I hate to paint #6   4 comments

Welcome to the (possible) last instalment of this series.  Life has gotten in the way of hobby so much that I just don’t paint at all anymore.


Snow Storm revisited

Snow Storm

– Several successions of dry drushing using a big brush and Space Wolves Grey to try and fix the disaster that was Asurmen Blue
– light white drybrush
– touched up some sloppiness on antlers
– wash of sepia on antlers

I am back to being happy with this model.  Disaster averted!

Alt Rasputina

Nice model…too bad I hate this game now too.

– Primed with gesso
– Based cloak in Shadow Grey

Warhammer Fantasy


– Primed with gesso
– Based with Codex Grey
– Generously washed with Badab Black.

Dark Age

Gazelle/Red Hot

Sorry about the odd perspective.

– Primed with white gesso
– washed with Gryphonne Sepia
– white dry brish from knee up to elbow and onto face
– Baal red wash on feet, hands, and tip of tail
– washed hair red and added red wash spots to calves and knees


A bit too dark.

– Primed black with Vallejo brush on primer
– Painted underbelly with Rotting Flesh
– Painted back down to a hard line on side (to clean up sloppy r.flesh painting) with Dark flesh


Acid Spraying Goliaths.

– Primed black with Vallejo brush on primer
– Blocked in flesh with Fortress grey
– planning on doing a purple wash…maybe…
– Leviathan Purple wash done, very lightly.
– Rotting flesh base on skirt.


The line trooper of the Brood.

– Primed black with Vallejo brush on primer
– Roughed in some codex grey on non-arm/non-armour plates

Unlikely to be another post after this one but if there is it will probably be about the Menoth starter for Warmachine… we’ll see.

All the best,



4 responses to “I hate to paint #6

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  1. *tears of sadness*
    Don’t worry, folks, I’ll get Andrew back on track. Let the kids grow up a little, the gaming and painting time increase, and the joy of miniatures that once was will surely return.

  2. I am doing the majority of my painting between 6-7 am. It’s quiet and consistent which are the two things you really need. I found that you paint WAAAY faster when you’re only painting about 15mins every day rather than sitting for 2hrs one day per week. You also feel a lot more incentive to do it and get less burned out.

  3. I’m sad that this rather inspiring series will end, but kudos to you for actually announcing you intentions rather than fading out like every other blog.

    Snow Storm looks pretty good.

    • Thanks. Kind of you to say. My wife and I have 2 young kids (3 years and 13 months) and no daycare. We are both pretty run down. Hopefully when my youngest, Zoe, is a little older things will get easier and I’ll be able to put some time into it.

      The two Warmachine starters arrived today. Justin and I plan to meet periodically for painting sessions. If things go well I will write about it. Possibly here but more likely as a contributor on Justin’s blog.

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