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Posting has been a real challenge lately, obviously not just for me either.  I had a good pace going and then screwed it up.  I am going to try fixing that and this is where I am starting.  What is on my work bench right now?  Well, I have been very slowly putting together my Freebooter’s Fate starter.  All I have left to attach is the leaders head and weapons.  These models are amazing.  I think they are my favourite female sculpts ever.  The two lowly deckhands are great.  None of the models are chesty, they don’t have 6 packs, or outrageously form-fitting pants.  They don’t completely abandon the fantasy female trope though as they are still wearing very little clothing!  What they are is lithe and a bit elfin looking.  I’m very happy with my choice of factions for this game.  You’d think I’d put a priority on getting them completed!  Not so.  Here is a pic:

The current state of my starter.

The newest addition to the workbench is a pile of Inquisitor stuff.  I picked up Lady Jena, Malicant, Barbaretta and her cybo-dog, and the rule book.  The models are really nice.  They were purchased already black primed and in really good condition so there isn’t really anything for me to do except start putting some paint on them.

My batch of Inquisitor models. With a Freebooter Amazon to show scale.


Apparently it doesn’t pay to be silent as the Silent One I bought and referenced in a title, but apparently didn’t write anything about, in the last workbench update is still sitting in parts.  I should get her put together.  It would be wise of me to paint her at the same time as Rasputina since they will no doubt use a similar set of colours.  I do have another Silent One and Snow Storm on the way, maybe I should wait for them?  Does this sound like procrastination?

We are going to be starting another Tale of Gamers soon.  We will be working on Alkemy and we have one participant for each faction.  I am slow and therefore get a huge head start!  =)  My Avalonians are assembled and mostly painted up to wave 2.  The regulars and crossbowmen have just been base coated but otherwise the models are well on their way.  All of them require some touch ups though.  Everything past wave 2 is still in parts.  The challenge here will be to match the paint style I used a long time ago.  These were done back when I had a little more patience and when I was using Privateer Press paints (which I have since handed off to Justin).  Anyhow, I mention them here because I need to pull them out and sort through them, find out exactly what needs to be done beyond what I mentioned above.

The Daemons of Chaos mentioned in the last workbench have been shelved indefinitely.  I have way too much stuff on the go and waiting in the wings to continue with them.  Plus, working on them takes away from work on my Lizardman army which should be my priority.  I had a small burst of energy and got a variety of models painted to varying degrees of completeness but have now stalled.  To regain a bit of momentum I need to set aside some of the distractions and try to focus.  The Daemons are one of those distractions.  I suspect they will appear out of the warp at some future point though.  😉

Mercs.  What to do about Mercs.  I bought two starters and was pretty excited to get them going but something happened and they are now sitting in their boxes on my shelf.  I highly doubt they will get any attention any time soon.  Honestly I would rather try to get in a few more games using Ilan’s models and see if I really want to proceed.

Finally, terrain.  While not officially on my workbench, I need to start thinking about a table.  The basement has been converted into my own personal stomping grounds and so it would be good to incorporate a bit of my hobby into that.  I had collected a pile of terrain of various types, war-torn worlds mostly, but never had an acceptable surface to put it all down on.  In the last lull in y tabletop gaming I decided to get rid of it all to make some space for other things.  With the recent (renewed) interest in minis gaming comes a renewed interest in getting terrain so I can host games at home.  Oh, did I mention that I really don’t like static grass.  That makes things a bit more complicated.  Step 1 is planning and budgeting.


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Here’s my WIP pics of my Brotherhood minis.

More or less finished all but the Queen of Shadow who needs a ton of highlighting. Her dress is suppose to be a light blue and all you see now is the base coat. Still waiting for Meeplemart to get in some Brotherhood deckhands.

Had my first real game (if you can really call it that when most of time, we’re scouring the rulebook) with Justin’s Imperial Armada starter box last night. I didn’t know what to really expect but I did know that combat is quite deadly so my melee guys had to use as much cover as possible.

