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Just a quick update on what’s been occupying my table for a bit.

I’ve finished up my first wave of Helldorado Immortals.  Basically this set includes 6 models.


Here’s the peasants.  A great melee group that deal impressive damage at a low cost.  Being peasants, they were a fairly easy paint job.  I kept them drab and dirty.  I also kept the brushstrokes visible to give them rough look.


The Lemures were again an easy job, mostly because they are tiny.  Still each of them keep their quirky character.


The real meat of the job was the leader, Li Tsu Tsin.  She’s very detailed and extremely tiny.  Basically I spent a great deal of time squinting througha  magnifying glass with a 00 brush.  If i do any more of her, i’ll have to upgrade to a big dazer.

I found that the effect was not as good as the effort.  Her robes are just a simple shade of red.  Looking at her now, she looks as though there are few fine details.  Even the blue jewels that i painted on her don’t show at all.  Oh well.

Next up…ORKS???


Posted August 15, 2012 by coffeedream in Hell Dorado, Workbench

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