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Lost starter

Freshly back from vacation and un-rested, 2 kids means vacation time is really just childcare, I thought I would put up a post about what I am working on.  I didn’t do even a single hobby related thing while I was on vacation so I am going to have to redouble my efforts now.  First off is an update on the Alkemy Tale of Gamers…yet again it sort of fizzled out.  Maybe we should stop hobbying in the ToG format, it seems to kill the momentum for a particular game.

That being said, my Avalonians are still sitting right here on my desk so I should really do something with them.

Next is Hell Dorado.

I have been waiting and waiting for a Dark Age starter to come in.  Justin has picked up a few starters and another friend just picked up the Forsaken so it looks like interest in this game may take off.  Waiting 5 weeks for a little box of models to come in is a bummer though.  How does this have anything to do with hell Dorado, you ask?  Well, I picked up the Lost starter for Hell Dorado last night to make myself feel better that my Brood starter still wasn’t in.  Yes, that is how I work.  Anyhow, all I have done so far is open it up and dry fit the models.  Not 100% happy.  The fit is not great but it is workable.  I love it when you put a join together and the parts slide together and have a “feel” like they have fit perfectly.  Being able to see that there is minimal line or gap when dry-fitting is also nice.  Neither of these two things occurred with any of the parts in this starter.  😦   It took some serious fiddling to get a dry fit that I was happy with.  Nice models though.  I like Lizardmen (obviously) and I like the theme of the starter which is: “Demons that have abandoned their demon heritage.”  Interesting.  A quick peek at the rules let me know that there is a few things about this game that I am looking forward to.  The first is that the attack stats equate to a particular number of dice rolled looking for successes.  There aren’t very many games that do things that way AFAIK.  On top of that perks and leader abilities grant stat increases so you can get more dice.  Dice are cool.  The complexity of the game looks roughly equivalent to Dark Age.  I am unsure of what size a standard game would be but given that the starter contains a leader, 2 troopers and a support model it is probably a pretty low model count game.  I know that both Rob and Justin are interested in this one so we’ll see where it goes.

Finally, I secured a ridiculous amount of Warriors of Chaos for a very reasonable amount.  Not sure what the  timeline is for me getting them on the table but it will probably be quite some time.  I will need to go through it and do an inventory.  Then I will decide on a 600 or 800 point list and just start building.  Fun times!  Here is a sneak peek:

Big box O’ Chaos


Rob needs to learn to give his posts titles so that someone like me doesn’t log in and give them silly titles like this one.   3 comments

It’s been a while since I’ve touched brushed to paint so it was nice this morning when i finally got to start on the Aurlocks. Going through the figures, only five belong to the starter. I don’t really know the names of the figures as I don’t have the rules or the stat information, but i’ll try to describe them and the current state they are in.

Slender Skeksis-like naked hunter with a spear “SlimJim”

SlimJim was painted over with a very rich blue and then inked with the older GW blue ink. While I loved using the older GW inks, the did tend to leave a very high gloss on the figure. So Jimmy looks like a sweaty hunter or plastic skin hunter. On of the hopeful results of this repaint will be to eliminate this sheen from the figures.

Frog Shaman mixing weeds “YahMan”

Yahman looks like only the skin is painted on this one. A few other broad areas are blocked in including loin cloth and mortar / pestle.

Axe spinning Wolf-like dude “Wolfgang”

Wolfie is the least completed. looks like I through a Space Wolf grey on this one and a quick wash. Again there is a slight gloss to his finish. I think this may be also due to the high shine of the plastic that was used to create the figures.

Big Ogre with club and dreads “Bubba”

Like Wolfie, Bubba was a quick coat of what looks like that dark lizard man green and another wash. He’s so dark, that I’ll probably try and highlight him to a more middle tone green / brown.

Another Skeksis-like shaman with a staff “IceIceBaby”

The Ice man is closest to completion. Again he’s got that plastic like skin and the same color scheme as Jimmy. He also has the most detail completed on him, including a nicely done tooth necklace.  You can’t see the shiny skin below as i snapped this after i completed the skin repaint.  You can see the effect in the feathers though; that’s pretty much how the whole model looked.


After reading Justin’s posts, I really liked the way he’s painting on figure at a time. So, i started this morning by working on IceIce.

First task was to lighten the tone of the blue to an almost pale grey. Along with this, I covered up the high gloss ink with a matte reaper blue that’s the approximate colour of denim. While painting I recalled using the ink technique because it’s a nice fast way to get shades and contours. With this attempt I decided to go back to the roots of painting. No drybrush, glazing, inking, scumbling, etc. Just pure painting…just like Bob Ross.

