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The optimistically long list that was my Game Plan for 2012 included many hopes and dreams.  As it turns out, even after revamping the list, nearly every project on the list failed to start or get anywhere significant.  One such project was rebooting Warmachine, and halfway through November I had already given up on it as a goal and left it for dead.  Well, miracle of miracles, I somehow managed to convince Andrew that Warmachine, a game we quite enjoyed just a few years ago, was worth coming back to.  Lo and behold, in between typing this post and watching videos on youtube, Andrew and I are simultaneously assembling our brand-new Battlegroups!  I guess it should not have come as a surprise, as we don’t usually have trouble convincing each other to buy into new game systems, but I was not sure that resurrecting an old one would be as easy.  Hah, oh me of little faith.

And so, here I am, introducing our return to the wonderful world of Warmachine, Privateer Press’ “Steam-Powered Miniatures Combat” game where one of the rules is “Play Like You’ve Got A Pair!”

You know the game, of course.  I’ve heard it spouted as one in the current trinity of most popular tabletop games (aside 40k and Infinity).  I’ve also heard, and seen, it rise in popularity over the past year or so.  More and more youtubers are posting videos about the game, and some of my favourite Warhammer Fantasy battle-reporters on the video site have gone and switched over to WM/H.  And I will say, that after a few years’ hiatus I was ready last year to get back into it, just about the time that our WHFB Tale of Gamers Challenge started to crumble (for reasons unrelated to WM/H, I’m sure).  In fact, since last year I have started collecting new forces, planned to start collecting new forces, and even just recently started going back to paint the forces I already own.  Now, I will be happy to sell off or trade away my old stuff, if for nothing else but to pay for new purchases (a cyclical nature of my hobbying that I believe keeps the economy running smoothly).  While Rhulics and the Pirates served me well(ish) in the past, there are two other forces that currently hold my interest:

  • Nemo running a force of lightning-immune Cygnarians (“No Lightning, No Thank You”)
  • Baldur and a Sticks-n-Stones Circle force

Now, of course not only are these not starter box forces, you actually won’t find anything I want to run in these lists in their faction’s starters at all!  Not very helpful.  So I have to do it he hard way.  I actually already have a few pieces from Cygnar that will fit into Nemo’s theme.  Baldur, not yet, but they will likely start making their way into my collection soon.

So, instead, when it came time just recently to decide how best to get back into the game, Andrew found an ebay-seller parting out the 2-player starter boxes.  So we had to decide between Menoth, Khador, Circle and Legion.  As the two Hordes factions did not appeal to me, it was between Menoth and Khador.  I would have been fine taking either one, as over the course of my re-interesting myself in the game I poured over the various faction books and found plenty of characters, units, ‘jacks and themes that I enjoyed, and would like to build up.  Andrew’s preference was Menoth, and so it made it easy for me to go with Khador.  We picked up the battlegroup’s models (so just the ‘caster and the ‘jacks, not the units) and the mini rulebook, all for a fraction of what the whole thing would cost us.  Yay!

And now we are assembling or small forces in preparation for this whole Warmachine Reboot project, of sorts.  I will say it up front that this is not a Tale of Gamers!  Every time we try that sordid challenge out, we fail miserably.  So, this is just a couple of guys painting some models, playing some games, and trying to recapture the spirit and joy of our earlier endeavour into Warmachine.

Actually, a trio of guys, as we have (easily) convinced Rob to join us.  He will be fielding Trollbloods (hence Hordes in the title), and luckily he has an unpainted starter box to work with, meaning we will all be starting fresh with new armies.

We are not exactly sure how this is going to look on the blog.  Joint posts?  Frequent posts?  Etc.  Eventually we will figure it out, of course.

So keep an eye out for more on this.  I am sure we will have pictures, posts and even batreps to show you in the very near future.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. FYI, I have Andrew’s old Cricle stuff gathering dust in the pile of unpainted minis … let’s chat.

  2. Did you see the Sticks and Stones xmas bundle direct from Privateer?

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