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Joyful nights of cleaning, pinning and gluing   2 comments

Probably the worst thing I hate about this hobby is prepping the minis to paint. I love going through the store and looking at all the cool models. Checking out the back of the box to see how the company painted up the mini and all that. But when you get that box back home and opened up … ugh. The bare metal (and even worse … spruces) just deflate the whole experience.


Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m actually getting better at it. I use a nice share exacto pen knife, a really expensive GW clipper and a few different files to clean up the mold lines and flash. Rinse off the mini in hot soapy water (just like the books tell me) and once they’re all dried off … leave them there for a few months until I get the desire to build them again. This time around, I actually started to build the models after the parts dried off. Added to my tool collection was a tiny drill bit for my pin vise. I was working on my Avatars of War minis and found that there’s a number of separate pieces that are just too small to attach without some additional support but my current drill bit (GW bought) was way too big. There were pieces like thin flimsy arms, pet dragon’s head and a broken lance. There’s a RC hobby store around the corner from me so I went over and found that they have a ton of small drill bits. With my new shiny drill bit in hand, I found the task of pinning actually quite easy and I’m not so worried about snapping off arms and what not.


I had the following on the table:

  • Malifaux : Peacemaker
  • Avatars of War : Dark Elf Sorceress, Prince & Queen
  • Confrontation : Dragan d’Orianthe (knight champion)

I would have just stopped at just working on the Peacemaker but I hate just priming just one minis because priming is such a chore. BTW, I found a great new place to prime my stuff in the winter … the underground parking garage at my work. I park in the corner on the 2nd level. I bring the primer back to my desk to warm up between coats and leave the minis under the car to dry. Haven’t got any wierd stares yet when I walk back to the car with a can of black spray paint.



So back to the minis, prepping wasn’t that bad this time so I’m all ready to start priming tomorrow. Another tip that I use to prime … get those paint stirs from Home Depot and use white glue to attach the minis. White glue is strong enough to hold the mini in place while you’re priming and the minis easily snap off with a bit of muscle. And for those minis that don’t stand up on their own (i.e. riders without their steeds), I glue some plastercine to the stir stick and then just wedge in the model so it’s upright. You’ll have to touch up with feet with paint on primer but i much prefer to paint riders separately from their steeds.

Check out the dark elf sorceress in the above photo, the fricken dragon’s head was a separate piece!!!

Hopefully I can get a decent first coat on these guys and gals this weekend.

Nite all.


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The dark elves are still around   3 comments

The funny thing about the start of the new year is that there’s a lot of new resolutions. My new year’s resolution is to give myself more time to play and work on my minis. It was a tough year last year with all the hours i dedicated to work and all the free time i wasted just surfing the internet while my hobby table just collected dust.

Well, the year has started pretty decently with a demo game of Malifaux with mrborges. I’ve had a starter set and rules for over a year and have never played it or watched a game. Tuesday night is my free night so when justin was looking for a game, I jumped at the chance. I didn’t want to pack a bunch of minis like a WHFB army so a low figure count game like Malifaux worked perfectly.

Great demo with Justin where i was able to try out a bunch of different actions and spells. There’s a ton of details to this game since all the minis have unique special abilities. I liked the demo so much that i decided to pick up my 3rd starter and work on it right away.  I usually follow the manufacturer color scheme but i decided that i would go with Cygnar colors instead. Hopefully i’ll get it ready for the table on Tuesday.


Wait a moment. Isn’t this my dark elves blog? Well, i did work on them a bit. I’m hoping the guys have an appetite to get back into warhammer this year so i’ll still work on my dark elves ad brettonians. I did work on some crossbowmen and spearmen in the summer but they still need a highlighting layer. I decided to add magnets to their bases since they’re so light and one errant knock to their movement tray sends them sprawling.


Also decided to start on the hydra. Took a while for me to dry fit the heads to figure ot which head goes where. After i figured i all out and started gluing some heads, i notice that each head has a number and the body has numbers by each head slot. Duh, what woud those number be for? After all the heads are in, you begin to see how impressive this model really is. I still have to put on the head fins to each head and start the putting of all the crevises. I’m:-)not much of a putting kind of guy but i really like this figure so i want it to look amazing.



Good start to the year.