First Impressions:

  • Getting initiative is huge since any model can luck out and hit huge
  • Hit determination is really simple but maybe too simple. Most times it was the attacker picking 2/6 hit locations, the defender picking 3/6 locations and the attacker just needs to get one hit location that wasn’t picked by the defender. Hmmm … I’ll need to play a few more games to really have a good opinion about this one
  • When you do land a hit, you take you strength of the weapon (say 5) add a fate card which can be up to 10 (note that there are more low numbers that higher numbers so not as likely to get a 10 than a 1) and compare it the the toughness (say 3) plus a fate card. So you can see that a lowly deckhand could potentially take out your leader with one blow
  • I think we need a bunch of more 3d terrain so that movement is more varied
  • We didn’t play with events (because we forgot) but we’ll have to see how that affects game play
  • Fearsome requires the defender to make a morale check whenever the fearsome character comes into contact, or when you’re attacking the fearsome character
    • Once you pass a morale test, you become fearless to that particular opponent for the rest of the game
    • With Steadfast, you get to retake morale tests
    • With the fearless caveat + steadfast, fearsome isn’t that fearsome


  • Initiative = fate card + morale of leader
    • I don’t think this one affected us much since our leaders probably started with the same morale
  • Attack can only be made in the attacker’s arc of vision
    • I had a guy to the rear of Justin’s character which proceeded to make a shove action without turning around
    • Since shove is a combat action, Justin’s character would have to use one action to move (i.e. turn around) and then another action to shove
  • Attack from behind = -1 penalty to defense
    • I’m pretty sure we had this situation but I didn’t apply this penalty
  • Charge = 2 advance actions (1 complex advance action) + 1 attack at +2 ST
    • The rulebook was a bit confusing when I first read it but once I realize what constitutes a complex advance action, charging now makes a lot more sense
    • Thought you can only make 1 advance movement then attack but you have to more at least your MOV … so you have to be exactly a MOV away from the defender? All clear now
  • Lightning reflexes = +1 D which is already included in the stats
    • Err … so my Queen of Shadow does not have 5 defense. Oh well, she’s still pretty kick ass.


Cool game. Great background. Great minis. Loads of fun especially when you Justin was attacking with 1A against my 5D and hit!!! He totally lucked out by picking the one card I decided to leave out (my left arm).

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So this past Tuesday night was sweet for gaming, in that I got a first game in of Freebooter’s Fate with Loy, and a rematch against Scott in Malifaux.

Freebooter’s Fate

This was definitely a learning game, fumbling through the rules.  While we had both read through the rules, we play a number of games so keeping track of how each game works can be slow-going.  Well, we did get through it.  I used my Imperial Armada starter against Loy’s non-starter Brotherhood crew.  We each had a Leader, a Specialist and two Deckhands.  We set the board up with lots of terrain, except for one open area in the middle, and ran the plain-Jane duke-it-out scenario.

Loy was really afraid of my Arquebusiers, with their 50cm range (which is a deceiving number, as that’s huge in inches, but not so huge in centimetres).  So he hugged cover really well.  What he didn’t realise at first was that they required an entire turn (complex action = 2x simple actions = whole turn) to reload them, being heavy weapons.  That, plus the fact that his characters seem to generally be well-suited to not dying at range (Agile, Lightning Reflexes, etc.) meant that at times I was shooting with 2 Attacks against 4 or 5 Defence!  That means I’d have to choose 2 body location cards, while he got to choose 4 or 5, so I’d have to be pretty lucky to hit him.  And then I’d have to Reload, so I would only get one, at most two shots against him before coming into melee.

Well, that’s how it happened.  I was either out of range or outright missed the long-range shots for the first few turns of the game.  I only scored damage through ranged attacks late in the game, often by luck.  I did do some damage in melee, ending up killing two of his guys (the Leader and one of the Deckhands), but he managed to melee my guys into submission, one-by-one.  In the end, my single Arquebusier was no match for a dude on stilts with a frickin’ scythe, and his Harlequin pal.

