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Justin’s Khador: 1, The Other Guys’ Armies: 0   Leave a comment

At least in terms of having painted Battlegroups, I win!

…not that it’s a CHALLENGE or anything.  And it’s not.


So, akin to Loy’s little push to the rest of the ToG contributors, here is my challenge: PAINT YOUR WM/H armies and let’s get a’fightin’!

Thanks for reading.


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Dropping The (Great Big Iron) Gloves   1 comment

Well, to begin our re-entry into Warmachine, Andrew and I brought our starters to the table and had a go at Mk II rules.  We both played a game or two of the new rules back when they were in beta, and I think when they were brand new.  But that was TWO years ago, now, so it has been quite a while.  We were both well-versed enough, though, to be able to get through the game in a short time, figuring out our new battlegroups and re-learning some things about the game.

The Game

We set up in regular fashion, I think.  I had Sorscha inbetween her two Heavies, while Kreoss was hiding behind his wall of metal.  Pfft.  Menoth panzies.*

I went first, moved up under Fog of War (giving me Concealment) and that’s all.  Menoth moves up, and not much else.

Turn Two I moved up again under FoW, and this time sent a Bombard shot at the Repenter.  It hit, did a little damage, and actually hit Kreoss for 2 points.  Menoth moved up, made my FoW disappear, made it harder for me to cast spells in Kreoss’ Control Range, and shot at the Destroyer with the Vanquisher, doing some damage.

The Game After Turn 2


Turn Three I pop my feat making all the Menoth models Stationary, then move back and give both ‘jacks Boundless Charge (letting them go further and get past the terrain in their way).  Both ‘jacks, with 2 Focus each, run up and smack the two Heavies a little.  The Juggernaut hits the Vanquisher, the Destroyer hits the Crusader.  A bunch of damage done, for sure.  The Juggernaut managed to Cripple the Vanquisher’s Movement and gun arm.  But they hit back and put some hurt on my Heavies, especially with Kreoss Charging up behind them.  Thankfully Andrew had to spend 4 Focus just to get them all out of Stationary, so they didn’t hit as hard as they could have.  Kreoss did Feat, though, knocking all the Khador models down.

Turn Four Sorscha stood up and gave all of her Focus to the ‘jacks, instead of trying to Shoot and Magic Kreoss in the back.  The ‘jacks do plenty of damage, with the Juggernaut killing off the Vanquisher and the Destroyer bringing the Crusader down to a SINGLE point of damage.  One.  Yeesh.  Well, it was easy for the Kreoss and his remaining ‘jacks to destroy both of my ‘jacks.  So now Sorscha was staring a smoking Heavy, a nearly-fine Light and Kreoss, who was only one damage point lower than her now.  Oi.

We considered calling it at this point, but I’m not one to give up!  So Sorscha cast Wind Rush giving her a free move up (and added Def), then Charged Kreoss.  Swipe-swipe-swipe with Frostfang and she brought Kreoss down to…wait for it…a SINGLE point of damage.  Big yeesh!  So here she was, ready to take a beating from two ‘jacks and a ‘caster when we realised something.  Something potentially huge!

The Game During Turn 5


We realised that Andrew had mis-read the stat card for Kreoss and had been giving him Weapon Master instead of a Magical Weapon!  So the 6 or whatever hits he had laid on my ‘jacks had gotten a free boost each time!  We figured it had amounted to a lot of damage.  Whether my ‘jacks would have survived one more turn or not, we will never know, but we called the game here as a Draw.  I didn’t want to take a win because of a mistake like this, especially since it could have gone either way.

Thoughts on the Game

Well, Andrew’s mistake was just one example of how it’ll be a few more games until we are re-familiarised with the system and with our armies.  Back when we used to play, we didn’t have little icons to memorize.  I’m still not sure if all of the icons are helpful or not.  It was an honest mistake (unlike that time he kept Upkeeping a non-Upkeepable spell with Haley that helped win him that game…or multiple games, I’m not sure), and I just chalk it up to us being new to the game.  We’ll figure out the general and army-specific rules and tactics sooner or later.

The game also helped me remember that I DO like this game.  It’s no Malifaux or WHFB for me, still, but it’s good.  Right now I feel the decision-making is more daunting than Malifaux, even though more of the models on the table in a Malifaux game have their booklets full of options and rules like Warcasters do in Warmachine.  Familiarity will definitely change this, but I don’t think I will like this game MORE than Malifaux or WHFB.  Possibly nearly equally, but likely not quite up there.