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Dark Elves are long lived, right?   Leave a comment

If DE are long lived, does that mean they take a long time to build? Well, I can’t say that I’ve made much progress on my army in the past couple of weeks. It’s tough to find time now that I’m on a health kick that involves jogging and biking four times a week starting at 6am. So with waking up really early (compared to my 9am regular time), I need to go to bed earlier so my free time get knocked down by quite a bit.

So what go done? I’ve put together my battalion box which includes the spearmen, corsairs, crossbowmen and cold one knights. So they’re all assembled and let me tell you, those sprues are a pain in the ass. It’s nice to know that you have a ton of options when it comes to posing and outfitting your core units but snipping all those pieces off the sprues get tiresome quite quickly. When you have lots of options with the poses, you have to make sure that you can line them all up in a formation without too much difficulty. The spearment and crossbowmen were pretty easy to arrange but the corsairs (with their two hand weapons and leaning forward poses) are next to impossible to line up well. What doesn’t help is that the plastic figures are quite light. I found this out when I did eventually get them arranged on a movement tray during a game with Rob and then tried to move them. One little jerk the wrong way made all the corsairs fly all over the place. I gave up trying to fix their arrangement and just used the movement tray with some models lying flat on the tray. I need to either weigh all my core models with metal washer form Home Depot or magnetize the lot of them.

I did also prime my spearmen and crossbowmen. Lately, I’ve been using some paint on primer called gesso which “regular” painters use to prime canvas. I found this product inexpensive and great to use since it doesn’t smell (so I can use it in the winter indoors) and you can get into those hard to reach places. BUT I didn’t use it this time. I was too lazy to hand prime all these models. Great for warmachine but not so much for WHFB. So I used some black spray primer but instead of my usual GW primer, I decided to try out the Privateer Press brand of primer. Also changed up how I prime my models. Typically, I just arrange them all on a box and spray from all different angles but I found that I sometime knock some over or don’t get the underside well coated. When I watched the Privateer Press “how to paint” dvd, I noticed that they use basic masking tape to hold down the model. They took a larger model and used long strips across the top of the base onto a box to hold it down. So I used the same principle but using a shoe box, made two rows of figures and taped the models down. Made sure that all models were secure by tiping the box on slight angles. Finally found a day that it wasn’t raining and finally started priming. Having a stable platform that I can adjust easily allowed me to really get a nice solid coat that was evenly applied. I give the PP black primer two thumbs up and I’ll definitely buy this over the GW primer especially since it’s about $6-7 cheaper.

Jumped the gun there a bit. Before I primed my figures, I did play two 500pts games against Rob’s dwarves and Justin’s empire armies. Due to my need to get to sleep, I’ll have to be brief and just give you my impressions on my core units. By reading the codex (which I did cave in the purchase … thought I could live with just a pdf), I thought my corsairs were join to kick everyone around the battlefield. Not so much but then again I did put them toe to toe with the dwarves heavy hitters. The eternal hatred special rule is AMAZING and I gotta say really overpowered. I guess I’m paying for that ability somehow through the high point costs per model. Even with EH, my corsairs weren’t hitting as well as I thought they would. My surprise was how well my crossbowmen held up. I’m use to Brettonian archers which cower in shame whenever they get into close combat. Like all other DE, my crossbowmen are tough and dish it out in close combat.

My Avatar or War minis came last week so I should be picking them up on Tuesday. Woohoo. I need something other than a Brettonian figure representing my DE lord. So this week at MM minis night, I’m hoping to arrange a few more quick games that hopefully don’t take too long since I got my jogging the next morning.

Sorry for the quick pictureless update. Hopefully put together a better update next time.


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We hate everyone and that’s the way I like it   Leave a comment

So why Dark Elves, eh? Well, it all comes down to looks for me.  After Justin came up with the tale of 4 games idea, I brought up the GW website and looked through each army to decide which army had the best looking models. No matter how powerful an army is, if you don’t like the models then you won’t spend the time painting them and tabling the army.

Please note that I’m not much of a writer. I just blog like I talk so there won’t be all that much structure to my posts. Just some random thoughts.

