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Discount Power Klaw   2 comments

It’s fascinating how the tale of gamers went from one game last year to like 20 different games in the new year. It seems that every post brings up a new minis title that I’ve always wanted to play.

Avatars of War, Urban War, LOTR, Firestorm, etc…all of those games are on my radar.

However, I did make a New Year’s resolution to really get into a game and play the crap out of it.

I was doing great with the 40k league, but now I’m being bombarded by temptation.

Last week I did manage to play 3 games of 40K! I really enjoyed digging in getting my Orks on the table. What I love most about the experience is that each game seems to bring more and more army building opportunities. Units I never thought of fielding now seem to have their purpose. Some units I thought were great are getting relegated to the reserves list.

On the hobby side, let’s talk conversions. Converting models is something I don’t typically do. I’m not a huge fan of taking bits and green stuff and converting models. I only convert when I don’t want to pay for a model I don’t like the look of. That said, the Ork 40k army is probably the perfect vehicle for converting models. The kits come with a large number of bitz. Orks tend to build in a ramshackle manner that makes even a shoddy conversion look like something an ork mind would do. Also, both vehicles and the orks themselves are treated to this juryrigging process…vehicles via Meks and Orks via Painboyz.

For a recent battle I wanted to field the standard warboss. I had a model, but unfortunately I had to cull some parts off of him to build my Kustom Wazdakka months ago. So I rummaged through the bitz and this is what I could find.


The goal was to get a warboss with a power klaw and a shoota/skorcha Kombi weapon.

The Kombi weapon came pretty naturally. I took a shoota from the battle wagon model and a skorcha from the extra burna sprues.
The power klaw was much more challenging. I considered using a large power axe and attaching pointy bitz to it to make a klaw like appendage. I had difficulty trying to attach it to the body without it looking like an axe growing out of the side of his body.

In the end I went with the less impressive, but easier solution. I had an extra grot prod claw that I put at the end of a bandaged arm. The comment I got in game was that the warboss probably owed the painboy money and got the “disc0unt” power klaw.

Anyway, here’s the finished product…


Let’s hope I don’t get too waylaid and finish up these greenskins…




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