We did learn a lot about the game, including the one Golden Truth: this game is deadly!  And I thought that Dark Age Apocalypse (coming soon to a Tale of Gamers near you, btw) had the motto, “Everything Dies.”  Yeesh.  Successfully hitting an opposing model could be deadly.  I did 8 damage in one attack one time, while Loy managed something like a 13+.  It’s those dang Fate cards, just like in Malifaux.  I say dang, but I really like the Fate card idea (even though I also love buckets of dice).  Once we got into melee, the blood started spilling.  Even more when models were Supported in their attacks.

I was happy with the game.  I got to learn about how different things work, and I now know that you need to always pay attention to modifiers (like the +1 A and +2 St during a Support) and sequences (like flipping for a Critical and taking Morale tests, etc.).  During the game there seemed to be a lot that we had to remember, but I honestly think that it’s a pretty simple game at heart.  Once you know the available actions, and how the various tests are performed (attacks, damage, morale), it can be a pretty simple game.  As well, it’s definitely going to be interesting using scenarios.

I’m going to hold off on buying more models (even though I’d love to try out some of the other Specialists and Deckhands for the Imperials) until we’ve played some more and agree that it’s worth getting more of.  Andrew still needs to build, paint and use his Amazons, and there are some other interested parties among our local players.  The models are definitely cool, and the quality is top-notch.

I’m looking forward to more Freebooter’s Fate, for sure.


Scott and I had a 35ss rematch in Malifaux, as well.  I took the same list as last time (Seamus, Sybelle, 2x Rotten Belles, 3x Punk Zombies), while Scott changed it up a little (Ramos again, but with a Brass Arachnid, Guardian, Soulstone Miner, Steampunk Arachnid Swarm, Hans).

The outcome of the game was similar to our last one, however.  The Belles (upped to x3 by Seamus) were able to Lure and neuter Hans, while surviving the various Constructs that came after them, along with their aggravating abilities that punk’d my spellcasting.  I managed to deal with the punk’ing, though, and ate through enough models to take on Ramos, who had gotten in close enough for multiple Charges, including one by Seamus himself.  I totally ignored the Guardian, who ended up flubbing the only attacks he got all game.  I also avoided the Electrical Creation, once again Luring my own model out of harms way.

The best thing to happen to me was the Black Joker coming out on a damage flip against Seamus.  Could have hurt badly, but ol’ Blacky saved the day.  Again! Fate often really hates Scott, to be honest.

Scott did come up with some ideas for his next outing against Seamus, whenever that will be (not next week…I think he needs a break from me, and will play Loy).  First, no Hans.  The Belles are just too effective at reeling him in before he can actually do anything (last game he got off a shot that got a Black Joker for damage; this game his shot missed, somehow or another).  Hans is probably awesomesauce against other armies, but the 18″ Lure beats the 16″ Sniper Rifle every time.  Second, he needs a big-hitter.  The Steambourg Executioner.  Joss.  Anyone!  Thankfully he has Joss, and will probably get him painted ASAP to replace in Ramos’ crew.

I will personally keep my crew as-is.  I might pick up a Copycat Killer someday soon, and I’d like to replace Sybelle with Mortimer at some point and see how that works.  But otherwise, I’m really happy with how they work.  At least against Ramos.  Might be different against other crews, or even a revamped-Ramos crew.  We’ll see in future games.

Speaking of future games, we talked about starting up a League at Meeplemart for Malifaux.  I ran one a couple of years ago with some success.  Some other guys have been running some Leagues/Campaigns lately that have worked well (WHFB, 40k, now Blood Bowl).  I’ll be talking to them shortly about doing Malifaux.

* * * * *

I was a good boy at the end of the night, as I didn’t pick up anything else.  I was so tempted, too! Steve has the Dragyri starter box in stock for Dark Age Apocalypse, but I had the willpower to say “not yet.”  Might wait until next Tuesday (I did say I’d wait until March, which begins tomorrow, afterall).  I was also looking at Abuela Ortega to finish off my Ortega crew.  At some point I’ll get her.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.  Sadly I didn’t take any pictures last night, and the time-lapse video I took was at a horrid angle! DUH!  Quite disappointed in myself.  I’ll have to be sure to get a better angle next week, sorry about that.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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I’ll take better photos someday, maybe after I get the gold finished on these guys.  I also need to paint over those glue bits sticking out between the bases and the inserts…

Anyway, for now these guys are ready for the table!  Hopefully Loy and/or Andrew will have their crews out and ready (built, not painted, don’t worry Andrew) on Tuesday.

