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A Warhammer Interlude

I know there a lot of WFB going on, but that isn’t really been represented in the blog. So hopefully, this will kick off some more activity about what’s being played.

There’s something really wonderful about going back to an old army that’s sitting on the shelf and finding new things about that long forgotten force. The wood elves have been probably forgotten by everyone by now. They have one of the oldest army books in the game. The army hardlly gets any mention in White Dwarf. I don’t think there’s been a release for them in years.

I did see a spark of what is to come for them in the Storm of Magic expansion, but other than that, it’s been a long haul waiting for a refreshing new take on the guardians of Loren.

So, I’ve decided to take things into my hands and give my army something to revive it’s spirit…a new coat of paint.

Just a quick background on my Wood Elf force.

I started this army back when I started to play a lot of Warcraft 3. I loved the idea and theme of the night elves. So much of the color schemes i used were from the same palatte as the night elves. Flesh was a mix of Tentacle Pink and Liche Purple. Hair was a base of Hawk Turquoise and a highlight of Ice blue. The cloaks were a deep regal blue. The effect looked great!

But when i started to paint the Wood elf garb, things started to go wrong.

You see, the Warhammer wood elves wear light armor and robes that gives the impression that they are wearing foliage and leather. The night elves of Warcraft are mostly wearing a bikini. Without a painting reference for the clothing, I opted to use theme to resolve the color scheme. Big mistake.

To make a long story short, I used the darkest blue and browns to finish off the Wood elf armor. They were after all supposed to be nocturnal sharpshooters lurking under the moonlight. Here’s the result:


Yes, they could probably hide well in the evening, but on the game table they just look like a black hole.

So this new paint scheme is mostly to brighten the entire army and to get it more in line with the Warhammer lore, rather than the Night Elf stealth theme.

I’ll also be moving toward the green and grey colors and away from the dark blue denim and ebony colors.

Here’s a prototype:


The other thing i’m most interested in is trying out the new Citadel line of paints. I’ll have to say how impressed I am with the recent releases by GW in their paint line. Both their foundations line and their ink shades were spectacular products. I’m particularly interested in how good their new Layer series is.


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