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Challenge to my fellow Tale of Gamers editors   2 comments

So 2012 wasn’t a great year for gaming for me. I was distracted  with work and family so painting/gaming took a back seat (as it should when matched against those 2). Here we are in 2013 and the first thing we always talk about in a new year is our resolutions. Every year I say I’m going to paint more and gaming more but I’m thinking to myself … what’s going to move me to honor these goals?

Let me tackle painting first. I love collecting miniatures and thinking about how cool a model will look when it’s all assembled and painted. Unfortunately, that process between opening the package and putting it on the table full painted is a bit tough. I’m a decent painter but it does take me a long time to finish a model. Assembling and priming is not a problem for me but I’m somewhat of a picky person when it comes to painting. I’m not satisfied with a bare bones paint job … mostly due to the fact that once I say I’m finished a model, my wife picks it up and brings it two inches from her face and looks at all the detail.

Going off topic a bit, my buddy two summers ago convinced me to be his running buddy and join his fitness challenge. I don’t like running and I wasn’t in really any big need of losing weight or improving my health. But somehow he convinced me to join and I went along with this regiment for quite a few months.

So back to painting, my idea is to challenge all my fellow “Tale of Gamers” or anyone else out there who’s in a similar boat to do the following with me:

At the start of each month, take a picture of one or more minis that you plan to finish by the end of that month. It doesn’t have to be a brand new mini in an unopened box/blister. Let’s face it, we all have a ton of unpainted, partially painted, almost finished, and/or finished but on a plain base minis … we need to finish these minis to make room on our workbenches for all the other minis we have piling up.

At then end of month, post again with the finished product and I mean FINISHED (which includes a completed base … that’s my crutch). Plus post a picture of the next month plan.

Who’s with me?

My January plan is to finish my Malifaux Neverborn crew. Lilith is finished except for her base. All the other minis are in some stage of painting so this shouldn’t be a tough month for me.



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Freebooter’s Fate – First game   1 comment

Here’s my WIP pics of my Brotherhood minis.

More or less finished all but the Queen of Shadow who needs a ton of highlighting. Her dress is suppose to be a light blue and all you see now is the base coat. Still waiting for Meeplemart to get in some Brotherhood deckhands.

Had my first real game (if you can really call it that when most of time, we’re scouring the rulebook) with Justin’s Imperial Armada starter box last night. I didn’t know what to really expect but I did know that combat is quite deadly so my melee guys had to use as much cover as possible.

First Impressions:

  • Getting initiative is huge since any model can luck out and hit huge
  • Hit determination is really simple but maybe too simple. Most times it was the attacker picking 2/6 hit locations, the defender picking 3/6 locations and the attacker just needs to get one hit location that wasn’t picked by the defender. Hmmm … I’ll need to play a few more games to really have a good opinion about this one
  • When you do land a hit, you take you strength of the weapon (say 5) add a fate card which can be up to 10 (note that there are more low numbers that higher numbers so not as likely to get a 10 than a 1) and compare it the the toughness (say 3) plus a fate card. So you can see that a lowly deckhand could potentially take out your leader with one blow
  • I think we need a bunch of more 3d terrain so that movement is more varied
  • We didn’t play with events (because we forgot) but we’ll have to see how that affects game play
  • Fearsome requires the defender to make a morale check whenever the fearsome character comes into contact, or when you’re attacking the fearsome character
    • Once you pass a morale test, you become fearless to that particular opponent for the rest of the game
    • With Steadfast, you get to retake morale tests
    • With the fearless caveat + steadfast, fearsome isn’t that fearsome


  • Initiative = fate card + morale of leader
    • I don’t think this one affected us much since our leaders probably started with the same morale
  • Attack can only be made in the attacker’s arc of vision
    • I had a guy to the rear of Justin’s character which proceeded to make a shove action without turning around
    • Since shove is a combat action, Justin’s character would have to use one action to move (i.e. turn around) and then another action to shove
  • Attack from behind = -1 penalty to defense
    • I’m pretty sure we had this situation but I didn’t apply this penalty
  • Charge = 2 advance actions (1 complex advance action) + 1 attack at +2 ST
    • The rulebook was a bit confusing when I first read it but once I realize what constitutes a complex advance action, charging now makes a lot more sense
    • Thought you can only make 1 advance movement then attack but you have to more at least your MOV … so you have to be exactly a MOV away from the defender? All clear now
  • Lightning reflexes = +1 D which is already included in the stats
    • Err … so my Queen of Shadow does not have 5 defense. Oh well, she’s still pretty kick ass.