While reading again through the book, I’ve come to enjoy the fluff a bit more.  When I wrote my pre-play review, I wasn’t so positive about how they weave the setting into the fluff, but now I can appreciate how they did it.

Anyone else want to show off their FF progress?  C’mon! We need to rope in a few more locals and get each faction covered 🙂  Ilan? Scott?  Mwahaha!

…yes, if I’m going to have Gamer Distraction Syndrome, I’m bringing others down with me!…

Thanks for reading.

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Tonight I’m hoping to give Freebooter’s Fate a first try with Loy.  We both have the rules, and we both have models.  Well, I have a legal force out of the starter set, Loy has some chosen models that don’t actually work (no Deckhands), but that might change or have changed by tonight.

Yesterday I read through the rulebook while my baby slept (he’s so nice letting me do things like this every once in a while), and before I actually play them out I wanted to write some thoughts on them.  I’ll say first that before buying into the game I was intrigued by a) the piratical theme, b) the nice models, c) the various card decks.  Let’s see, after reading the rules, if the game still looks interesting…

The Rulebook

Overall, the rulebook looks great.  Each page has an old parchment design, which is always good when you’re dealing with a pirate theme.  The various fonts throughout the book are generally pleasing, and for the most part the visuals are cool: character sketches, photographs of models and stat cards.  The order of the contents works as well, and makes it easy enough to learn the game, before looking at the factions and the scenarios.

But, the rulebook is not without its issues.  For one, there are a lot of typos.  Now, sure, I make errors all the time when I’m typing…but I don’t have to read my own dribble afterwards!  There’s just something about typos in rulebooks that irks me to no end.  Often it’s a problem with translation.  Like the upside-down-and-backwards quotation marks in this book…yeesh, it gets annoying, especially as they’re used a lot.  Another problem I’ve found is that when there are photographs used in examples, the explanation is often hard to understand when there isn’t enough labelling in the photos themselves.  For instance there’s a picture used to explain LOS and Arc of Vision, and while the explanation is just fine, it’s hard to tell which characters (out of five) it is referring to for each point. 

So really, they aren’t huge issues, and overall the book is well put together.  It’s not as awesome as others (I quite enjoy the books by Wyrd and Privateer Press, for instance), but it is definitely not a low-quality book at all, either in terms of visuals or layout/comprehension.

The Rules

1. Keelhauling for fun and profit merely talks about the game in general: you use minis, you play scenarios, have fun, etc.

2. Characters and cards talks about, well, characters and cards!  It goes through the layout of a stat card, explaining the attributes and other things you’ll find there, but saving more details for the relevant sections of the book.  One thing I don’t like about the cards is that the attribute values are written like “5/10,” where the starting value is 10, and the post-critical hit value is 5.  As I read left to right, I personally would rather have the left-hand number as the starting value.  It just seems odd to me.  Also, in the rulebook, this fact is not actually mentioned until later on in the Damage section, which is also odd and somewhat confusing.  You also learn about the different decks of cards in the game.

3. Setting up the game is straightforward and goes from “hiring a crew” to “setting up the battlefield.”

4. Start of play and sequence of play is also straightforward.  The explanation about how the turns play out is good.  I do have to complain again, though, in that there are three paragraphs that are repeated.  Meh, it just makes you get that deja vu feeling, you know? 🙂

5. Basic terms and concepts.  Here we start to learn about how models work and interact on the table.  For instance, LOS is pretty standard (if the model can see any part of another model’s head, torso or base, it has LOS).  However, Arc of Vision is a 180* arc that extends from the rear of the base.  Oh yeah, bases are square in this game, if you didn’t know that already.  I’m not used to games with square-based figures, but the AoV like this cuts out the potential for debate that arises when players mark a 180* facing on their round bases (I hope not too many people are that annoying).  When a character is in a building, his AoV starts at the outside wall instead of his read, which is cool.  This section also describes the terms Cover, Base-to-base contact, Prone, Defenceless, Out of action and solid footing.

