m ready to DANCE!

 Next up: Getting the figs…

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