The second task was to add a bit more color depth to the leather clothing Ice is sporting. The first attempt was simply a commando khaki base with some chestnut ink for shading. I started by painting with Dev mud…not inking. I find the new line of GW inks work very well as paints as well as for washing. Middle highlights were done with Iyanden darksun. The Middle shade was good ol snakebite leather. Finally, upper highlights were done with desert yellow.

Sounds like a lot of work, but the whole thing only took about 15 minutes. It’s such a small area you’re working with, so the layering is really just touching the model in a few key places. The result is not a huge change, but definitelybetter than the flat original job.

The last big change is the feathers. Most of the figures have some well sculpted feather details. The studio models have these feathers painted black. I think thematically they represent crow feathers. Unfortunately with black feathers, so much detail is lost. With a quick google search on Native American Regalia, most of the feather designs have a light color root with a dark colored tip.  I used both Ogryn flesh and devlin mud to paint in the shading for the white feathers.  The tips were just a simple reddish brown.

So with Ice done, I was really surprised at how much the feathers made a difference.  The model went from being a very dark sinsister looking shaman, to a much more in tune with nature shaman.



Next up is SlimJim the hunter…

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In the Shadow of the Beathacrann   Leave a comment

We have started our next Tale of Gamers focusing on Alkemy originally by Kraken Editions, now continued by Studio 38.  I originally encountered this game at Origins in 2008 or 2009.  A friend and I then direct ordered the whole line from Kraken  and managed to get the game played a few times.  As is the way with these things interest in the game dwindled, likely due to no one else having any models.  Fast forward to 2011 and Kraken has gone bust.  My FLGS has the entire line on clearance so I grab one of everything and dump it in my basement.  During the very brief interest in Heavy Gear Blitz I had traded the Jade and Khaliman portion of my Alkemy to Justin.  Justin and I get talking about the various things we have purchased and left to languish and the idea comes up to try to make use of the Alkemy stuff as a Tale of Gamers challenge.  And here we are finally starting.

Alkemy is a fairly run-of-the-mill fantasy Skirmish game with a few notable exceptions.  1) It is action point driven (gaining popularity now but at the time most games were IGOUGO or alternating), 2) reserving AP for your opponents turn is often critical, 3) Ranged shooting is quirky in that you need to guess the distance to be able to get a “boosted” hit, and 4) Close combat efficiency is determined by a rock-paper-scissors type card selection mechanic (this ties in to saving AP as the defender must pay AP to do something other than just take the hit).  I’ll get into more details about the rules in later posts when we get our first few games played.

I have taken the Kingdom of Avalon as my faction.  A quick synopsis of their fluff is that they were a people who were once under the banner of the Jade Triad and they declared their independence.  They gain their power through a diabolical pact with an ancient entity known as The Beathacrann, some form of Demonic Tree-God.  The Beathacrann infects the populace with spores that grow inside the people giving them unusual powers.  Most of the models in the faction seem to have limbs that have been partly replaced by tree limbs or vines.  I normally do not select the evil faction but in my previous plays a few years ago I focused on the Aurlocks (a somewhat “good” faction) so I wanted to try something different.

For the first phase of this Tale of Gamers we are all just working on the starters.  In addition to that I have a second starter (in french) and everything released up to Wave 3.  That is:  Lodegarius, Templar Novices, the Starter add-on, Lotharius and Retiari.  The point values in the starters do not match so when we start playing our first games we will have to figure out, as a group, what we should do to reconcile that.  I think the starters were intended to be played against each other ignoring point values, but I am not 100% sure.

When I first picked up these models I was in a painting mood and I got quite a ways through painting my original starter.  Due to work and family constraints the guys agreed that I could just continue where I left off to give me a bit of a head start (I tend to fall behind very easily).

Countryside Priest and Garlan at the start of this ToG

Recruits and Crossbowman

As you can see I am a fair ways along with the models.  The big problem I see is that I painted these years ago and will probably have a tough time matching the look.  My painting hasn’t really improved over that time but I definitely use different techniques and a completely different paint line.  I will probably need to touch up all the models to get them to look like they are part of the same army.

Aside from getting the models onto the workbench and starting to put some paint on them the next thing I need to do is sit down with the revised rules (“Genesis”) and give them a really good read.

Hopefully a rules overview will be my next post…and hopefully soon!

Thanks for reading!

Khaliman Sorhna Oracle – Complete! (2 of 13)   1 comment

Tonight I finished up a second model from the Khaliman starter, the Sorhna Oracle.

*cue obligatory bad photo*

Yeah, this is one of the worst photos I’ve taken and put up, but I had to rush the shot before helping my son get back to bed.  Or crib, rather.