There were a few other considerations:

  1. Already had a Bretonnian army so I have my share of working on knights and archers. Don’t want to do that again.
  2. Have some old undead minis that I got before undead got split into 2 armies. With the budget in mind, I was thinking about going VC but the models didn’t “sing” to me. Plus the idea of painting a hordes army did appeal to me.
  3. With the Bretonnians being “good” and being sick of WS2-3 troops, I wanted an “evil” army that is beefier. I want a couple of hard hitting infantry units that can hit hard every turn and doesn’t depend on the charge (i.e. wanted a something different that knights, knights and more knights). Those men at arms and archers just can’t stand up to any troops in hand to hand.
  4. There were other armies already “taken” not just in the tale of 4 gamers but rather their other armies. I wanted to table an army that haven’t seen yet in our little group. So that eliminated Skaven, WE, Lizardmen, High Elves and Orge Kingdoms.
  5. Need more unit choices. As I mentioned, I’m just used to knights, archers and men at arms. You gotta admit that Bretonnian armies don’t surprise you with their composition.

So with the armies not already taken, DE was the army that fit my bill BUT … still not into some of the GW models. That’s where Steve at Meeplemart came to the rescue. A while ago, Steve pointed me at alternative miniature companies when I was looking for stuff for my Bretonnians. The models that Gamezone miniatures puts out are really great. The fact that the company is basically making alternative models for GW armies works perfectly. In the past, I’ve never looked into other game companies, not because of my undying loyalty to GW, but because I’m much more comfortable with a brick and mortar store to buy my minis rather than through mail order. So when Steve said that he can order from a bunch of other companies, my eyes were now open to so many more possibilities. Oh … and his prices are really good too.

A couple of things I really like the about the DE army wise. They hate everyone. We don’t need more friends. Sometimes I don’t think we like each other.

So here’s my model purchases so far:

  • GW: DE Battalion – it’s the best bang for the buck for the core troops
  • Gamezone: DE Chariot– cause GW doesn’t make them anymore and those Predators look amazing. Can’t wait to inflict some impact hits


  • Avatars of War : Heros & Characters – might have a hard time explaining the topless model to my wife and daughter though.

  • Rusted Heroes (Fantization) : Hydra – this guy is much bigger than the GW model and just looks awesome. Need to get some handlers though.

Future plans:

  • Probably have to buy more another GW DE battalion to add more crossbowmen, spearmen and corsairs
  • Since I’m not a fan of the GW or Gamezone harpy miniatures, I’m going to try out a cool conversion that I saw on Rothand Studio’s blog. He uses the bodies of the Deamonettes of Slannesh and the wings of the Tyranid gargoyles

  • Once again, not a fan of the GW Dark riders, so going with the Gamezone DE Light Calvary

  • At a loss to find a good DE assassin model but I definitely have to include a couple in my army since they kick butt
  • Gotta say that I don’t like any of the GW Special units figures but I can’t find alternatives so I’m hoping that the rumors of a new DE codex are true and so some new plastic kits might come out for those special units (since they’re all metal now)

Enough with the models already. What’s my plan list-wise? No clue. I haven’t really gone through the army book yet. I know that I can’t play a hydra in a 500pt game (which is unfortunate) but “Betsy” is definitely coming out when we hit 750pts. I would really like to find minis that fit some of those special units (witch elves, shades, executioners, black guard) but nothing is popping out at me. Despite how good these units are, I cannot bring myself to buy the GW models. They’re all “last generation” models that are just asking for new models so I guess I’ll wait until that time come to pass. I’m also holding off on the bolt thrower for same reasons. Hopefully Gamezone will make a DE bolt thrower similar to the one they have for the High Elves. Since 1500-2000 pts games will be way in future, I should be good for a while.

I might not have the best units out there to start but I’ll love the models that hit the table.

So how far have I gotten? Uhm, I’ve unpacked everything and looked at them fondly. The thing with the DE battalion is that each model consists of 10 parts unlike Rob’s dwarves, that have 0-1 posable parts. Tons of pieces to cut off the sprue so I haven’t gotten that far. Hopefully I’ll get an unit of spearmen assembled by the end of the weekend.

Additional comments:

  • I’m impressed with the size of the hydra but after dry fitting some of pieces, I see that I’ll have to get out the green stuff to fill up quite a few gaps.Packaging was amazing (parts separated in bags and foam pieces to between some the baggies for extra protected
  • Not impressed with the DE chariot packaging. It basically came in a plain white box with no picture/art, all pieces were stuff in a single plastic bag, and it didn’t come with a chariot base. How else are you suppose to build this?
  • If anyone can suggest any specific minis that I might like, please add a comment telling me where I can take a look

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