One thing that is nice about this game over the other two is simplicity in performing actions.  You have straight up numbers with some modifiers, you add 2 or 3 (or 4, I know) dice, and roll, trying to meet or beat one number, then do it again if you’re successful trying to very much beat another number.  And the numbers are there, unchanging.  Easy peasy.  In Warhammer you’ve got your stats, the target’s stats, two charts and usually a bunch of dice.  Attacking is a lot more complicated, AND THEN there are the save rolls.  In Malifaux you have your stats, then you both flip cards and can change the cards and add more cards.  Not so simple.  DO NOT GET ME WRONG, though. I have NO issue with either of those systems.  In fact, I love the variety of methods these three games use, and I think all three are enjoyable and have their place.  I do not favour one over the other, as each have their pros (simple vs. lots o’ dice! vs. cool card management) and cons (almost boring vs. lots of work vs. lots of work).  Whichever game I am playing, I like how it works.

One thing that I do like in Malifaux, and the other games that use it, is alternating activations.  In WHFB, I think IGOUGO works just fine, and I wouldn’t ever consider it any other way.  In Malifaux and Dark Age, etc. I love how you can react quickly to certain events with alternating activations.  In Warmachine, IGOUGO of course works, but it’s a game where I wonder, how would this play out using alternating activations?  It’s an experiment I would like to try at some point.  Would it break the game?  Would it make the game better?  Or would it just be a waste of time because it’s not broke, so why ‘fix’?

Thoughts on Khador

So far, I like this faction.  The ‘jacks are beefy with a touch more Armour, a few more damage boxes and the fact that there are NO Light ‘jacks.  They hit hard and they don’t fall easily.  That’s cool.  Sort of like the Ogres I am getting into for WHFB.  Interesting.  Sorscha is cool, and I will learn to use her to the best of my abilities.

I know the rest of the army well-enough from going through the book.  If we end up continuing to play Warmachine, and build off of these battlegroups, I am going to stick with Sorscha.  I will likely build towards her Tier list, as I am a theme-oriented kind of guy (in fact any force I go with from WarmaHordes will be Tier-based themed).  If we REALLY continue with it, and I want to stick with Khador, I will go with Koldun Kommander Zerkova for the Greylord/Doom Reaver theme, who I like for some reason.  But while I run Sorscha I will go with some Widowmakers and Winter Guard.  While I don’t need another ‘horde’ army to worry about, the foot-soldiers are way more appealing to me than the Man-o-War units.

But that’s a decision for the future.  Might I eventually pick up thematic additions even if we don’t play it alot?  Yeah, probably, as I’m that kind of guy.  Might I eventually pick up thematic additions for OTHER forces and armies even if we don’t play it alot?  Heck yeah, as I’m REALLY that kind of guy.  If I end up with a lot of pretty models in the end, then I win.

The End

Well, for now, that’s all.  My Juggernaut is almost painted up, only slowed down by my son being very sick for most of this past week.  I’ve got a Workbench Update coming this weekend on my blog, so check that out to see where I am at.  I’ll show off the finished product here, too, as soon as it’s done.

Otherwise, I am stuck at home for the next while with the new baby coming very soon, so as long as Andrew and Rob and now Loy can come over, I’ll be playing Warmachine as much as possible.  And WHFB.  And Malifaux.  And Dark Age.

I really need to stop playing so many games.  It’s hard to juggle so much hobbying and gaming!

…but I love it.

Thanks for reading.

*N.B. I actually like Menoth as a faction, and have almost gone with them before.  But since I am now fighting for the Mother Khador, I have to heckle my foes, whether I like them or not.

Rebooting Warmachine (& Hordes)   4 comments

The optimistically long list that was my Game Plan for 2012 included many hopes and dreams.  As it turns out, even after revamping the list, nearly every project on the list failed to start or get anywhere significant.  One such project was rebooting Warmachine, and halfway through November I had already given up on it as a goal and left it for dead.  Well, miracle of miracles, I somehow managed to convince Andrew that Warmachine, a game we quite enjoyed just a few years ago, was worth coming back to.  Lo and behold, in between typing this post and watching videos on youtube, Andrew and I are simultaneously assembling our brand-new Battlegroups!  I guess it should not have come as a surprise, as we don’t usually have trouble convincing each other to buy into new game systems, but I was not sure that resurrecting an old one would be as easy.  Hah, oh me of little faith.

And so, here I am, introducing our return to the wonderful world of Warmachine, Privateer Press’ “Steam-Powered Miniatures Combat” game where one of the rules is “Play Like You’ve Got A Pair!”