I’ll be setting up my photobooth in the (bright) kitchen probably on Monday (tomorrow is my son’s 1st birthday party, with gaming afterwards), and will get some good pictures taken.

Anyway, the Sorhna Oracle is the Alchemist in the starter, and uses the power of Water.  I don’t have the card with me right now, but I believe her spells are buff spells for the rest of her team, so having her nearby is good.  This reminds me, I need to play a game or two so I can write a review on the models based on their stats and in-game roles.

This is how I painted her:

  • White prime (gesso).
  • Fur: Rucksack Tan base, Gryphonne Sepia wash, Rucksack Tan/’Jack Bone highlight, ‘Jack Bone highlight.
  • Dress: Light Gryphonne Sepia wash, Morrow White highlight.
  • Jewelry: Pig Iron with Badab Black wash.
  • Staff: Glorious Gold base with Gryphonne Sepia wash; Pig Iron icon back, Asurmen Blue wash with Morrow White highlight front.
  • Knife: Pig Iron blade; Glorious Gold hilt with Gryphonne Sepia wash.

This is another simple paintjob.  I want these models to look good from a foot or more away, and great when on the tabletop.  I think I’ve done this with both models so far.  But the other three models from the starter are going to require a little more work and attention, what with tiger stripes and jaguar spots, and whatnot.

I think Andrew and Ilan are going to get a game in this Tuesday, which will hopefully get our ToG gaming ball rolling, and inspire the other guys to work on their models and post about them.

I’m going to switch gears a touch and start working on my Dark Age Outcasts.  I’ll probably do a trio of them before coming back to my third Alkemy model.  As we’re already well past the mid-month mark of May, I had better get a move on if I’m going to meet my first goal of completing the starter by the end.  Stay tuned for more progress.

Thanks for reading.

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Khaliman Malikh Jaraya #1 – Complete! (1 of 13)   1 comment

Khaliman model #1 is complete!  I present to you, a Malikh Jaraya, 1 of 2 from the starter box.

Yeah yeah, I know, not ‘complete’ complete.  I’m debating what colour to do the eyes, and I might add some colour to the snout, and I need to do her base.  But she’s done right now, so I can start on something else.

I believe she is either a panther-based catperson.  Either way, she’s a ‘ferocious warrior,’ or at least that’s what the back of her stat card says, hidden by her ‘voluptuous grace and feline beauty.’

Well, to capture her feline beauty, I used the following:

  • White prime (gesso)
  • Fur: Ironhull Grey base, Badab Black wash, Trollblood Highlight highlight.
  • Pants: Gryphonne Sepia wash, Morrow White highlight,Skorne Redlines.
  • Sash/tubetop: Cygnar Blue Base base, Cygnar Blue Highlight layer, Frostbite highlight.
  • Headress: Gryphonne Sepia wash.
  • Sword: Pig Iron blade, Babad Black wash; Battlefield Brown hilt, Glorious Gold layer, Devlan Mud wash.
  • Scabbard: Battlefield Brown base, Bloodtracker Brown highlight; Glorious Gold/Devlan Mud metals.
  • Straps: Bloodtracker Brown base, Devlan Mud wash.

The picture doesn’t do her justice, of course.  The good news is, I just ordered a little light tent (I know I could make my own, but I have other things to do with my time!), so pictures should hopefully be getting better soon.

What’s up next?  Well, likely another Khaliman model, but with such great weather these days, hopefully I can get started on my Outcasts for Dark Age.  I also have a new Malifaux crew, the Showgirls, that I bought off Scott.  I’m excited to use them, as, well, I’m too good with my other crews! Hah.  Watch this blog or 10-4 to see what I end up doing next.

Thanks for reading.

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A Frog jumps into an Ancient Pond   Leave a comment

I’ve been called up by the commanders of this blog to take up the Aurlocks and type away.

I really don’t know much about Alkemy.  I believe I’ve played it once and it felt mechanically sound.  I don’t know anything about the universe.  The models look nice, but don’t really blow me away.  I don’t really know anything about the factions or the units themselves.  Actually, Alkemy doesn’t really resonate for me on any level.

But I do love the idea of blogging about it.

For me, this will primarily be a painting project.  I’d love to get a few games in and see how the models perform, but realistically, this will be an exercise of the brush.  This may all sound strange after I reveal the fact that…

I have the massive advantage of having a fully painted force!

You see, I painted these 8 figures about a two years ago and from what i remember, they are done.  This is great because I only have about 8 days in May to work on this.

So what’s the plan?

  1. Get Andrew to change my wordpress icon to the Aurlock symbol.
  2. Get Andrew to give me the actually miniatures.
  3. Get Andrew to send me a link to the Alkemy website that detail Aurlock lore, history, feeding habits, etc.
  4. Take a family vacation.
  5. Paint 8 figures to the most detailed level I’ve ever done.

