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I’ve been called up by the commanders of this blog to take up the Aurlocks and type away.

I really don’t know much about Alkemy.  I believe I’ve played it once and it felt mechanically sound.  I don’t know anything about the universe.  The models look nice, but don’t really blow me away.  I don’t really know anything about the factions or the units themselves.  Actually, Alkemy doesn’t really resonate for me on any level.

But I do love the idea of blogging about it.

For me, this will primarily be a painting project.  I’d love to get a few games in and see how the models perform, but realistically, this will be an exercise of the brush.  This may all sound strange after I reveal the fact that…

I have the massive advantage of having a fully painted force!

You see, I painted these 8 figures about a two years ago and from what i remember, they are done.  This is great because I only have about 8 days in May to work on this.

So what’s the plan?

  1. Get Andrew to change my wordpress icon to the Aurlock symbol.
  2. Get Andrew to give me the actually miniatures.
  3. Get Andrew to send me a link to the Alkemy website that detail Aurlock lore, history, feeding habits, etc.
  4. Take a family vacation.
  5. Paint 8 figures to the most detailed level I’ve ever done.

You see, i love the idea of blogging this because the best part of miniature painting is doing the finishing touches.  I’ve only got 8 figures to finish.  I can really push the detail and blending on them to levels I’ve not attempted.

I’m talking about bringing these frogs to life people!


Posted May 10, 2012 by coffeedream in A Tale of Gamers, Alkemy, Aurlock Nation

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