You know the game, of course.  I’ve heard it spouted as one in the current trinity of most popular tabletop games (aside 40k and Infinity).  I’ve also heard, and seen, it rise in popularity over the past year or so.  More and more youtubers are posting videos about the game, and some of my favourite Warhammer Fantasy battle-reporters on the video site have gone and switched over to WM/H.  And I will say, that after a few years’ hiatus I was ready last year to get back into it, just about the time that our WHFB Tale of Gamers Challenge started to crumble (for reasons unrelated to WM/H, I’m sure).  In fact, since last year I have started collecting new forces, planned to start collecting new forces, and even just recently started going back to paint the forces I already own.  Now, I will be happy to sell off or trade away my old stuff, if for nothing else but to pay for new purchases (a cyclical nature of my hobbying that I believe keeps the economy running smoothly).  While Rhulics and the Pirates served me well(ish) in the past, there are two other forces that currently hold my interest:

  • Nemo running a force of lightning-immune Cygnarians (“No Lightning, No Thank You”)
  • Baldur and a Sticks-n-Stones Circle force

Now, of course not only are these not starter box forces, you actually won’t find anything I want to run in these lists in their faction’s starters at all!  Not very helpful.  So I have to do it he hard way.  I actually already have a few pieces from Cygnar that will fit into Nemo’s theme.  Baldur, not yet, but they will likely start making their way into my collection soon.

So, instead, when it came time just recently to decide how best to get back into the game, Andrew found an ebay-seller parting out the 2-player starter boxes.  So we had to decide between Menoth, Khador, Circle and Legion.  As the two Hordes factions did not appeal to me, it was between Menoth and Khador.  I would have been fine taking either one, as over the course of my re-interesting myself in the game I poured over the various faction books and found plenty of characters, units, ‘jacks and themes that I enjoyed, and would like to build up.  Andrew’s preference was Menoth, and so it made it easy for me to go with Khador.  We picked up the battlegroup’s models (so just the ‘caster and the ‘jacks, not the units) and the mini rulebook, all for a fraction of what the whole thing would cost us.  Yay!

And now we are assembling or small forces in preparation for this whole Warmachine Reboot project, of sorts.  I will say it up front that this is not a Tale of Gamers!  Every time we try that sordid challenge out, we fail miserably.  So, this is just a couple of guys painting some models, playing some games, and trying to recapture the spirit and joy of our earlier endeavour into Warmachine.

Actually, a trio of guys, as we have (easily) convinced Rob to join us.  He will be fielding Trollbloods (hence Hordes in the title), and luckily he has an unpainted starter box to work with, meaning we will all be starting fresh with new armies.

We are not exactly sure how this is going to look on the blog.  Joint posts?  Frequent posts?  Etc.  Eventually we will figure it out, of course.

So keep an eye out for more on this.  I am sure we will have pictures, posts and even batreps to show you in the very near future.

Thanks for reading.

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The Crews I Use #3 – The Showgirls (Part I)   4 comments

In my last few games of Malifaux I have been using Colette and her Showgirls.  I thought it was time to take a look at the models, and talk about how they have worked for me so far.  Today we will start with the ones that I have painted up already, which incidentally are the contents of the Showgirls starter box:


We will start with the boss-lady, Colette (3rd from the left in the picture).

Colette sets the crew’s standard of deceptive stats.  Looking at her statline one sees that she is not very fast, has only 6 Wds and only high-average Wp and Df.  Plus, she doesn’t even have any attacks! “Wah!?” you say?  That’s right, no straight up attacks (she is plenty offensive with magic), and only 6 Wds.  Yikes.  So clearly, as a Master, and a successful one at that, she must make up for it in other ways.

Well she does, and it comes in a couple of ways.  First, she is a Soulstone manipulator.  In fact, she has an ability called Soulstone Manipulation, just to prove the point!  First, she gets a free Soulstone each turn, that can be used on anything but Summoning (she can Summon her Totem, the Mechanical Dove, and actually have up to 3 on the table at any given time).  So that’s pretty awesome.  What’s more, when she uses a Soulstone to flip a card, she actually gets [+] on the flip, which is also awesome.  It can often mean the difference between Weak and Severe, or burying and replacing with a friendly model (see below).  Most of her abilities, attacks or otherwise, require a Soulstone to be discarded, so she’s going to need as many as she can get.  Well, fortunately, she is adept at collecting them, as many of her abilities provide her with Soulstones!  She gets the free stone each turn; she can discard 2 Control Cards from her hand for one stone; one of her Triggers gives her a stone; and her two damage-dealing attack spells give her a stone if she kills the defender.  Nice!  As well, some of her minions have abilities that can gain a Soulstone for the crew, and as a bonus, her Mechanical Doves can be sacrficed to gain the benefit of using a stone.  So half of Colette’s M.O. is all about Soulstones.

