A Night of Miscasts, Misfires and Other Epic Fails   8 comments

So normally on a Tuesday night I come home and am revving to write up a report (or two) of the games I played that night.  I’ll upload pics from my camera, whip open Battle Chronicler, and getting batrepping.

But tonight it’s just not going to happen.  I’m not going to say it’s because I lost.

I’m going to say it’s because I lost BIG.

Real big.

Real bad.

I played two games of WHFB tonight, one with my Empire at 1600pts against Loy’s new Orcs & Goblins, and the second with my Skaven at 800pts against Andrew’s Daemons.

I’m not going to get into too many details, but I will say that the luck I am so used to having on my side with dice or cards (via Malifaux’s Fate Deck) utterly failed me tonight.  And was transferred to my two opponents, for the most part.  True, I did happen to make some good saves and at times kill a bunch of models, but generally, it looked like this:

Game One

  • Turn 1, Wizard Miscasts…survives, but forgetsBanishment
  • Turn 1, Mortar Misfires and blows up
  • Throughout the game, ‘strong and brave’ Men of the Empire fail to kill enough Orcs & Goblins

In fact, when the game ended (called because it was a lost cause and I wanted to play the second game), I had a trio of Knights with my Grand Master and a Warrior Priest in the rear of a dwindling-but-steadfast unit of Night Goblins, who were fronted by an also-dwindling unit of Swordsmen.  Sounds not bad, but both a Boar Chariot and a Giant were prepared to charge the flank and rear of the Knights.  So, I’m pretty sure we can guess where that was going.

Game Two

  • Turn 1, Warplightning Cannon Misfires, but luckily shoots in the enemy’s direction anyway
  • Turn 1, Warplock Engineer Miscasts…gets hurt by his own spell on a one!…but survives the Miscast
  • Turn 2, WLC Misfires again…and blows the rat-heck up
  • Throughout the game, sneaky and chicken-sh*t rats die in droves

Overall, I did manage a couple of good combats in both games, but not enough to keep me alive and victorious.

I don’t mind losing…but it’s just not fun to lose so badly!  Now I know what it’s like to be my opponents when I play the Ortegas!


At least it was otherwise a good night, with good company.  And now I don’t have to spend the hours putting together a batrep! I can go focus on painting some catpeople, or outcasts, or dancing mannequins.

Thanks for reading.


Posted May 16, 2012 by mrborges in Battle Report, Warhammer Fantasy

8 responses to “A Night of Miscasts, Misfires and Other Epic Fails

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  1. Yeah, it sucks to have everything work against you. The Empire vs O&G looked like a meat grinder. Our Daemons vs Skaven match was quite a bit closer. In the middle it looked like you turned the tides with two big blocks of clan rats and my dwindling Daemonettes and Bloodletters…but…oh dice are a fickle thing. 6/5 and then a 6/6 for combat res and off your rats go….worse a 6/2 flee until I remind you about the Soporific Musk rule and your 6/2 turns into a 3/2. I felt for you this game for sure. You know though that if those two misfires on the cannon had of been direct hits you would have steam rolled me. I’m looking forward to a rematch. Maybe we can do a Empire vs Lizards and a Damons vs Skaven both at 1000 back to back next time.

  2. It’s true, the dice like to have their way with us. My games last night reminded me of our games back when it was Skaven vs. Lizards weekly…just the other way around. Now I know the frustration that comes with going up against Fate-in-a-bad-mood.
    Two 1000pt games would be great, and manageable now that we’re going a lot faster than we used to. Even better, let’s switch opposing armies for the next time, so it’s Empire vs. Daemons and Skaven vs. Lizards. Maybe even use the same lists? Oooh.

  3. With the O&G game, I also had a pretty big unit of Orc Big’uns with double hand weapon left too but they need to swing back around.

    I thought you did roll your Banishment hits. I do remember taking those hits and either removing casualties or rolling armor saves. I did some googling around the question on if you can parry save a giant’s jump up and down. The letter of the law says that you can since it’s not considered a stomp and I noticed that it’s not handled in the FAQ either. Based on the description of the parry save and the giant’s attack, I really don’t think the parry save should apply but what do i know?

    • Didn’t we determine that the Jump up and down was not exactly in the Close Combat phase and therefore not possible to parry?

    • I found this in a Giant rules summary from a PDF printed in 2008: “The unit sustains 2D6 Strength 6 hits allocated as
      shooting hits. Work out damage and saves as usual.”

  4. Thematically, maybe a shield can’t prevent the damage a jumping giant causes, but also think, if a parry can prevent a Killing Blow death, it can prevent a giant’s jump. It is still happening in close combat.
    As far as the “allocated as shooting hits,” doesn’t this refer to the bit on characters in a unit, who will be hit if there are less than 5 rank’n’file models around them? Otherwise, how are shooting hits allocated differently than cc hits?

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