First game with my new Wood Elves   7 comments

Heading over to Justin’s tonight to give my newly acquired Wood Elves a try.  Here’s my list:

Heroes (220pts)

  • Branchwraith – A Pageant of Shrikes, Wizard level 1
  • Noble – Eternal Kindred

Core (582pts)

  • Dryads – Branch Nymph, 12x Dryads
  • Eternal Guard – 19x Eternal Guard, Eternal Guardian, Musician, Standard Bearer
  • Glade Guard – 12x Glade Guard, Lord’s Bowman, Musician, Standard Bearer

Special (195pts)

  • Tree Kin – 3x Tree Kin

Not sure what Justin is bring to the table but he said he was going to use Tomb Kings.

Other than the Branchwraith (I’m using the Drycha model) this list is fully painted…unlike all my other games.  I’ve been told that playing with painted models means I will win.  We’ll see.



7 responses to “First game with my new Wood Elves

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  1. Good luck with the elves – have a fledgling unpainted group myself, but haven’t got enough to bring to table as yet! I like their fluff more than their game play, really – I do think that the shoot and retreat works best with the Glade Guard if you are facing a very fighty enemy – at least from the games I’ve played against them with my Greenskins. I always got clobbered from the soft cover even before I got the dryads!

    • I’ll keep that in mind. Does the shoot and retreat tactic work with just a single ranged unit or would you generally need multiples to make it work? I’m hoping the dryads work well, they are my favourite model in the WE collection. They look amazing. Be nice to work towards a wall of dryads with scattered glade guard for support. Right now though I only have 12 dryads ready.

  2. Tonight’s game is going to be great for a number of reasons:
    *You’re fielding a ‘new’ army for the first time, which is always fun.
    *We get to play WHFB! We haven’t played much in the last few months, and haven’t played each other in a LONG time.
    *You get to field a PAINTED army! Mine will be a mix of bare metal all the way up to mostly painted 🙂

  3. and….

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