The other half is what some people call Movement Shenanigans.  In the same way that Kirai’s tactics partially revolved around Switching models around, Colette, and all of the Showgirls really, are all about abilities that make them Move, Push or Switch places.  For instance, Colette’s Illusionist ability lets her switch places with another Showgirl within 18″.  “Wah!?” you say?  That’s right, 18″.  On a 3×3′ board,  yes, that’s halfway across the battlefield.  A couple other abilities let her switch friendly models for some reason or another, or herslef if she is in the process of dying.  And one of her attack spells can bury an enemy model, or fully replace it with a lucky Trigger.  This Mannequin Replacement requires 3 Tomes (books) in the casting, but it’s not as difficult as one would think to get.  She starts off with 7 Casting and one Tome.  As long as her initial flip or a card in her hand has a Tome, that’s 2.  The third is pretty likely to come in when she adds a card to the total by discarding a Soulstone, remembering that when she does this she gets a [+] to that flip.  Even an Ace of Tomes is enough, and with her high 7 to start with it is likely that her Casting total is going to be high enough that the enemy model’s Df total will not be enough.  Especially when supported by Cassandra, a Performer or a Coryphee, who can cause the target to be at a [-] or [-][-] to their Df or Resist flips!

Which brings me to the overall thing about Colette and the Showgirls: support.  Colette is a support caster, hanging around moving her friends around, giving them Mechanical Doves to use as Soulstones (did I mention they give this ability to anyone, even the lowest of the Showgirls, and the flip is at [+], just like with Colette?), and moving them around some more.  She is not afraid to get into the mix as well, switching places with a Showgirl in combat or near an enemy, making the disappear or die (gaining a Soulstone for doing this, of course) and running away again.  “Wah!?” you say?  That’s right, she can jump in, do damage, and jump out.  And she’s not even Fast nor a Casting Expert.  Instead, she can use a Soulstone to give herself Reactivate, which is the perfect way to do all that jumping, killing and jumping some more.  But she’s fragile.  Very fragile.  Leave her in the wrong place with the wrong crowd, and she’s toast, even with her unique Slow to Die ability.  That’s why with Colette, timing is everything.  Unlike some other Masters who do well with pre-planning, but do fine even without it, Colette and her Showgirls require some good for-thought and a lot of pre-planning.  Timing things just right, from which of your models activates first to debuff the enemy, to when Colette jumps in for the kill, it’s all about good timing and keeping proper support.  It is definitely helpful to have a lot of models on the board to help with activations sinks, and having 2-for-the-price-of-one-models like the Performer (see below) or up to 3 1-or-2-cost Mechanical Doves (2 if you start with them, 1 if you Summon them), the Showgirls are ready for it.

So this will bring me to my experience with Colette, and her Showgirls in general, since she is so important to the overall functioning of the crew (again, through timing and support and Soulstone manipulation).  When I first played the Showgirls I used them like I would combat-oriented crews, like the Ortegas.  I got them into combat, and they died.  I did not lose, thanks to the scenario objectives, but I did not win.  Because I did not play to their strengths.  I was not moving them around the board properly, most of all.  It is incredibly helpful in getting friends out of sticky situations, or getting around the board for objective purposes.  I was using Colette alright, I guess, having her create multiple Soulstones a turn, stocking up on them to be used in combat (Cassandra starts with Use Soustone, and the Mannequin can give other Showgirls the ability, so they’re useful for the whole crew).  But I wasn’t using her to her full potential.

My next few gamers were glorious.  They were routes, in terms of kills and VP.  “Wah!?” you say?  That’s right, I did plenty of killing once I started using them correctly.  Instead of getting the Showgirls into swirling melees with multiple enemies, they instead excel at picking off lone enemies who stray too far from their own supports and allies.  Learning how to time Colette’s jump in was great, and I got plenty of kills by her alone, gaining a Soulstone for it.  All by a model without a printed attack!

Yeah, Colette’s pretty fancy in her play style.  She’s a stage performer, after all. Her stat card is one of the bookliest ones in a game known for tome-like stat cards.  When you first read through her stats and those of he seemingly weak Showgirls, victory seems like a daunting, up-hill battle.  But after multiple reads, some help from the internet and a little practice, the Showgirls become quite a fun and extremely tactical crew to use, with Colette at their head.