Cool game. Great background. Great minis. Loads of fun especially when you Justin was attacking with 1A against my 5D and hit!!! He totally lucked out by picking the one card I decided to leave out (my left arm).

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Latest Purchases   1 comment

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted so I’ll get you up to date.

Meeplemart (LGS) purchases

I’ve opened up the purse strings a bit and bought more than my usual.


You notice that I’ve picked up a bunch of Malifaux. Wasn’t I the guy who thought Malifaux was “errr … okay” and didn’t really like the card flipping mechanics versus a bucket of dice? Sure, that was me but I totally had a change of heart. Here I was a couple of weeks ago, I fully painted up the Hoffman starter + a peacekeeper but really didn’t like how they played (or in reality, got shot full of holes from the Family). Although they faired poorly, I wasn’t really interested in how Hoffman needs to be played to be successful so they went into the display case (for now).

So at this point, Malifaux got put on the back burner and Freebooter’s Fate was put front and center. But then I found a PDF of the Malifaux Rising Power’s rulebook. I had no intention of purchasing this book but I thought I would look through it and read a few of the background stories since I did enjoy the 1st rulebook’s stories. I read the stories about Kirai and I really enjoyed her background and how all the related characters fit into her story. So off I go and buy the Kirai starter and a week later, I pick up a bunch of supporting characters. Also picked up both the supplemental Malifaux rulebooks. I have to admit this is the first time I’ve ever used a PDF to “try before I buy”.

Since I also have the Lilith (Neverborn) starter, I decided to read up on other minions that work with her. In the Twisting Fate rulebook, the story of Tuco is really cool. He’s part of Ortega family who was captured and tortured until he turned. He was holding out for the family to save him (since they never leave anyone behind) but they were never able to rescue him. Awesome story so he’s another guy that I have on order.

I’m now a big fan of Malifaux more for the fact that there are so many different stories and different styles of play. You can play cowboy gunfighters, mechanical robots, undead hookers, demons, goblins and ghosts all in the same game.

Important self revelation

With the whole Kirai purchase, I’ve realized that I’m a mini game that is drawn more to background story and the look of minis than game play. If I really like the miniature or the background story, I’ll purchase it and play it regardless of how much they suck game-wise. I’m not one of those guys that wants to play competitive games but rather fun and non-serious games. I wouldn’t purchase multiple copies of the same miniature so that my army is more powerful/advantageous. For example, my Cygnar army has only one Lancer light warjack but since it’s the only Cygnar warjack with an arc node, I’ve read that it would be better to have more than one. Nope, not for me.

When playing a game that requires placing terrain at the start of the game, I place the terrain pieces somewhere that add variety to the game rather than to my advantage (i.e. in the corner out of play). So competitive tournaments or leagues are not for me.

That’s just me. Nothing wrong with being competitive though.

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Change of plans, next up Freebooter Fate   Leave a comment

I went over to the Meeplemart (local gaming store) last night. A bunch of new stuff came in so I want to take a look. I do have a ton of things to work on at home but I can’t resist the new and shiny stuff.

The latest and greatest stuff on my radar is the Freebooter’s Fate game. Prior to my trip to MM, I did go through the website to figure out which faction I liked the most. For me, it’s all about the models. I could care less if they’re close combat or range oriented. The models just have to appeal to me. The Brotherhood and the Goblins were the front runners but then again, Justin & Andrew picked up the Imperial Armada and Amazons starters respectively. So I went through the stack of minis available and had a hard time deciding. MM had a ton of variety when it came to goblins but a smaller selection of the Brotherhood. No, I didn’t pick up both factions … I do have some will power. Another thing that I noticed was the price tag. Wow, $17 CDN for a single model. Err … that had me thinking until Justin reminded me that you only really need a small handful of models so it not a huge investment to get into this game (vs. GW stuff). Anyways, after some waffling I did go with the Brotherhood. I’m not a big fan of the models that come with the starters so I decided to pick up specific guys.

