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A Warhammer Interlude

I know there a lot of WFB going on, but that isn’t really been represented in the blog. So hopefully, this will kick off some more activity about what’s being played.

There’s something really wonderful about going back to an old army that’s sitting on the shelf and finding new things about that long forgotten force. The wood elves have been probably forgotten by everyone by now. They have one of the oldest army books in the game. The army hardlly gets any mention in White Dwarf. I don’t think there’s been a release for them in years.

I did see a spark of what is to come for them in the Storm of Magic expansion, but other than that, it’s been a long haul waiting for a refreshing new take on the guardians of Loren.

So, I’ve decided to take things into my hands and give my army something to revive it’s spirit…a new coat of paint.

Just a quick background on my Wood Elf force.

I started this army back when I started to play a lot of Warcraft 3. I loved the idea and theme of the night elves. So much of the color schemes i used were from the same palatte as the night elves. Flesh was a mix of Tentacle Pink and Liche Purple. Hair was a base of Hawk Turquoise and a highlight of Ice blue. The cloaks were a deep regal blue. The effect looked great!

But when i started to paint the Wood elf garb, things started to go wrong.

You see, the Warhammer wood elves wear light armor and robes that gives the impression that they are wearing foliage and leather. The night elves of Warcraft are mostly wearing a bikini. Without a painting reference for the clothing, I opted to use theme to resolve the color scheme. Big mistake.

To make a long story short, I used the darkest blue and browns to finish off the Wood elf armor. They were after all supposed to be nocturnal sharpshooters lurking under the moonlight. Here’s the result:


Yes, they could probably hide well in the evening, but on the game table they just look like a black hole.

So this new paint scheme is mostly to brighten the entire army and to get it more in line with the Warhammer lore, rather than the Night Elf stealth theme.

I’ll also be moving toward the green and grey colors and away from the dark blue denim and ebony colors.

Here’s a prototype:


The other thing i’m most interested in is trying out the new Citadel line of paints. I’ll have to say how impressed I am with the recent releases by GW in their paint line. Both their foundations line and their ink shades were spectacular products. I’m particularly interested in how good their new Layer series is.


Lesson of the day.   3 comments

The #1 thing the Citadel Spray Gun taught me? …
There are no short cuts.
Looks like I will be using a brush to base coat my lizardmen.

The Wargaming Table: Introduction   7 comments

Here is the newest addition to my workbench.  It also is Step 1 in my resolution to have a gaming table at home.

The obligatory bulk box that GW always releases in limited numbers for any new product.

My last game of Warhammer Fantasy left me quite invigorated.  I was going to start on a skirmish or 15mm table but now that I feel like my interest is leaning heavily towards 28mm mass combat I thought I would start right.  I originally bought this massive box from The Sentry on Bayview Avenue (in Toronto) and immediately had buyers remorse for whatever reason.  Luckily Justin’s interest in terrain was just piqued (by WHFB of all things) and he was eager to grab the whole set off me.  Phew!, uh, ish.  Many many months later I think back on the pile of terrain for a very reasonable price and I think; “Hmmm, I remember there being two boxes there…”   Lo and behold, the second box, almost a year later, was sitting right there still discounted.  I was going to haggle (it has been sitting there for 3 years after all!) but I decided that I like the store and if I squeeze him for sales it doesn’t help him stay open.  I am sure that I have no idea how tough it is to be a hobby retailer nowadays.

So I now have a fairly decent selection of custom moulded plastic terrain for WHFB.  So what next?  I need to plan.  I have no idea how to go about building a gaming table.  I want to keep it pretty simple.  I have never been opposed to some terrain pieces sitting on a flocked mat, problem is I don’t really like playing on it.  Static grass comes loose and gets all over everything.  I’d like the simplicity of flock without the static grass.  The other fairly simple solution is a painted textured surface, problem with that is I am not a great painter so that is a monumental task for me.  Hmm.  Planning.  Compromises will definitely get made.  Maybe I will start with the pre-flocked gaming mat GW makes available and just put up with static grass.

I guess planning will help sort out all these issues.

Next up: The planning stage.

I hate to paint #4   3 comments



Kaeris received a Badab Black wash coating everything except skin and hair.  I gave her skin a light wash of Ogryn Flesh.  I need to decide on what to do about her hair and then figure out how much more I want to do.  I may just liven up the colours that the wash muted and then call her done.

Here she is:

Kaeris - Almost finished.


