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It’s been a while since I’ve touched brushed to paint so it was nice this morning when i finally got to start on the Aurlocks. Going through the figures, only five belong to the starter. I don’t really know the names of the figures as I don’t have the rules or the stat information, but i’ll try to describe them and the current state they are in.

Slender Skeksis-like naked hunter with a spear “SlimJim”

SlimJim was painted over with a very rich blue and then inked with the older GW blue ink. While I loved using the older GW inks, the did tend to leave a very high gloss on the figure. So Jimmy looks like a sweaty hunter or plastic skin hunter. On of the hopeful results of this repaint will be to eliminate this sheen from the figures.

Frog Shaman mixing weeds “YahMan”

Yahman looks like only the skin is painted on this one. A few other broad areas are blocked in including loin cloth and mortar / pestle.

Axe spinning Wolf-like dude “Wolfgang”

Wolfie is the least completed. looks like I through a Space Wolf grey on this one and a quick wash. Again there is a slight gloss to his finish. I think this may be also due to the high shine of the plastic that was used to create the figures.

Big Ogre with club and dreads “Bubba”

Like Wolfie, Bubba was a quick coat of what looks like that dark lizard man green and another wash. He’s so dark, that I’ll probably try and highlight him to a more middle tone green / brown.

Another Skeksis-like shaman with a staff “IceIceBaby”

The Ice man is closest to completion. Again he’s got that plastic like skin and the same color scheme as Jimmy. He also has the most detail completed on him, including a nicely done tooth necklace.  You can’t see the shiny skin below as i snapped this after i completed the skin repaint.  You can see the effect in the feathers though; that’s pretty much how the whole model looked.


After reading Justin’s posts, I really liked the way he’s painting on figure at a time. So, i started this morning by working on IceIce.

First task was to lighten the tone of the blue to an almost pale grey. Along with this, I covered up the high gloss ink with a matte reaper blue that’s the approximate colour of denim. While painting I recalled using the ink technique because it’s a nice fast way to get shades and contours. With this attempt I decided to go back to the roots of painting. No drybrush, glazing, inking, scumbling, etc. Just pure painting…just like Bob Ross.

The second task was to add a bit more color depth to the leather clothing Ice is sporting. The first attempt was simply a commando khaki base with some chestnut ink for shading. I started by painting with Dev mud…not inking. I find the new line of GW inks work very well as paints as well as for washing. Middle highlights were done with Iyanden darksun. The Middle shade was good ol snakebite leather. Finally, upper highlights were done with desert yellow.

Sounds like a lot of work, but the whole thing only took about 15 minutes. It’s such a small area you’re working with, so the layering is really just touching the model in a few key places. The result is not a huge change, but definitelybetter than the flat original job.

The last big change is the feathers. Most of the figures have some well sculpted feather details. The studio models have these feathers painted black. I think thematically they represent crow feathers. Unfortunately with black feathers, so much detail is lost. With a quick google search on Native American Regalia, most of the feather designs have a light color root with a dark colored tip.  I used both Ogryn flesh and devlin mud to paint in the shading for the white feathers.  The tips were just a simple reddish brown.

So with Ice done, I was really surprised at how much the feathers made a difference.  The model went from being a very dark sinsister looking shaman, to a much more in tune with nature shaman.



Next up is SlimJim the hunter…


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3 responses to “Rob needs to learn to give his posts titles so that someone like me doesn’t log in and give them silly titles like this one.

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  1. Did I not give you the stat cards?

  2. I saw a lot of tokens, but no stat cards.
    is a title required?


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