But not knowing the rules and then discovering later … I need to pick up some regular deckhands so that I can field some specialists. I did pick up a leader (Queen of Shadows) which is an awesome sculpt but then picked up 3 specialists (Miedo a Morir, Fith’Aarch the Spider & Rinero the Strangler). No big deal I guess. The deckhands available weren’t the ones I liked anyways. I have to proxy these guys until MM gets in Coscritti & Halequin.

So that’s last night. Tonight I had some time so I decided to try to put them together. What do I think about these models? Well, I’m very impressed. There was very few mold lines and the pieces fit really well together. I did have to pin a number of pieces but that’s expected with these types of thin models. I love the fact that they all come with floor pieces. I can see how some people would prefer to build their own base but then again, there’s nothing stopping you from not using the supplied floor piece. For me, I’m not quite at the creative stage where I can scratch build great looking bases so I’m thankful for these floor pieces. The Queen of Shadows mini come with this small imp that comes out from under her huge dress. I definitely have to paint that separately and then attach since it would be impossible to get in there to put any detail on her legs if the imp was glued to the base.


So that’s last night. Tonight I had some time so I decided to try to put them together. What do I think about these models? Well, I’m very impressed. There was very few mold lines and the pieces fit really well together. I did have to pin a number of pieces but that’s expected with these types of thin models. I love the fact that they all come with floor pieces. I can see how some people would prefer to build their own base but then again, there’s nothing stopping you from not using the supplied floor piece. For me, I’m not quite at the creative stage where I can scratch build great looking bases so I’m thankful for these floor pieces. The Queen of Shadows mini come with this small imp that comes out from under her huge dress. I definitely have to paint that separately and then attach since it would be impossible to get in there to put any detail on her legs if the imp was glued to the base.

Another small gripe is that the stat cards are on pretty thin card stock. I would have preferred something a bit thicker but since it’s going into a sleeve, it’s really not that big of a deal. I love the vibrant color and the art work that’s on the stat cards. So after putting them together, I have to say the price isn’t that bad.

Since I spent a long time walking around MM, I did find a couple other models that I wanted to try out. The Mercs miniature game is another game on our radar (but it’s further out of range) so I thought I would give one model a try. Initially, I liked the USCR faction models but I wanted to try painting some “thinner” models. I have a ton of GW Imperial guard so I’ve got a fair share of guys in bulky body armor. I decided to try out a KemVar trooper model. Similar to the Freebooter models, this model had very little flash or mold lines. Simple to put together.

The other guy I picked up is not associated with any game system that I know of but I thought he look pretty cool.  His name is Roggus the Fake King. Sinister looking fellow and I’m sure I can fit him into some army. Had to pin both the right hand and the staff but overall, it’s a great model.


I have two weeks to work on these models since next week’s MM day falls on Valentine’s Day and none of us are stupid enough to pick game night over our wives. Not saying that I have anything planned but I know it’s definitely not gaming at Meeplemart.

So all other minis on my workbench are on hold and the freebooter stuff are the next up.

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Update – Avatars of War: DE Sorceress & Malifaux Lilith   2 comments

I got sidetracked this week with the Diablo 3 beta. I was warned that it’ll suck up all my hobby time but I didn’t listen. I gave it a shot but surprisingly, it didn’t over impress me. I finished the beta and although I did like all the cool graphics, I could take a pass.

Even with this distraction, I did make some time to work on a couple of models. I wanted to play around with some of the techniques that I read about in some of GW painting books that I have. I took bits and pieces from the ‘Eavy Metal Masterclass & How to Paint Citadel Miniatures books. I not much for a ton of mixing of a bunch of paints and then successive shades of highlights but I was curious to see what kinda of results I would get.

With the dragon on the DE sorceress’ arm, I tried the following:

  1. Basecoat of chaos black & blood red
  2. Highlight of blood red
  3. Highlight of blood red & blazing orange
  4. Highlight of blazing orange & bleached bone
  5. Glaze of Baal Red wash

Although I wasn’t able to pick off a ton of detail, I was happy with the “arm’s length away” look. I used a similar formula with Lilith’s outfit and once again, I went with an “arm’s length away” look and I’m pretty happy. There’s a ton of details with all the buckles on her boots but I decided to not waste a ton of time and go for the tabletop quality.

