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Things have been pretty slow here.  I’ve managed a couple of games but never end up taking detailed enough notes to write a batrep.  I have been slowly working on painting up my Lizardman army, which is going fairly well.  I will write about that in my next painting focused post.  I’m going to talk about the stuff I am assembling/working on here.  Starting with:

Snow Storm

Snow Storm assembly

And there he…it…is.  When it arrived I thought it was a metal model and the weight of the box led me to believe that it was quite small.  Turns out this one is mostly resin and is HUGE.  As you can see I have completely assembled the beast portion of the model, Storm it is called, or so I have read.  The arms either were cast a bit off or I couldn’t figure out how they were supposed to attach properly because I ended up with large unsightly gaps in the muscles.  Again, I used liquid green stuff to fix this.  I really like the ease with which it can be applied.  It probably gives me an inferior surface compared to using normal green stuff but I am ok with that.  I have temporarily mounted it on a base using some sprue, I intend to put it on a scenic base.  I tipped it back at an angle because, if mounted flat, it is kind of slouchy and hunkered down.  I wanted him to be looking out across the table.  Hopefully the scenic base I got (which is sitting at Justin’s house) will make it easy to base Storm in this position.

Justin has suggested that I magnetize the Silent One model that comes with Storm (Snow, I guess) so that I can use her as an alternate.  Well, he suggested it so that I could use her as a second Silent One for my crew but I had already purchased a second Silent One, and being Rare 2, that doesn’t do me much good.  Nice to have an alternate sculpt though when I decide not to use Snow Storm so I think I will try that.

Cold One Cavalry

I recently got in a game of WHFB with Justin (expect a batrep soon) and I revisited the Cold One Riders and was very happy with how they performed!  Yes, I have read all the ranting and bitching about how they are too costly and blah blah blah.  They are cool, fun to play, and very effective.  If I paid 5 or so points too much each to put them on the table that is ok.  In response to using them and liking them I decided to buy a second box (one big unit or possibly two smaller units) and am now assembling them.  A long time ago, when I bought the battalion box, I assembled the mounts and just used them as a sort of proxy for the finished unit.  Now I am putting together the riders too.  They are a bit finicky to get together so it is going slow.

Cold One Riders

Mounted, in progress

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack

Here is a new one for this blog…not really the same type of hobby but still hobby related nonetheless!  I kick-started a rule set for engaging in furious LEGO robot combat and decided that I should dig out the Lego that was languishing at my parents house.  I have now sorted roughly 6 KGs of LEGO out by colour.  Not sure what to do next.  I have all (or most) of the instruction sheets for the kits I had so I may try to compile full sets or I may sort it out further by part type or maybe I will just leave it as is.  Here is a link to the Kickstarter page: link.

And here is a link to a review on BGG that talks about some of the interesting features of the game: link.  This is a positive review thinly disguised as a negative review.  Check it out and thanks for reading.

Bins of basic LEGO colours



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