I have managed to get the “skin” of the Gamin to a state where I am happy.  I am currently working on getting the base to look like there is lava flowing underneath the flagstones.  Not entirely successful, but not a miserable failure either.  I will probably start over on their legs and the base and try something new.  I am not fond of how white I got each models lower legs.  Oh well, live and learn.  Last thing I did was dot in some Chaos Black for some sort of definition to their eyes.  Again, not perfect but acceptable.  My next big decision is whether I paint in the loincloth as cloth or leave it “fiery”.  So my “to do” list for the Gamin is: fix the legs, repaint the base, decide on painting the loin cloth.  After that I am going to call these guys finished.

These Fire Gamin need some leg work.


Haven’t managed to get anywhere with these guys.  I pushed some Chaos Black around on them because I felt that they suited starting from a black base to give them a more muted colour scheme.  I did leave the female gunsmiths head white so that I could get her skin and hair vibrant as a contrast to her dark outfit.  Still thinking about these ones.  I like the black plus brown of the studio paint job but am worried that painting a convincing black is too difficult.  Need to give it more thought.

Barely even started!

Warhammer Fantasy – Lizardmen Army

Two things happened at just the right time to renew my interest in Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  I started painting Malifaux stuff and, in doing so, decide to also work on some Lizardmen that have been languishing in bare metal and plastic for far too long.  Justin, out-of-the-blue, sent me a message saying that he missed WHFB.  Well, I did too.  That begin a painting spree that started with a Salamander Hunting Pack, led to my Slann, and has progress to a second hunting pack and a Steg.

Salamanders and Skinks

The Skink Handlers are fairly low detail so I thought I would just try to get them done .  I primed them white with gesso and gave them a heavy base coat of Hawk Turquoise.  I did a light Skull White drybrush all over to get the details to pop a bit.  I then concentrated a bit heavier on the fins and scales.  The jewelry and prod metals were all done in Dwarf Bronze.  The prod was Scorched Brown.  The blade was Chaos Black then a light Fortress Grey drybrush.  Lastly I did their eyes, a tiny swipe of slightly dilute Sunburst Yellow.  Whats left?  Very little.  Maybe a drop of wash on the metal.  Then come up with some sort of basing strategy.  Fin.

The Salamander was just as simple.  Primed with gesso and based with Golden Yellow.  Then a very generous wash of Baal Red.  I left that overnight to dry completely.  I really liked how that look and so was a bit nervous to continue.  Be a shame to ruin it and have to start over again.  After much deliberation I decided that I needed to drop some black in on its scales.  This went surprisingly well.  I was sure I was going to slop paint somewhere.  I didn’t!  I let him dry completely and then gave him a pretty heavy drybrush of skull white.  Maybe too generous. I am thinking, and received supporting feedback, that I should have just drybrushed the black scales and left his skin alone.  I am going to try that on the next one.  I have a bunch of details left to do.  Eyes, metals, teeth/mouth, base, etc…

The other Hunting Pack is not nearly as far along.   The Skinks are Turquoise and the Salamander has had his Baal Red wash.

Just a few details left.

Some minor detail work left. Eyes, claws, base...


I started on the Slann’s palanquin without actually having it completed.  I was deliberating whether I would use the BSB part or the tiny plain top.  As you can see in the pictures below I opted against the BSB.  Seemed too unwieldy especially on an already unwieldy model.  I primed the chair with gesso up to the BSB attachment and started basing it in Fortress Grey.  While that was drying I stuck the Slann onto a bit of sprue and gave him a coat of gesso.  When I revisited the chair I had decided which build to use and finished the priming and base coat.  I left the tusks, leaves, and skink attendant white.  After that I started blocking in the leaves with various greens (Scorpion, Goblin, and Snot … specifically).  Not sure how well the two washes will work together, we shall see.

I was anxious to start seeing the chair come together so I decided to start putting in a black wash on the back of the chair.  So far I am pretty happy with how it is looking.  Painting in all those vines may be a challenge though.

The Slann got a base coat of Dessert Yellow careful to avoid his belly and cheeks; those were done in Bleached Bone.  He then got a generous wash of…uh…either Ogryn Flesh or Gryphonne Sepia.  I can’t remember.  I’ll have to do a little test to figure out which.  I think it was the sepia though as the flesh is a little red toned.  After the was had completely dried I carefully drybrushed the belly with Bleached Bone to restore the colour a bit.  I did the hands a little bit at the same time to lighten them.  That’s where I left off.

I’m really happy with my progress on this model.  That is a pretty good feeling for a change as often I am unhappy and discouraged.  Yay me!

