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Capitan Garcia & Co. Looking For A Fight   Leave a comment

I’ll take better photos someday, maybe after I get the gold finished on these guys.  I also need to paint over those glue bits sticking out between the bases and the inserts…

Anyway, for now these guys are ready for the table!  Hopefully Loy and/or Andrew will have their crews out and ready (built, not painted, don’t worry Andrew) on Tuesday.

While reading again through the book, I’ve come to enjoy the fluff a bit more.  When I wrote my pre-play review, I wasn’t so positive about how they weave the setting into the fluff, but now I can appreciate how they did it.

Anyone else want to show off their FF progress?  C’mon! We need to rope in a few more locals and get each faction covered 🙂  Ilan? Scott?  Mwahaha!

…yes, if I’m going to have Gamer Distraction Syndrome, I’m bringing others down with me!…

Thanks for reading.


Posted February 26, 2012 by mrborges in Freebooter's Fate, Imperial Armada