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Just a quick update post that gives an idea of how things are progressing on my table.


Last night I had a chance to play my third game of Helldorado.  The scenario was Ambush! and my opponent was azmzero fielding the Lost.

Much like my game with mborges, this “ambush” quickly turned into a mosh pit of combat.  We were fielding much larger warbands this time.  Each of us took about 148 points of figures.  That pushed my forces up to 5 peasants, 2 bucket carriers and finally Li Tsu Tsin.

Li is quickly becoming my preferred leader.  She is lean on points, runs like Usain Bolt and has an absolutely demoralizing ability to steal one model away from my opponent.

The peasants managed to deal copious amounts of damage while the bucket bearers were able to spread the damage around and keep them on the table.  Having two bucket bearers made my damage redirection very effective.

I guess the important thing is that my crew seems to be working well together.  I’ll probably add 1 or 2 more figures for variety and color, but that will take me to a good solid force that i should be able to enjoy for a while.

As for build state, all the models are built and have their primary blocked in colors.  A bit of detail has been added to the peasants, but still they are pretty rough.

Dark Age

I haven’t had an opportunity to play this one this past week.  I do find it’s a much easier game to get into, so I’m quite eager to table it again.

I’ve assembled and painted on the first colors.  I’ve started detailing in earnest the Buzz Blades.  I’m not sure why they are named that by the way…they don’t look very “buzz” to me.  The skin tones are done so the metal and cloth goes next.  I’ll try to post some pics in the next few days.


I picked this game up on a whim.  ProtectHorate of Ryu starter is now built and primed.  I’ve been using them as extra Peasants for my HD band…I find they are a bit large for HD even though their bases are the same size.


Well, all these little skirmish titles have slowed down my main wood elf repaint.  I’ve got the second block of glade guard on the table and their pants are about halfway done.

So an all text update from me…i’ll post an all image update in a few days.




Posted August 2, 2012 by coffeedream in Hell Dorado, Wood Elves, Workbench

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