Starting to paint in the leaves.

Base, wash, and touch ups.

Black wash.


I had a small amount of Skull White spray primer and it happened to be a fairly nice day here so I decided to skip the gesso this time and go the easy route.  I did a very generous wash of Thraka Green right over the primer and let that dry overnight.  I then did a coat of Bleached Bone on his belly feathered out to a light drybrushing on the edges to try to simulate a blend.  It worked ok.  I left this guy in the process of touching up all his horn with Skull White to get ready to paint then.  Not sure how I’ll do it.  Probably a sepia wash and then a drybrush.

Starting to look quite good.

GW Spray Gun

On a whim I picked up the GW spray gun.  The idea of hand priming and base coating a hundred or so Lizards was disheartening.  This should help.  I haven’t tried it yet.  I’m a little worried about sending gesso through it.  Anyone know if this would be a problem?

That is the state of the models on my workbench currently.  Since starting this post (and this has taken weeks to finally finish) all I have done is give the Gunsmiths a fairly heavy Fortress Grey drybrush.  It looks like it will make a good base for painting in some detail.  Anyhow, thanks for reading.  I know this is a long post but I had quite a bit to talk about, hopefully going forward I will have more regular progress and will be able to do smaller posts a bit more frequently.

On The Workbench   4 comments

I am borrowing this post concept from the other guys here and giving a heads up about what I have on my work table right now.

Alternate Rasputina and a Silent One.

Rasputina is assembled and has been given a light prime.  I have very lightly glued her to her base as I think I will be moving her over to a Dragon Forge scenic base.  I like this Alt model a lot better than the original.  It is still flat and almost one-piece but this one seems to have a lot of “motion” sculpted in.  The old one looked a bit like someone just striking a pose.  Madonna’s Vogue comes to mind when I look at it.  As you can probably guess I will be fielding the Alt from now on.  What to do with the original…?

Slann Mage-Priest Palanquin

Wild Green Fiendy Liquid

This monstrosity has been sitting on my shelf in a semi-built state for a long long time!  I managed to get 90% of the way through the build but the gaps were starting to bother me so I took a stab at using Green Stuff.  That was a disaster.  Green Stuff is the devils work.  It sticks to your fingers but not metal.  So you need to use, get this, spit or Vaseline to get it to not stick to you which makes it even less likely to adhere to metal.  It cures fairly quickly so if you don’t know what you are doing it starts getting crumbly before you even have it applied to the model.  It is ridiculous.  I wept that day.  I blame Green Stuff for my tendency to drink while doing hobby related things!  Fast forward to mid-last week and a quick stop in at the Scarborough GW to grab some paints.  I notice a bottle on the shelf behind the cash labelled “Liquid Green Stuff”.  I talk to the guy about it.  Ask various questions that he doesn’t really have answers for.  Get him to pop one open and show me the viscosity (about the consistency of, uh, Mayonnaise?).  And end up buying a bottle just to give it a shot.  The verdict is still out but I did get the seams filled (mostly) on my palanquin.  I also used it to fill a ridiculous gap in the neck of one of my Salamaders (see below).


Gap was behind the neck frill.

Buying the Liquid Green Stuff reminded me of my Salamanders, I remembered that at least one of them did not fit together well.  I pulled it out of the figure case the other day and got right to work.  The gap in the side of its neck looked like it had been made by a band saw, a large smooth rectangular cut.  I didn’t know specifically how to tackle it so I just started loading up a brush and pushing the filler into the crack, feathering the edges where possible.  Each attempt I let dry for a few hours before applying another coat.  After the last coat I let it dry for almost 24 hours before I took a look at it.  Pretty messy looking but between a file and my hobby knife I was able to clean-up it up to a point where I was confident priming it.  After priming it looked fine to me.

Fiend of Slaanesh

I took out this model last week to see if I could quickly put it together before my game with Justin.  What a laugh.  There are lots and lots of pieces to this model.  All I’ve managed to do is pull out one piece at a time and clean them up.  I have lots left to do and another full Fiend sitting in its blister waiting.  Ugh.

Freebooter’s Fate Amazon Starter

I threatened to Justin that I would grab out the models and get them all finished before him if he didn’t post something to this blog.  He didn’t believe me.  Rightly so.  They are still sitting, untouched, in their box.  I love the look of the models and am pretty interested in trying out the game but, despite all that, I can’t seem to bring myself to take them out and start working on them.  Too much going on I guess, hobby and otherwise.

Lastly, and related to Liquid Green Stuff again, I leave you with this photo: