Showgirls vs Freikorps (25ss) – 7/16/12   6 comments

Scott came over during the day on Monday to play Malifaux.  25ss, Showgirls vs. Freikorps, and we added in location rules.


  • Colette
  • Cassandra
  • Performer + Mannequin
  • Coryphee
  • Mechanical Dove
  • Scheme: Power Ritual: (1) interact within 8″ of 3 corners for 1 VP, 4 corners for 2 VP.


  • Von Schill
  • Freikorps Librarian
  • Freikorps Specialist
  • Freikorps Trapper
  • 2x Freikorpsman
  • Scheme: Thwart (Unannounced): Stop opponent from completing scheme.

Shared Strategy: Deliver Message: (2) interact with opposing leader for 1 VP, with bonuses for doing it first and before the end of turn 4.

Location: Ghost Town with possible Heavy Snows (no charges, -2 to ranged Cb and ranged spells).


The board was set up with a few buildings, some trees, fences (sandbags, actually) stretching across the board, and a scattering of barrels and crates of various sizes around the board.  I think this Ghost Town could have been a Freikorps supply depot or something.  We deployed diagonally, 12.5″ away from the centre line.

Turn One

  • Cassandra starts off by running up and popping the top-right corner, and putting on her Southern Charm, making Attack and Damage flips against her [-].
  • The Trapper downs the Dove with 2 Clockwork Rifle shots.
  • The Mannequin Links with Colette and casts Mirrors, giving herself and Colette protection from Weak Damage flips, just in case.
  • The Specialist runs forward.
  • The Performer pops the bottom-right corner, then moves to the left.
  • Freikorpsman 1 runs forward.
  • The Coryphee casts Sublime Performance (+Masks to Ca and Cb) and Sword Dance (free attacks during Movements), then runs up and hits Trapper, triggering Hypnotic Movments ([-] to Trapper’s Resist flips).
  • Freikorpsman 2 runs behind the building to his left.
  • Colette grants herself Reactivate, then uses Illusionist to switch places with the Coryphee, and finally casts Magician’s Duel to kill the Trapper, gaining a Soulstone.
  • The Librarian moves up and casts something, but I can’t recall what.
  • Colette activates again, switches back with the Coryphee, gains a Soulstone by discarding 2 cards, then spends it to Summon a Mechanical Dove.
  • The Mechanical Dove flies over behind the building to the left.
  • Von Schill runs up and casts Hard-Ass, giving friendlies within 10″ +4 Wp in Morale Duels.
  • There will be no Heavy Snows next turn.

Turn Two

  • Von Schill moves over and takes a couple shots at the Coryphee, fortunately only doing 3 wounds, but then activates his Leader ability.
  • The nearby Freikorpsman piggybacks Von Schill and also takes a shot at the Coryphee, finally dropping it, then moves up.
  • Cassandra Nimble-walks up, casts Sublime Performance (+Masks to Ca and Cb), then charges Von Schill, dealing 2 wounds, and fails to cast Breathe Fire.
  • The Librarian runs up towards that battle-strewn area.
  • The Performer keeps running towards the bottom-left corner.
  • The Specialist runs forward.
  • The Mannequin casts Mirrors.
  • The other Freikorpsman walks up and takes a shot at the Dove, but fails to kill it because of its cover protection.
  • The Dove flies over and casts Magician’s Duel on the Freikorpsman, but only manages a single wound.
  • Colette gains Reactivate, switches places with Cassandra, and Magician’s Duel Von Schill for a few more wounds.
  • Colette activates again, casts Magician’s Duel again, bringing Von Schill to 6/10 wounds total, summons a Mechanical Dove, then switches places with Cassandra.
  • The new Mechanical Dove casts Magician’s Duel and manages to do 3 more wounds to Von Schill, sadly leaving him at only 1.
  • The Heavy Snows will hit next turn (no charges, -2 to ranged Cb and ranged spells).
Turn Three
  • The Librarian starts off with Furious Casting, healing Von Schill twice (back down to 4 wounds), and then casts Block Connection on Cassandra, taking out the Book from her Cmbat skill.
  • Cassandra Delivers her message to Von Schill (4 VP!) and Nimble-walks away to behind cover, successfully disengaging.  She puts on her Southern Charm for some protection.
  • Von Schill Nimble-walks to Cassandra and takes a couple of swings at her, doing a bunch of damage, leaving her with 2 wounds.
  • The nearby Freikorpsman walks in and takes a swing at Cassandra, buts fails to hit.
  • The Performer runs towards the bottom-left corner, unable to pop it!
  • The other Freikorpsman walks up and takes a shot at the Performer and misses.
  • The leftmost Dove casts Magician’s Duel on the Freikorpsman for another wound, then flies down near the Performer, in case she needs to use it as a Soulstone.
  • The Specialist runs up and gets ready to fry the Performer.
  • But he doesn’t get a chance as Colette moves over, gains Reactivate, switches places with the Performer, and pops the last corner gaining me at least 1 more VP.

End Game

We call the game here as in terms of VP Scott can no longer even tie.  He announces that his scheme Thwart is unattainable now, and he is likely to not get a message delivered to Colette, especially before the end of the 4th turn.
So, a Showgirls victory, yay!  I used the girls properly this time, utilizing their movement ‘shenanigans’ better than I have before.  I spent a couple of hours after our last game going through their cards and reading up on them online, taking notes and trying to figure out how to use them.  I chose Power Ritual to best take advantage of their movement abilities, and it worked out well.
Hopefully I can get another game in soon, although Dark Age and now Hell Dorado might be taking up my gaming time in the near future.
Thanks for reading.

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6 responses to “Showgirls vs Freikorps (25ss) – 7/16/12

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  1. Great report, thanks for posting it. I also applaud your bravery using Battle Chronicler to report a game of Malifaux with Colette. I considered it a couple of times but the sheer amount of movement shenanigans puts me off, as I don’t think I could make the maps comprehensible.

    Was there any particular reason you both selected only a single scheme? Power Ritual does always seem ludicrously easy to achieve with Showgirls.

    • Thanks! Yeah, the Showgirls and Kirai make for pretty confusing images. I’ve considered making multiple images for one turn showing such shenanigans. I figure some big grey arrows work, and hopefully comprehensible reporting helps it along.
      I actually also chose Sabotage, but didn’t mention it because we never got far enough along for me to get in place for it. Scott only chose one Scheme to get the bonus 2ss. I still play v1.0 rules, to be honest, so I didn’t even know about the extra SS for not taking Schemes until after our game!

  2. Where and when do people play? I play some Outcast, but am pretty new, and would love to get a few more games in.

    • This game was played at my place, but otherwise Tuesday nights at Meeplemart are popular for Malifaux. Are you in Toronto? Meeplemart’s in the east end (

      I’m always game for Malifaux, for sure.

      • Ohh cool, I am in East end Mississauga, but only about 20 mins from Meeplemart. I have been there to buy some Malifaux, but didn’t know anyone played there. Let me know when you are free and maybe we can meet up for a game. I only have played about 10 times, but know the rules pretty well I think.

      • It is quite possible you can find a game this coming Tuesday at MM. I don’t want to say for sure, but if you have nothing else to do and want to come out and meet us, a bunch of us will be there.
        If you’d like to check out our google group, it’s It’s not a very active forum, but we do try and plan the games we play there.

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