6. Movement and terrain are also pretty standard, although Movement in FF does incorporate jumping, climbing, swimming and falling in ways that other games don’t.  I think this is great, and is going to make terrain very playable in this game, whereas in other games it is often less-so.  There are even rules about running along rails and stuff that you can’t end your movement on, so they definitely want you to have terrain that is varied and full of character, like broken rope bridges and peak rooftops, for sure.  Awesome.  There is also a section here on types of terrain that helps you identify penalties and characteristics of different terrain, like stairs, jungle, water, rails, etc.

7. Combat, a.k.a. why we’re all here.  In general combat in this game is pretty darn cool.  Aside from some confusing parts of this section (like using the term “right-hand Ranged Attack Value,” meaning the right-most number out of two, and not the value of the Right Hand, or the examples of combats with the poor labelling), the rules about combat are easy to follow.  Under ranged combat there are rules for long/short range (and weapons have associated RAV values), targetting a model in a cluster (i.e. in a melee), elevated position and ammunition.  Under close combat there are rules about aligning in base-to-base, aligning, support and defended obstacles.  All of the rules here are interesting and intuitive.  And it gets even better with hit determination and damage!

So, generally when you attack someone you are going to choose a number of location cards equal to your A(ttack) attribute.  Some actions, abilities and various modifiers will change this, up to 4 cards total.  The defender will choose a number of location cards equal to his D(efence) value, again with actions, abilities and modifiers changing this, up to 5.  Each player will have his own set body location cards to choose from, both sets being the same.  The goal is for the attacker to choose locations that the defender does not defend.  If this happens, the defender is hit.  If this happens more than once (more than one location was attacked and not defended) it counts as a critical. 

Now we move on to damage.  The attacker’s weapon’s RAV or ST(rength) is added to a Fate card, vs. the defender’s T(oughness) and a Fate card.  If the latter is higher, no damage.  If the former is higher, the difference is the amount of damage taken, and marked off from the Vitality boxes on the stat card.  Now comes the criticals.  If only one location was hit, another Fate card is drawn.  If it is equal to or lower than the damage caused, it’s a critical.  The location that was hit suffers a critical, and it’s higher value is marked off.  As well, if the character gets another critical hit there, they are out of action, or if they take three total criticals.  And lastly, if either hand is given a critical, the weapon used in that hand is lost!  Ouchie!

I really like how damage is dealt with in Freebooter’s Fate, I have to say.  I think the Malifaux-like Fate deck mixed with the body location cards and criticals is going to make for some fun combat.

8. Moral test.  Yes, it should be Morale, but there’s another glaring typo.  A character must make a Morale test/Panic check under different circumstances, namely getting greviously hurt or fighting with afearsome opponent.  When panicked a character has to flee until they rally, and every turn they fail to rally they run to the board edge.  Panicking characters are defenceless (A and D are 0, etc).  To pass a Morale test you need to flip a Fate card that is equal to or lower than your current Morale value, which of course gets lower the more damage you take.

9. Actions and traits details Standard Actions (the simple or complex actions that everyone can do), Special Actions (the ones that characters have listed on their cards) and Traits (special abilities also listed on the stat cards).  Most of the Standard Actions are pretty regular for a skirmish game, including ones like Aim that you don’t always see, as more unique ones like Take a Swing (bonus to ST on the next attack) and Smash (a special combat action to break stuff down).  Special Actions and Traits similarly have both familiar and unique things your characters might be able to do.  I like a lot of various abilities here, and it will be cool to see them get used out on the battlefield.

10. Crews is all about hiring your crews from the different factions, and Mercenaries.  Each character in the (core) game has a little snippet, either description or conversation, and its stat card here.  Some also have cool sketches, as well.  A lot of fluff here makes this what I feel is an unnecessarily long section, but I have not yet gotten fully immersed in the game’s backstory yet.  I’m sure if I do, this won’t be a problem.