Colette’s top girl is Cassandra (3rd from the right in the picture) and is one of the two beatsticks of the crew.

Okay, I say beatstick, because she has a large sword and a bunch of abilities and Triggers, but like Colette, she is somewhat fragile, although a touch less-so.  Stat-wise she is pretty fast on the Wk and Cg, and she has a Df of 6 and 7 Wds.  Not too bad.  But she costs 9 Soulstones, so she needs to do something well in Colette’s crew if she’s going to pull her weight (which judging by the model is not much at all).

First off, she is Nimble, so she can put her high Wk value to good use.  She can get nearly halfway across the board if that’s all she does.  What’s more, at the beginning of the game, before any activitations, she gets to take a 6″ move.  So yeah, she’s pretty fast.  She also works in tandem with Coryphee, the crew’s other fragile beatstick, by moving to them or switching places with them.  Remember Colette’s thing about movement shenanigans?  Well, Cassandra loves it.  She revels in it.  She takes part in it and uses pom poms and a speaker system so everyone knows it.  Some of her Triggers involve Pushing her after the attack is finished, so she can either get out of trouble or back into it 4″ elsewhere.

In terms of combat prowess, her big sword (which should have a range of 2″ instead of 1″) has a Cb of 7 with Tomes, to help out with those Triggers.  Or the ones that let her also cast a spell, like Breathe Fire.  Remember, these are Showgirls and it’s all about the performance.  So what if the perfmorance is her chopping off your head and breathing fire on your corpse, flames licking your nearby friends.  Pfft! It’s your fault for going up against what you assumed were the fairer sex!  Anyway, Cassandra also has a few (0) Actions that will help her offensively: damage flips nearby receive [-]; give herself Masks in her Cb and Ca to get her Triggers off; she can cast a (1) Spell belonging to another Showgirl; she has Use Soulstone; she even has an ability called Sword Dance that gives her a free sword attack while on the move.  And not only can this free attack interrupt her Move Action, but because she’s Nimble she can get 3 attacks in, while moving!  And with the right Triggers, she move, attack, push, move, attack, push, move, attack, push.  A very helpful way to get her our of sticky situations.

Which brings us to her defensive capabilities.  Well, again, her Df of 6 is not too exciting.  She does not have any always-on abilities to help defensively, but she does have a (0) Action that make Attack and Damage flips against her [-], as well as a (1) Action that gives her Harmless.  Plus, for the first two turns of the game she can only be targeted by ranged attacks and Spells, unless she attacks, so if you can get her into the right place across the board on turn 1 even into melee with an opponent, you have one more turn of relative safety, depending on the situation.

Okay, so she’s been in my crew each game, and I’ve had pretty good results with her.  She has died, don’t get me wrong.  That’s the nature of her fragility, but that was my own fault for having her in the thick of it at the end of the turn, in combat with enemies that don’t care how blonde she is.  She’s done fairly well offensively, although she’s failed offensively just as much (like that last game where it took her a tear-jerking 3 whole attacks to take out a single Steampunk Arachnid.  Yeesh.

For me she’s been most successful when using her for her movement skills  What with a free 6″ move before the game starts and a potential 15″ run on her turn, she can get around the board and setup for objective-scoring right away.  One game I had her run across the board and pop a corner for Power Ritual.  Last game I had her run across the board and Sabotage a little forest.  She is definitely a great asset for Colette’s crew, whether she’s slicing and dicing or sprinting around the battlefield scoring objectives.

Performers & Mannequins

Lastly come the Performer and Mannequin pair, two of which come in the starter box.

And we’ll start right off the bat with the duo coming in at 6 SS.  “Wah!?” you say? (You need to stop saying that like that)  That’s right, two models for the price of one!  Now, as usual,  you look at their stats and give their cards a quick read through and you start thinking that 6 SS might be a little much.  They’re fragile, they’ve got low stats, and the Mannequin doesn’t even have an attack! Yikes!  But this pair is the epitome of Showgirl support.