With the DE skirt, I went with a base coat of chaos black & dark angel green then work up with highlights with snot green and rotting flesh. I used a bunch of other techniques from these books for both their hairs, the DE serpent wand and lilith’s coat. So in the end, I’m pretty happy with the purchase of these painting guides.


Edit: I think I need some better pictures … I’ll bring these gals to Meeplemart tonight so that Justin can take some better pics.

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Workbench update and other thoughts   4 comments

Been busy lately surfing the internet and generally avoiding my hobby area. After I finished my Malifaux gang, I haven’t had the push to get anything done. At first I was thinking about working on my dark elf elite models from Avatar of War but it might be a while before I can table them with the rest of the dark elves so they got put on back burner. So what else can I work on? What other mini games have a likelihood of getting table any time soon?

Well, here’s my workbench … let’s see what I got here:

  • Malifaux – Litith and a mature Nephilim
  • WHFB – Brettonian Trebuchet, mounted sorceress, grail reliquae, 3 knights, goblin squid rider
  • Avatars of war – DE prince, queen & sorceress
  • Confrontation – 3 female duelists
  • 40K – Commissar Yarrick

Nice little mix, eh? Still can’t decide what to work on first. I did work on pinning those weapons on the female deulists. Those weapons are thin!!


I’ll push myself to finish something by next week. No Meeplemart for me this week (other than a short shopping trip maybe) due to a conflict with my wings night. Thoughts? I’ll probably end up working on those knights. I have a bunch more to work on but since they all have different paint schemes, they might be fun to work on.


I got a lot of different game systems on the table here but what I don’t have shown here is some of the other minis systems that I have and don’t play. Like a lot of other mini gamers out there, I have a ton of other models … a lot still in blister but even more in various stages of incompleteness (i would have said completeness but it’s much closer to incomplete). What other system do I have … let’s just name them all.

  1. WHFB (Brettonians & DE)
  2. WH40K (Tyranids & IG)
  3. Warmaster (O&G, dwarves, lizardmen, some undead)
  4. Malifaux
  5. Confrontation (mid-nor & random pieces)
  6. Firestorm Armada (Terran & Sorylian)
  7. Warmachine (Cygnar, Mercenaries & Khador)
  8. Hordes (Circle)
  9. Space Hulk
  10. Warhammer Quest
  11. Blood Bowl

And what does Justin want to do next???

  1. Freebooters Fate
  2. Dark Ages
  3. Mercs
  4. Napoleonics
  5. Heavy Gear Blitz
  6. Urban War
  7. Hell Dorado
  8. Flames of War v3

Hmmm … more unfinished models. I can see myself getting into a couple of those games with low model count but I got so much unpainted stuff …

What’s your “have” list? Is it longer than mine?




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Malifaux thoughts   2 comments

After 2.5 disasterous games of Malifaux, what do I think of the game so far? Well, I know I should give it a few more games before I form an opinion but I thought I would give my first impressions. I’m sure Justin is wondering what’s going through my mind since he’s worried that he’s totally ruined this game for me. I guess he doesn’t get my humor yet. No Justin – I do not plan to sell my minis and I do plan to play this game again. Just NOT with you!!!! (jk sorta maybe)

What I liked:

  • Low model count and quality of the Wyrd models
  • Card flipping dynamic (vs piles of dice) is diffferent and a change from the norm
  • Many unique skills, talents, spells, etc.
  • Cool background stories (i.e. fluff)

What I didn’t like:

  • Getting pummelled 2.5 times
  • Card hands and ability to change outcomes

I would have preferred that the game didn’t have a card hand since I like the randomness of the card flip. With any melee or ranged attack, I would have preferred that the outcome solely depend on the card flip. I don’t mind the soulstones (it’s ability to “re-roll” the flip) since each player is limited to a small number of soulstones. Although I like the change from dice mechanics to determine outcomes, I think I prefer games with a bunch of dice (fistfuls of dice). So I see Malifaux as a game that I’ll play every so often but not my go to game.

Hoffman will need to go back to the planning stage.


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