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Alkemy Tale of Gamers Begins!   1 comment

Well, it’s May 1st and that means it’s time for a brand new installment of our group’s attempt at A Tale of Gamers!

That’s right, I said attempt.  Last Summer’s Warhammer Fantasy ToG was mildly successful.  The Fall’s Heavy Gear Blitz! ToG was a flop.  And now we’re hoping that this newest edition will actually take off, if not soar.

This time around we will be taking Alkemy, the medieval fantasy tabletop skirmish game originally developed by Kraken Editions, now released by Studio38.  And as it stands, we have 4 games ready for the Tale, each taking a stab at one of the factions, which I think is a great way to do a Tale of Gamers project.

I will be taking on the Khaliman Republic, the cat-people with an Arabic flair.

Andrew will be working on theKingdom of Avalon, the medieval European humans.

Rob is going with the Aurlok Nation, First Nations (Native)-themed toads and other beasts.

Ilan is taking on the Empire of the Jade Triad, the Chinese warrior monks.

I’m pretty sure Ilan is starting from scratch, as am I.  I know Andrew has a head start, and I’m not sure about Rob.

Hopefully everyone will have posts in the coming week about their plans for the Tale, thoughts about their army’s playstyle and painting, etc. (look for mine either tomorrow or Wednesday).

Help support us and keep us motivated with visits, Follows and comments.  With your help we can make this the most successful Tale that Tales of Gamers has had!

Thanks for reading.