The Performer has pretty much got 5s across her statline.  She is quick, but cannot Charge.  And you might not want to, considering the Dg on her Cb 4 Poison Ring is 0/0/1!  (I know what you’re going to say, so I’ll get to it first)  That’s right, you’re only doing damage on Severe damage flips.  However, a successful hit with the ring bestows Poison 2 on the target.  And she can use Wp to attack instead of Cb.  And if she’s near Colette at the time, her Wp is 7!  So, maybe it’s not so bad, under the right circumstances.  Even better, though, is, with Fate on your side and an enemy within their Wk+1″ from you, a successful Siren Call will get the enemy up close, Paralyzed and with (1) Action Poison 4’d.  Yeah, you’ll need the luck or cards, or both, but it does happen.  2 Performers working together, supported by Colette or Mannequins or Coryphee (they can cause Paralyze as well), could do pretty well.  They can Mesmerize an enemy, giving them Slow if they lose a Wp Duel.  They can Seduce an enemy, making their Resist and Damage flips [-][-], perfect for setting up other Showgirls to do real damage.  They can steal a Soulstone from a model with Use Soulstone, with enough luck.  They’re Irresistable (like a permanent Harmless), and if they are killed a friendly Showgirls nearby gains Reactivate.  So the Performer has a nice Showgirl-perfect mix of support, offensive and defensive abilities.  All in a pretty package.

The Mannequin works along the same lines.  She is not very quick at all, so she relies on Colette to move her around, or her ability to Link to another Showgirl and follow them around.  She’s Slow, too, so she won’t be doing much on her turn.  But’s a high-end support model with quite a few options.  She can give herself Use Soulstone, and then use it to buff a friendly model (Healing Flip, Use Soulstone, + Masks to Ca, movement shenanigan).  Or she can protect nearby Showgirls from Weak damage flips, which can be pretty useful!  Did I mention she doesn’t have any listed attacks?  Well, she doesn’t.  She does have a spell that stops other models from attacking her, with the added bonus of a Trigger for each suit, so whatever you flip or Cheat, there’s some benefit: damage; straight up Wds (although the Mannequin dies as well); Slow; cast again on someone else.  The spell itself is great if you can get the Mannequin into combat with an enemy model that you want to try and hold up, because they can’t attack her and will then have to move away instead to be more useful, which may fail.  On the defensive side, the Mannequin has Armour +3 and Object 2, so even her 3 Wds will take either a big hit, or multiple small ones to finish her off.  At least she can be fixed (Healed) by nearby Showgirls if she does start getting beaten on.  So the Mannequin, like the Performer, is pretty mid-level, but she does have some nice Tricks of the Trade, to help her crew out.

In my experience, this pair has been supportive.  The Performer can go and score objectives, while helping her fellow Showgirls by debuffing the enemy.  Or getting them all Poisoned up, which is often fun.  The Mannequin gets Linked in with important models and either supports them (even though I always fail to cast Mirrors) or annoys the enemy in some way.  I do think that the pair of them is worth the 6 SS, and I haven’t yet tried a list without them.  I will likely always have at least one pair in my crew, and both if the game is big enough.  They are excellent activation sinks, again helping with the ever-important timing, forcing my opponent to run through all of his models before I have to start activating my important ones.

* * * * *

Sadly, Malifaux is not getting play a lot right now, at least by me.  Scott is off playing with Chris at his place, and Loy still hasn’t come back to the fold.  I’d love to keep playing games with the Showgirls, especially now that I am confident in my ability to use their movement shenanigans and supportive roles correctly.  Plus, having half of the crew fully painted is awesome.

Next time I will talk about the Coryphee and Mechanical Doves, and one day I will talk about the Coryphee Duest and Angelica, both of which I have not yet used.

Thanks for reading.

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Showgirls vs Freikorps (25ss) – 7/16/12   6 comments

Scott came over during the day on Monday to play Malifaux.  25ss, Showgirls vs. Freikorps, and we added in location rules.


  • Colette
  • Cassandra
  • Performer + Mannequin
  • Coryphee
  • Mechanical Dove
  • Scheme: Power Ritual: (1) interact within 8″ of 3 corners for 1 VP, 4 corners for 2 VP.


  • Von Schill
  • Freikorps Librarian
  • Freikorps Specialist
  • Freikorps Trapper
  • 2x Freikorpsman
  • Scheme: Thwart (Unannounced): Stop opponent from completing scheme.

Shared Strategy: Deliver Message: (2) interact with opposing leader for 1 VP, with bonuses for doing it first and before the end of turn 4.

Location: Ghost Town with possible Heavy Snows (no charges, -2 to ranged Cb and ranged spells).


The board was set up with a few buildings, some trees, fences (sandbags, actually) stretching across the board, and a scattering of barrels and crates of various sizes around the board.  I think this Ghost Town could have been a Freikorps supply depot or something.  We deployed diagonally, 12.5″ away from the centre line.