You see, i love the idea of blogging this because the best part of miniature painting is doing the finishing touches.  I’ve only got 8 figures to finish.  I can really push the detail and blending on them to levels I’ve not attempted.

I’m talking about bringing these frogs to life people!

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Well, it’s May and that means it’s Tale of Gamers time!

I have already introduced this newest installment of this group project here, but the basics are that Andrew, Rob, Ilan and I are each taking a faction from Alkemy.  Alkemy is a medieval fantasy tabletop skirmish game that was originally released by Kraken Editions, died, and has been resurrected by Studio38.  When it officially died, the starters and first 4 waves of models could be found pretty cheap.  You can still find them cheap, so hopefully our Tale of Gamers: Alkemy will inspire you to go out and pick up some of these great models.

Wait, that almost sounds like I’m starting to review something!  No, I shall wait until I have begun working on the models before I comment on them, and will wait until we play at least a game or two before I comment on the rules.  This post is going to introduce my faction, my collection, and my plans for this project.  And notice how I now call ToG a project and not a challenge, as I think the competitive terminology works against us (see Tale of Gamers: WHFB and Tale of Gamers: Heavy Gear Blitz!).

I have chosen the Khaliman Republic as my faction.  When the game was still alive, these Muslim-esque feline warriors appealed to me right off the bat.  Right off the cat.  One of those.  I liked their look, and had wanted to play them, if we ever got into the game.  Well, many moons ago Andrew picked up the whole set of released models, as he had bought into and played the a couple times, knew it could be a fun one, and wanted the whole set.  After some trades and purchases, I now have all of the Khaliman (and Jade Empire, but they’re safely stored for future work/trade/sale), including the Gale Force 9 token set.  Here’s a shot of everything, before I get underway on them:

This comes out to 14 models.  Not a lot, considering this is the extent of the army, without further doubles (the Starter Add-on, bottom left, repeats some of the warriors in the Starter, but uses different sculpts).

The Plan

Well, let’s start with the fact that I know our previous Tale of Gamers challenges have been pretty…lackluster.  Everyone involved, including me, fell short of our various goals with both WHFB and Heavy Gear Blitz!.  I think I got closest with HGB by finishing painting all of my models, a few months later.  But it’s a new May, a new game, and a new Tale.  I’m hoping that we get somewhere with this one.

All of that said, I am going to plan to go slowly with this one, even with so few models.  I don’t want to tired myself out trying to meet deadlines, and I don’t want to strive for getting everything done too quickly.  So, here is the three-month painting plan:

  • May: Starter (5 models)
  • June: Malikh Meharists (2) + Malikh Tuaregs (3)
  • July: Iecha Bint Sorhna, Guardian of the Snow (1) + Starter Add-on (3)

In terms of painting, 5 models a month for a single game is nothing.  In terms of gaming, I only want to play with painted models, and I’m not sure if adding more variety at first is better than adding more of the same.  I’m a pretty clever gamer, so I don’t think adding new rules or tactics is going to be a problem.  I think that setting this as a goal for myself is pretty fair, even a little easy, so if I happen to feel the desire to go ahead and start painting the next group of figures early, I’ll do it. This is regardless of where the rest of the group stands with their factions.  I don’t want to get ahead of everyone, but I am not going to slow down just because they’re behind.  In fact, they happen to go at a good speed, I might even push up my goals.  Let’s get serious, 1-3 models a week isn’t even a struggle most of the time.  Also in terms of gaming, I’d like to get some learning games here and there during May.  Right now I am playing WHFB one week and Malifaux the next, at the bare minimum.  I’d love to be able to keep playing these games, while adding Alkemy to the mix (as well as Dark Age when I get the Outcasts done).

The big challenge for me with this project, I forsee, is the fur.  I’ve never painted fur, and only a fraction of the models I’ve painted well have had hair.  Thankfully I have some extra models (somewhat a Starter box’s worth, more details on that in my next post) to practice on.  Andrew thinks it won’t be hard, but looking at the models on the boxes, man…I dunno.  Of course I’m not looking for studio-quality, but this might be a good time to learn some new techniques.

Well, that’s all for now.  Things have been pretty busy and hectic on the home front, hence why my intro post is a few days later than expected.  I’ve asked for a little free hobby time this weekend, so I can start these models up with daylight at my side.  We’ll see what I can get done, my wife is usually pretty good about giving me an hour or so.

I hope the other guys are still on board and gung-ho with this project.  It’ll be nice to get at least the four factions’ Starters on the table before anyone gives up.  Remember, you can help by following us and commenting on our posts.

Thanks for reading.

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