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Well, it’s May and that means it’s Tale of Gamers time!

I have already introduced this newest installment of this group project here, but the basics are that Andrew, Rob, Ilan and I are each taking a faction from Alkemy.  Alkemy is a medieval fantasy tabletop skirmish game that was originally released by Kraken Editions, died, and has been resurrected by Studio38.  When it officially died, the starters and first 4 waves of models could be found pretty cheap.  You can still find them cheap, so hopefully our Tale of Gamers: Alkemy will inspire you to go out and pick up some of these great models.

Wait, that almost sounds like I’m starting to review something!  No, I shall wait until I have begun working on the models before I comment on them, and will wait until we play at least a game or two before I comment on the rules.  This post is going to introduce my faction, my collection, and my plans for this project.  And notice how I now call ToG a project and not a challenge, as I think the competitive terminology works against us (see Tale of Gamers: WHFB and Tale of Gamers: Heavy Gear Blitz!).

I have chosen the Khaliman Republic as my faction.  When the game was still alive, these Muslim-esque feline warriors appealed to me right off the bat.  Right off the cat.  One of those.  I liked their look, and had wanted to play them, if we ever got into the game.  Well, many moons ago Andrew picked up the whole set of released models, as he had bought into and played the a couple times, knew it could be a fun one, and wanted the whole set.  After some trades and purchases, I now have all of the Khaliman (and Jade Empire, but they’re safely stored for future work/trade/sale), including the Gale Force 9 token set.  Here’s a shot of everything, before I get underway on them:

This comes out to 14 models.  Not a lot, considering this is the extent of the army, without further doubles (the Starter Add-on, bottom left, repeats some of the warriors in the Starter, but uses different sculpts).

The Plan

Well, let’s start with the fact that I know our previous Tale of Gamers challenges have been pretty…lackluster.  Everyone involved, including me, fell short of our various goals with both WHFB and Heavy Gear Blitz!.  I think I got closest with HGB by finishing painting all of my models, a few months later.  But it’s a new May, a new game, and a new Tale.  I’m hoping that we get somewhere with this one.

All of that said, I am going to plan to go slowly with this one, even with so few models.  I don’t want to tired myself out trying to meet deadlines, and I don’t want to strive for getting everything done too quickly.  So, here is the three-month painting plan:

  • May: Starter (5 models)
  • June: Malikh Meharists (2) + Malikh Tuaregs (3)
  • July: Iecha Bint Sorhna, Guardian of the Snow (1) + Starter Add-on (3)

In terms of painting, 5 models a month for a single game is nothing.  In terms of gaming, I only want to play with painted models, and I’m not sure if adding more variety at first is better than adding more of the same.  I’m a pretty clever gamer, so I don’t think adding new rules or tactics is going to be a problem.  I think that setting this as a goal for myself is pretty fair, even a little easy, so if I happen to feel the desire to go ahead and start painting the next group of figures early, I’ll do it. This is regardless of where the rest of the group stands with their factions.  I don’t want to get ahead of everyone, but I am not going to slow down just because they’re behind.  In fact, they happen to go at a good speed, I might even push up my goals.  Let’s get serious, 1-3 models a week isn’t even a struggle most of the time.  Also in terms of gaming, I’d like to get some learning games here and there during May.  Right now I am playing WHFB one week and Malifaux the next, at the bare minimum.  I’d love to be able to keep playing these games, while adding Alkemy to the mix (as well as Dark Age when I get the Outcasts done).

The big challenge for me with this project, I forsee, is the fur.  I’ve never painted fur, and only a fraction of the models I’ve painted well have had hair.  Thankfully I have some extra models (somewhat a Starter box’s worth, more details on that in my next post) to practice on.  Andrew thinks it won’t be hard, but looking at the models on the boxes, man…I dunno.  Of course I’m not looking for studio-quality, but this might be a good time to learn some new techniques.

Well, that’s all for now.  Things have been pretty busy and hectic on the home front, hence why my intro post is a few days later than expected.  I’ve asked for a little free hobby time this weekend, so I can start these models up with daylight at my side.  We’ll see what I can get done, my wife is usually pretty good about giving me an hour or so.

I hope the other guys are still on board and gung-ho with this project.  It’ll be nice to get at least the four factions’ Starters on the table before anyone gives up.  Remember, you can help by following us and commenting on our posts.

Thanks for reading.


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