Turn One

  • Cassandra starts off by running up and popping the top-right corner, and putting on her Southern Charm, making Attack and Damage flips against her [-].
  • The Trapper downs the Dove with 2 Clockwork Rifle shots.
  • The Mannequin Links with Colette and casts Mirrors, giving herself and Colette protection from Weak Damage flips, just in case.
  • The Specialist runs forward.
  • The Performer pops the bottom-right corner, then moves to the left.
  • Freikorpsman 1 runs forward.
  • The Coryphee casts Sublime Performance (+Masks to Ca and Cb) and Sword Dance (free attacks during Movements), then runs up and hits Trapper, triggering Hypnotic Movments ([-] to Trapper’s Resist flips).
  • Freikorpsman 2 runs behind the building to his left.
  • Colette grants herself Reactivate, then uses Illusionist to switch places with the Coryphee, and finally casts Magician’s Duel to kill the Trapper, gaining a Soulstone.
  • The Librarian moves up and casts something, but I can’t recall what.
  • Colette activates again, switches back with the Coryphee, gains a Soulstone by discarding 2 cards, then spends it to Summon a Mechanical Dove.
  • The Mechanical Dove flies over behind the building to the left.
  • Von Schill runs up and casts Hard-Ass, giving friendlies within 10″ +4 Wp in Morale Duels.
  • There will be no Heavy Snows next turn.

Turn Two

  • Von Schill moves over and takes a couple shots at the Coryphee, fortunately only doing 3 wounds, but then activates his Leader ability.
  • The nearby Freikorpsman piggybacks Von Schill and also takes a shot at the Coryphee, finally dropping it, then moves up.
  • Cassandra Nimble-walks up, casts Sublime Performance (+Masks to Ca and Cb), then charges Von Schill, dealing 2 wounds, and fails to cast Breathe Fire.
  • The Librarian runs up towards that battle-strewn area.
  • The Performer keeps running towards the bottom-left corner.
  • The Specialist runs forward.
  • The Mannequin casts Mirrors.
  • The other Freikorpsman walks up and takes a shot at the Dove, but fails to kill it because of its cover protection.
  • The Dove flies over and casts Magician’s Duel on the Freikorpsman, but only manages a single wound.
  • Colette gains Reactivate, switches places with Cassandra, and Magician’s Duel Von Schill for a few more wounds.
  • Colette activates again, casts Magician’s Duel again, bringing Von Schill to 6/10 wounds total, summons a Mechanical Dove, then switches places with Cassandra.
  • The new Mechanical Dove casts Magician’s Duel and manages to do 3 more wounds to Von Schill, sadly leaving him at only 1.
  • The Heavy Snows will hit next turn (no charges, -2 to ranged Cb and ranged spells).
Turn Three
  • The Librarian starts off with Furious Casting, healing Von Schill twice (back down to 4 wounds), and then casts Block Connection on Cassandra, taking out the Book from her Cmbat skill.
  • Cassandra Delivers her message to Von Schill (4 VP!) and Nimble-walks away to behind cover, successfully disengaging.  She puts on her Southern Charm for some protection.
  • Von Schill Nimble-walks to Cassandra and takes a couple of swings at her, doing a bunch of damage, leaving her with 2 wounds.
  • The nearby Freikorpsman walks in and takes a swing at Cassandra, buts fails to hit.
  • The Performer runs towards the bottom-left corner, unable to pop it!
  • The other Freikorpsman walks up and takes a shot at the Performer and misses.
  • The leftmost Dove casts Magician’s Duel on the Freikorpsman for another wound, then flies down near the Performer, in case she needs to use it as a Soulstone.
  • The Specialist runs up and gets ready to fry the Performer.
  • But he doesn’t get a chance as Colette moves over, gains Reactivate, switches places with the Performer, and pops the last corner gaining me at least 1 more VP.

End Game

We call the game here as in terms of VP Scott can no longer even tie.  He announces that his scheme Thwart is unattainable now, and he is likely to not get a message delivered to Colette, especially before the end of the 4th turn.
So, a Showgirls victory, yay!  I used the girls properly this time, utilizing their movement ‘shenanigans’ better than I have before.  I spent a couple of hours after our last game going through their cards and reading up on them online, taking notes and trying to figure out how to use them.  I chose Power Ritual to best take advantage of their movement abilities, and it worked out well.
Hopefully I can get another game in soon, although Dark Age and now Hell Dorado might be taking up my gaming time in the near future.
Thanks for reading.