11. Scenarios lists all of the scenarios you can play out, how they’re setup and won, etc.  There are some interesting ones, including “The hunt for rats in October.”

And that’s the rulebook! After first reading the quick-start rules I was non-plussed about the game, but now that I have read the rules I am eager to try it out.  I think it could be a pretty neat game to play.  It’s not going to replace Malifaux as my skirmish game of choice, I’m sure, but it will be something different enough to have.  The game sort of feels like Malifaux meets Rattrap‘s pulp stuff (.45 Adventures and Fantastic Worlds), in that it plays like the former, with the stats-connected-to-body-locations aspect of the latter.  And thankfully I like both, and the added pirate theme! Excellent!

So, hopefully we end up playing tonight so I can give more insight into the game.

Thanks for reading.

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I am borrowing this post concept from the other guys here and giving a heads up about what I have on my work table right now.

Alternate Rasputina and a Silent One.

Rasputina is assembled and has been given a light prime.  I have very lightly glued her to her base as I think I will be moving her over to a Dragon Forge scenic base.  I like this Alt model a lot better than the original.  It is still flat and almost one-piece but this one seems to have a lot of “motion” sculpted in.  The old one looked a bit like someone just striking a pose.  Madonna’s Vogue comes to mind when I look at it.  As you can probably guess I will be fielding the Alt from now on.  What to do with the original…?

Slann Mage-Priest Palanquin

Wild Green Fiendy Liquid

This monstrosity has been sitting on my shelf in a semi-built state for a long long time!  I managed to get 90% of the way through the build but the gaps were starting to bother me so I took a stab at using Green Stuff.  That was a disaster.  Green Stuff is the devils work.  It sticks to your fingers but not metal.  So you need to use, get this, spit or Vaseline to get it to not stick to you which makes it even less likely to adhere to metal.  It cures fairly quickly so if you don’t know what you are doing it starts getting crumbly before you even have it applied to the model.  It is ridiculous.  I wept that day.  I blame Green Stuff for my tendency to drink while doing hobby related things!  Fast forward to mid-last week and a quick stop in at the Scarborough GW to grab some paints.  I notice a bottle on the shelf behind the cash labelled “Liquid Green Stuff”.  I talk to the guy about it.  Ask various questions that he doesn’t really have answers for.  Get him to pop one open and show me the viscosity (about the consistency of, uh, Mayonnaise?).  And end up buying a bottle just to give it a shot.  The verdict is still out but I did get the seams filled (mostly) on my palanquin.  I also used it to fill a ridiculous gap in the neck of one of my Salamaders (see below).


Gap was behind the neck frill.

Buying the Liquid Green Stuff reminded me of my Salamanders, I remembered that at least one of them did not fit together well.  I pulled it out of the figure case the other day and got right to work.  The gap in the side of its neck looked like it had been made by a band saw, a large smooth rectangular cut.  I didn’t know specifically how to tackle it so I just started loading up a brush and pushing the filler into the crack, feathering the edges where possible.  Each attempt I let dry for a few hours before applying another coat.  After the last coat I let it dry for almost 24 hours before I took a look at it.  Pretty messy looking but between a file and my hobby knife I was able to clean-up it up to a point where I was confident priming it.  After priming it looked fine to me.

Fiend of Slaanesh

I took out this model last week to see if I could quickly put it together before my game with Justin.  What a laugh.  There are lots and lots of pieces to this model.  All I’ve managed to do is pull out one piece at a time and clean them up.  I have lots left to do and another full Fiend sitting in its blister waiting.  Ugh.

Freebooter’s Fate Amazon Starter

I threatened to Justin that I would grab out the models and get them all finished before him if he didn’t post something to this blog.  He didn’t believe me.  Rightly so.  They are still sitting, untouched, in their box.  I love the look of the models and am pretty interested in trying out the game but, despite all that, I can’t seem to bring myself to take them out and start working on them.  Too much going on I guess, hobby and otherwise.

Lastly, and related to Liquid Green Stuff again, I leave you with this photo: