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Lost starter

Freshly back from vacation and un-rested, 2 kids means vacation time is really just childcare, I thought I would put up a post about what I am working on.  I didn’t do even a single hobby related thing while I was on vacation so I am going to have to redouble my efforts now.  First off is an update on the Alkemy Tale of Gamers…yet again it sort of fizzled out.  Maybe we should stop hobbying in the ToG format, it seems to kill the momentum for a particular game.

That being said, my Avalonians are still sitting right here on my desk so I should really do something with them.

Next is Hell Dorado.

I have been waiting and waiting for a Dark Age starter to come in.  Justin has picked up a few starters and another friend just picked up the Forsaken so it looks like interest in this game may take off.  Waiting 5 weeks for a little box of models to come in is a bummer though.  How does this have anything to do with hell Dorado, you ask?  Well, I picked up the Lost starter for Hell Dorado last night to make myself feel better that my Brood starter still wasn’t in.  Yes, that is how I work.  Anyhow, all I have done so far is open it up and dry fit the models.  Not 100% happy.  The fit is not great but it is workable.  I love it when you put a join together and the parts slide together and have a “feel” like they have fit perfectly.  Being able to see that there is minimal line or gap when dry-fitting is also nice.  Neither of these two things occurred with any of the parts in this starter.  😦   It took some serious fiddling to get a dry fit that I was happy with.  Nice models though.  I like Lizardmen (obviously) and I like the theme of the starter which is: “Demons that have abandoned their demon heritage.”  Interesting.  A quick peek at the rules let me know that there is a few things about this game that I am looking forward to.  The first is that the attack stats equate to a particular number of dice rolled looking for successes.  There aren’t very many games that do things that way AFAIK.  On top of that perks and leader abilities grant stat increases so you can get more dice.  Dice are cool.  The complexity of the game looks roughly equivalent to Dark Age.  I am unsure of what size a standard game would be but given that the starter contains a leader, 2 troopers and a support model it is probably a pretty low model count game.  I know that both Rob and Justin are interested in this one so we’ll see where it goes.

Finally, I secured a ridiculous amount of Warriors of Chaos for a very reasonable amount.  Not sure what the  timeline is for me getting them on the table but it will probably be quite some time.  I will need to go through it and do an inventory.  Then I will decide on a 600 or 800 point list and just start building.  Fun times!  Here is a sneak peek:

Big box O’ Chaos


In the Shadow of the Beathacrann   Leave a comment

We have started our next Tale of Gamers focusing on Alkemy originally by Kraken Editions, now continued by Studio 38.  I originally encountered this game at Origins in 2008 or 2009.  A friend and I then direct ordered the whole line from Kraken  and managed to get the game played a few times.  As is the way with these things interest in the game dwindled, likely due to no one else having any models.  Fast forward to 2011 and Kraken has gone bust.  My FLGS has the entire line on clearance so I grab one of everything and dump it in my basement.  During the very brief interest in Heavy Gear Blitz I had traded the Jade and Khaliman portion of my Alkemy to Justin.  Justin and I get talking about the various things we have purchased and left to languish and the idea comes up to try to make use of the Alkemy stuff as a Tale of Gamers challenge.  And here we are finally starting.

Alkemy is a fairly run-of-the-mill fantasy Skirmish game with a few notable exceptions.  1) It is action point driven (gaining popularity now but at the time most games were IGOUGO or alternating), 2) reserving AP for your opponents turn is often critical, 3) Ranged shooting is quirky in that you need to guess the distance to be able to get a “boosted” hit, and 4) Close combat efficiency is determined by a rock-paper-scissors type card selection mechanic (this ties in to saving AP as the defender must pay AP to do something other than just take the hit).  I’ll get into more details about the rules in later posts when we get our first few games played.

I have taken the Kingdom of Avalon as my faction.  A quick synopsis of their fluff is that they were a people who were once under the banner of the Jade Triad and they declared their independence.  They gain their power through a diabolical pact with an ancient entity known as The Beathacrann, some form of Demonic Tree-God.  The Beathacrann infects the populace with spores that grow inside the people giving them unusual powers.  Most of the models in the faction seem to have limbs that have been partly replaced by tree limbs or vines.  I normally do not select the evil faction but in my previous plays a few years ago I focused on the Aurlocks (a somewhat “good” faction) so I wanted to try something different.

For the first phase of this Tale of Gamers we are all just working on the starters.  In addition to that I have a second starter (in french) and everything released up to Wave 3.  That is:  Lodegarius, Templar Novices, the Starter add-on, Lotharius and Retiari.  The point values in the starters do not match so when we start playing our first games we will have to figure out, as a group, what we should do to reconcile that.  I think the starters were intended to be played against each other ignoring point values, but I am not 100% sure.

When I first picked up these models I was in a painting mood and I got quite a ways through painting my original starter.  Due to work and family constraints the guys agreed that I could just continue where I left off to give me a bit of a head start (I tend to fall behind very easily).

Countryside Priest and Garlan at the start of this ToG

Recruits and Crossbowman

As you can see I am a fair ways along with the models.  The big problem I see is that I painted these years ago and will probably have a tough time matching the look.  My painting hasn’t really improved over that time but I definitely use different techniques and a completely different paint line.  I will probably need to touch up all the models to get them to look like they are part of the same army.