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Khaliman Sorhna Oracle – Complete! (2 of 13)   1 comment

Tonight I finished up a second model from the Khaliman starter, the Sorhna Oracle.

*cue obligatory bad photo*

Yeah, this is one of the worst photos I’ve taken and put up, but I had to rush the shot before helping my son get back to bed.  Or crib, rather.

I’ll be setting up my photobooth in the (bright) kitchen probably on Monday (tomorrow is my son’s 1st birthday party, with gaming afterwards), and will get some good pictures taken.

Anyway, the Sorhna Oracle is the Alchemist in the starter, and uses the power of Water.  I don’t have the card with me right now, but I believe her spells are buff spells for the rest of her team, so having her nearby is good.  This reminds me, I need to play a game or two so I can write a review on the models based on their stats and in-game roles.

This is how I painted her:

  • White prime (gesso).
  • Fur: Rucksack Tan base, Gryphonne Sepia wash, Rucksack Tan/’Jack Bone highlight, ‘Jack Bone highlight.
  • Dress: Light Gryphonne Sepia wash, Morrow White highlight.
  • Jewelry: Pig Iron with Badab Black wash.
  • Staff: Glorious Gold base with Gryphonne Sepia wash; Pig Iron icon back, Asurmen Blue wash with Morrow White highlight front.
  • Knife: Pig Iron blade; Glorious Gold hilt with Gryphonne Sepia wash.

This is another simple paintjob.  I want these models to look good from a foot or more away, and great when on the tabletop.  I think I’ve done this with both models so far.  But the other three models from the starter are going to require a little more work and attention, what with tiger stripes and jaguar spots, and whatnot.

I think Andrew and Ilan are going to get a game in this Tuesday, which will hopefully get our ToG gaming ball rolling, and inspire the other guys to work on their models and post about them.

I’m going to switch gears a touch and start working on my Dark Age Outcasts.  I’ll probably do a trio of them before coming back to my third Alkemy model.  As we’re already well past the mid-month mark of May, I had better get a move on if I’m going to meet my first goal of completing the starter by the end.  Stay tuned for more progress.

Thanks for reading.

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A Night of Miscasts, Misfires and Other Epic Fails   8 comments

So normally on a Tuesday night I come home and am revving to write up a report (or two) of the games I played that night.  I’ll upload pics from my camera, whip open Battle Chronicler, and getting batrepping.

But tonight it’s just not going to happen.  I’m not going to say it’s because I lost.

I’m going to say it’s because I lost BIG.

Real big.

Real bad.

I played two games of WHFB tonight, one with my Empire at 1600pts against Loy’s new Orcs & Goblins, and the second with my Skaven at 800pts against Andrew’s Daemons.

I’m not going to get into too many details, but I will say that the luck I am so used to having on my side with dice or cards (via Malifaux’s Fate Deck) utterly failed me tonight.  And was transferred to my two opponents, for the most part.  True, I did happen to make some good saves and at times kill a bunch of models, but generally, it looked like this:

Game One

  • Turn 1, Wizard Miscasts…survives, but forgetsBanishment
  • Turn 1, Mortar Misfires and blows up
  • Throughout the game, ‘strong and brave’ Men of the Empire fail to kill enough Orcs & Goblins

In fact, when the game ended (called because it was a lost cause and I wanted to play the second game), I had a trio of Knights with my Grand Master and a Warrior Priest in the rear of a dwindling-but-steadfast unit of Night Goblins, who were fronted by an also-dwindling unit of Swordsmen.  Sounds not bad, but both a Boar Chariot and a Giant were prepared to charge the flank and rear of the Knights.  So, I’m pretty sure we can guess where that was going.

Game Two

  • Turn 1, Warplightning Cannon Misfires, but luckily shoots in the enemy’s direction anyway
  • Turn 1, Warplock Engineer Miscasts…gets hurt by his own spell on a one!…but survives the Miscast
  • Turn 2, WLC Misfires again…and blows the rat-heck up
  • Throughout the game, sneaky and chicken-sh*t rats die in droves

Overall, I did manage a couple of good combats in both games, but not enough to keep me alive and victorious.

I don’t mind losing…but it’s just not fun to lose so badly!  Now I know what it’s like to be my opponents when I play the Ortegas!


At least it was otherwise a good night, with good company.  And now I don’t have to spend the hours putting together a batrep! I can go focus on painting some catpeople, or outcasts, or dancing mannequins.

Thanks for reading.

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