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Malifaux… Enjoyable…   Leave a comment

Getting a lot of mileage out of Malifaux.  The minis are great fun to paint, you don’t have an overwhelming amount to paint, which is good, because I tend to be a bit meticulous with painting.  After four games, I have a 50% win average, which is fair.  I tend to focus on the painting/hobbying side of things, as I am not a very competitive person.  I definitely feel like I made the right choice taking Ramos, it just a case of finding some good tactics.

If I had a camera, I would post a painting tutorial.  I made some scrap counters that turned out quite well.  Easy to make too… I could describe it, but it’s not the same.




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Basing… and Priming…   4 comments

Let’s see if I can avoid messing up the formatting on this one.

When making bases, I’ve discovered that the big metal runners that a lot of metal bitz come on make great scrap on a base.  just drop a few on the base (bend/break to fit if necessary), cover most of the base with super glue (careful, very easy to get stuck!), and dip in model sand (I use a mix of sand and larger gravel).

As primer doesn’t dry properly when applied below room temperature, and family tend to abhor the smell (not to mention it’s bad for pets/children/pet rocks, etc); I discovered a great place to apply it indoors.

The bathroom!  Most bathrooms have a fan to vent the dangerous fumes, and the primer doesn’t stick to tile easily (but good aim saves on primer, and don’t quote me on the tile thing).  Keep the door closed, and Bob’s your uncle (I always thought that phrase was weird, because my Uncle is named Bob).

I highly recommend Testors 1249 Flat Black as primer.  It’s cheap, and it’s fairly difficult to over-prime with it.  I also highly recommend their 1260 Dullcote for sealer.  After sealing, it’s best to use a little gloss vanish on shiny bits, varying the finishes on the model tends to look good.

A word of warning, Dullcote smells very strongly.

This is just advice/ideas.  I don’t claim responsibility for any damage to self, family members, friends, pets (rock or otherwise), furniture, etc.

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First Post…   1 comment

Hello, my name is Tatterdash (not really), and I have been invited to participate in this blog.  I am a long time gamer, longer than I can remember, but have only recently joined the gaming community in Toronto.  I haven’t really got a lot to say, and I do not enjoy talking about myself, but I am going to give this a try.  I also feel compelled to make my posts entertaining, witty, and interesting, which is a tall order.

Excuse me for a moment, I have yet to clean the frying pan I recently cooked a steak in… it has some beef fat in it.

And one of my (three) cats is currently licking it…

I think it will teach them bad habits…  So I’ll put an end to what is probably the highlight of Oliver’s  existence (that’s his name).

OK… the pan is washed and Oliver is elsewhere, that killed a few minutes.

Now then…

Games, games, games.  Let’s start at the beginning:

I’ve been playing roleplaying games since I was 8 years old, starting with the Basic D&D Set I got that year for my birthday.  I didn’t understand it very well, but I liked it and little did I know I would be still playing its spin-off game (The Pathfinder RPG) more than 30 years later.

When I was 16, I bought my first metal miniatures from Leisure World in the Oshawa Centre.  I think I still have them somewhere, Ral Partha Fighters with Two-Handed Swords, and Elf Magic-Users.  Maybe I’ll paint them for a blog project.

After years of practice, I consider myself a passable painter.  It got me a job at Games Workshop, but for various reasons, it wasn’t the job for me.

I am too slow a painter to be a GW employee, and I am too fast a painter to win any contests…

I will probably, between Post Modernist tangents and such, eventually post painting tips, pictures of minis, battle reports, and other thoughts.  I also make beer as my day job, so I may even ramble about that (maybe even while drunk, which should be immensely entertaining, if not for you than certainly for me).

I am quite grateful to have met such a swell bunch of lads though Mr. Asmzero… and look greatly forward to future gaming.

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