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A long time ago I posted the first in a series of posts (apparently I like to create series of posts on specific subjects … hopefully you like it too) on my goal to create a gaming space at home. I picked up a box of various Citadel terrain products.  I was supposed to move on to planning the table but I pulled my usual tricks and let the idea hit the back burner.  Since then I have picked up a Citadel Fortified Manor and Mr Tatterdash gave me a set of old GW jungle trees.

Plans have not moved forward and I have made no progress on the terrain for the table.  I have begun the monumental task of getting the basement cleaned up to support the table.  We live in a narrow two storey plus basement that is fairly difficult to keep organised.  Partly due to our disorganised nature and partly due to the configuration of the home.  This means that inevitably junk gets shunted downstairs.  This junk needs to be dealt with very regularly or else it becomes a looming angry beast that will not be tamed.  And it did.  I have managed to tame it though, with the help of my wife and some friends, and now the room is fairly clean.  In basically anyone else’s opinion it is probably still a ridiculous disaster but for me it is very tidy.

Since then, I have somewhat successfully hosted a few games of Malifaux here.  The space worked fine and I have a 3′ x 3′ table which covers Malifaux and Hell Dorado just fine.  It will be the structure for a Dark Age table also but I need to figure out some sort of 4′ x 4′ surface that I can place on top of it, plywood likely.  The Warhammer table is another matter.  For the malifaux game we were forced to just grab stuff from around the house to represent terrain though.

The next steps are:

1) A surface that isn’t the grey moulded plastic of my card table.  Green felt or possibly the GW gaming mat.

2) Start work on some exterior terrain pieces that can be used for Hell Dorado (it is the game that will likely get played here most often.)

3) Keep the basement clean!

4) Get a suitable table for Warhammer Fantasy.


2 responses to “The Wargaming Table: Planning 0 Cleaning 1

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  1. 1. While I love the Field of Battle, the GW green grass mat is much more portable and easier to store. Green felt is ok too…but i find that it looks like green felt.
    2. It would be interesting how much the terrain is needed for Helldorado. I suspect that the focus of terrain is less important than in a game like Infinity.

    • I’m not sure. I resisted buying the rulebook last time I was at Meeplemart. The rulebook is not any clearer than the QSR, though it is more complete. I will probably get it tonight. Stop by later and we’ll look through the terrain section.

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