Aside from getting the models onto the workbench and starting to put some paint on them the next thing I need to do is sit down with the revised rules (“Genesis”) and give them a really good read.

Hopefully a rules overview will be my next post…and hopefully soon!

Thanks for reading!

Alkemy Tale of Gamers Begins!   1 comment

Well, it’s May 1st and that means it’s time for a brand new installment of our group’s attempt at A Tale of Gamers!

That’s right, I said attempt.  Last Summer’s Warhammer Fantasy ToG was mildly successful.  The Fall’s Heavy Gear Blitz! ToG was a flop.  And now we’re hoping that this newest edition will actually take off, if not soar.

This time around we will be taking Alkemy, the medieval fantasy tabletop skirmish game originally developed by Kraken Editions, now released by Studio38.  And as it stands, we have 4 games ready for the Tale, each taking a stab at one of the factions, which I think is a great way to do a Tale of Gamers project.

I will be taking on the Khaliman Republic, the cat-people with an Arabic flair.

Andrew will be working on theKingdom of Avalon, the medieval European humans.

Rob is going with the Aurlok Nation, First Nations (Native)-themed toads and other beasts.

Ilan is taking on the Empire of the Jade Triad, the Chinese warrior monks.

I’m pretty sure Ilan is starting from scratch, as am I.  I know Andrew has a head start, and I’m not sure about Rob.

Hopefully everyone will have posts in the coming week about their plans for the Tale, thoughts about their army’s playstyle and painting, etc. (look for mine either tomorrow or Wednesday).

Help support us and keep us motivated with visits, Follows and comments.  With your help we can make this the most successful Tale that Tales of Gamers has had!

Thanks for reading.

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Posting has been a real challenge lately, obviously not just for me either.  I had a good pace going and then screwed it up.  I am going to try fixing that and this is where I am starting.  What is on my work bench right now?  Well, I have been very slowly putting together my Freebooter’s Fate starter.  All I have left to attach is the leaders head and weapons.  These models are amazing.  I think they are my favourite female sculpts ever.  The two lowly deckhands are great.  None of the models are chesty, they don’t have 6 packs, or outrageously form-fitting pants.  They don’t completely abandon the fantasy female trope though as they are still wearing very little clothing!  What they are is lithe and a bit elfin looking.  I’m very happy with my choice of factions for this game.  You’d think I’d put a priority on getting them completed!  Not so.  Here is a pic:

The current state of my starter.

The newest addition to the workbench is a pile of Inquisitor stuff.  I picked up Lady Jena, Malicant, Barbaretta and her cybo-dog, and the rule book.  The models are really nice.  They were purchased already black primed and in really good condition so there isn’t really anything for me to do except start putting some paint on them.

My batch of Inquisitor models. With a Freebooter Amazon to show scale.


Apparently it doesn’t pay to be silent as the Silent One I bought and referenced in a title, but apparently didn’t write anything about, in the last workbench update is still sitting in parts.  I should get her put together.  It would be wise of me to paint her at the same time as Rasputina since they will no doubt use a similar set of colours.  I do have another Silent One and Snow Storm on the way, maybe I should wait for them?  Does this sound like procrastination?

We are going to be starting another Tale of Gamers soon.  We will be working on Alkemy and we have one participant for each faction.  I am slow and therefore get a huge head start!  =)  My Avalonians are assembled and mostly painted up to wave 2.  The regulars and crossbowmen have just been base coated but otherwise the models are well on their way.  All of them require some touch ups though.  Everything past wave 2 is still in parts.  The challenge here will be to match the paint style I used a long time ago.  These were done back when I had a little more patience and when I was using Privateer Press paints (which I have since handed off to Justin).  Anyhow, I mention them here because I need to pull them out and sort through them, find out exactly what needs to be done beyond what I mentioned above.

The Daemons of Chaos mentioned in the last workbench have been shelved indefinitely.  I have way too much stuff on the go and waiting in the wings to continue with them.  Plus, working on them takes away from work on my Lizardman army which should be my priority.  I had a small burst of energy and got a variety of models painted to varying degrees of completeness but have now stalled.  To regain a bit of momentum I need to set aside some of the distractions and try to focus.  The Daemons are one of those distractions.  I suspect they will appear out of the warp at some future point though.  😉

Mercs.  What to do about Mercs.  I bought two starters and was pretty excited to get them going but something happened and they are now sitting in their boxes on my shelf.  I highly doubt they will get any attention any time soon.  Honestly I would rather try to get in a few more games using Ilan’s models and see if I really want to proceed.

Finally, terrain.  While not officially on my workbench, I need to start thinking about a table.  The basement has been converted into my own personal stomping grounds and so it would be good to incorporate a bit of my hobby into that.  I had collected a pile of terrain of various types, war-torn worlds mostly, but never had an acceptable surface to put it all down on.  In the last lull in y tabletop gaming I decided to get rid of it all to make some space for other things.  With the recent (renewed) interest in minis gaming comes a renewed interest in getting terrain so I can host games at home.  Oh, did I mention that I really don’t like static grass.  That makes things a bit more complicated.  Step 1 is planning and budgeting.