The Crews I Use #2 – The Ortegas (Part I)   1 comment

As I’ve been using the Ortegas lately, I felt that I should write another Crews I Use post to document how I feel they are doing.


Perdita, head of the Ortega clan, is a beast.  She’s a (Neverborn) beast-killer, apparently, too, but she’s definitely a beast.

She’s fast, Fast and has some high stats across the board, except for Wd.

She is a monster with her Peacebringer.  Not only does she have a sweet Cb or 7 (rams), but she has a number of Talents that go with it.  She’s a Gunsfighter so she’s fine in melee, has Critical Strike, and has a couple of Peacebringer Strikes-related spells: Bullet Bending which lets her ignore LoS, and Execute, which exchanges a few points of Cb to get a triple-positive to the damage flip.  Yowzah.  I have not used the former, although I think I’m going to have to, especially as it’s a (0) Action.  I have used Execute once, and I was lucky to get a Red Joker out of it, so…  Quick Draw allows her to shoot at someone nearby before they Charge or Cast, which I have used more as a deterrent than anything else, forcing a Move + Strike instead of a Charge.  I’ve usedAnticipation, which fiddles with the opponent’s Fate Deck, a couple of times, but only because I didn’t need the Critical Strike at the time.

To be honest, she hasn’t been targeted much in the games I’ve played with her, as I’ve so far done pretty solid with this crew.  She’s Evasive 2, which I’ve never had to use.  Her high Df and Wp are often very helpful, either in nullifying attacks outright or at least forcing some negative modifiers.  Her Df Trigger Faster’n You hasn’t come up much, again as she doesn’t get targeted much, but it’s a great way to hit someone that misses you with a ranged attack (including ranged attack spells).

She has Obey, forcing a model, friendly or enemy, to do her bidding.  I’ve used it a few times on both my own and opposing models, but tend to fail the spell more often than not as she needs a 7 or higher of masks.  It’s supposed to be the second key component in the “Papa Bomb,” where you slingshot him up the board to the enemy Master and have him blow himself up.  The other key component being Papa Loco, of course.  I used a Papa Bomb-ish strategy once, but I don’t think I would plan for it as a regular tactic to use, only if the situation presents itself.  I’d much rather shoot up the enemy, to be honest.

She’s Fast, letting her do a lot per activation, she’s got Companion (Family) which is always fun to use, she’s Immune to Influence and she has Hero’s Gamble, a great (0) Action way to discard your hand and replace it with hopefully better cards.  She also has Spellbreaker, which cleans a model of effects and counters, but it’s something I haven’t really had to face.  Maybe if I take the Ortegas against Kaeris and her flaming munchkins.  Yes Andrew, I called them flaming munchkins.  That’s definitely a challenge.

Overall I quite enjoy using Perdita.  Even though I do wish Obey would go off more often, it’s failure is not debilitating and the rest of her skills and stats usually get the job done anyway.


He was the first Ortega I painted up, and possibly my favourite paint job I’ve done so far.  He’s also a pretty decent asset in the game…if I remember to use him right.

He has what I think are pretty average (for Guild) stats: 4s, 6s, 8 Wds, and a slightly-better-than-good Cb of 5.  He does get better when he’s half-dead, though, gaining +2 Cb, a positive modifier, and an extra Walk.  Of course, with only 4 or less Wds remaining at that point, you hope he kills whatever threat is nearby before he gets toasted himself.

To help stop himself from getting said toasted, he can use Just a Flesh Wound to make a healing flip, but the spell requires an 8 of rams or better to go off.  Bulletproof 1 helps out, and if all else fails he’s Hard to Kill, so at least the enemy will need multiple attacks to finally take him out.

His role in the Family is as a medium-ranged killing machine.  His Peacebringers are Paired, he has Rapid Fire, both Critical Strike and Trigger Happy Triggers, and Leadstorm, a spell which deals 4 damage to everyone within 6″ (and it only requires a 10+ to go off).  That can definitely end low-Df, low-Wd models nearby, or put the hurt on the more resilient ones.

I’ve had some pretty good success with him in the last two games.  As long as I remember his weapons are Paired (which I did in that first disaster game against Loy’s Spirits), he makes an impact on the game.  Paired effectively removes the benefit from cover, or helps out a little more when there is no cover.  His real downside is that he costs 7ss.  I do think he is worth it, though, and will likely make sure he is always in my Ortega list.


The cheapest of the Ortegas at 5ss, he also has the fewest Wds at 6, and not much to save him from losing those Wds, other than a slightly-better-than-average Df of 5.

If he is able to survive into contact with the enemy, they better look out!  His skill with the Peacebringer is great at 6 (rams), but his 7 (rams) with his Dueling Sword is even better.  Coupled with Flurry, Critical Strike and (0) Action Duelist (re-flip starting Duel card until the end of turn), the enemy probably doesn’t want to mess around with him.  Oh, and it’s got a 2″ range.  The Critical Strike works on his Peacebringer too, as does Fannin’, letting him hit another model within 3″ of the first if he hits with a mask.

There’s not much more to say about him, really.  I haven’t used Menace yet, or Shrug Off, but only because it’s always been much more useful to just shoot or hack the enemy models instead.  Francisco, too, will likely continue to reside in my list, as I enjoy using him.


Where Francisco has the big sword, Nino has the big gun.  A gun with a 16″ range.  And 7 Cb.  Which could be 9 if he uses the (0) Action In My Sights spell, which I have remembered to use recently with great results (just like Santiago’s Paired guns, as long as I remember the ability, things go well).  The Repeating Rifle’s Dg is the usual Guild output of 2/3/5, but instead of having Critical Strike Nino can use Headshot (autokill, unless the opponent sacrifices cards or soulstones) or Trigger Happy.  The other night Nino did go trigger happy…3 times in a row, for 4 shots! It was unbelievable.  Best use of a single Action point.  Ever.  And the enemy knows about his gun.  They know to watch out for him, and stay out of his sights.  So in that regard, he’s a great model to make your opponent wary, which could help draw him to the other side of the board where the rest of the Family is waiting.

Other than his gun, Nino is nothing special.  He’s slow and doesn’t have Charge capability.  He’s got average stats, but at least has Hunter (ignores cover) and Scout (to get him into severe terrain when setting up his snipe).  And because you don’t want him stuck in melee, his “Where’d He Go?!” spell lets him flee without disengaging strikes.

He’s 7ss which can definitely be worth it if you can get his Repeater Rifle working well, but if not he’s a pretty big soulstone sink.

Papa Loco

Perdita’s crazy ol’ daddy, flinging his dynamite around and getting himself blow’d up good.  That’s really what he’s best used for, the “Papa Bomb” as they call it, getting him up close and personal to the enemy Master and their entourage, or some other group of models that you’d like to take out in one fell swoop.  It helps when Perdita (and the Enslaved Nephilim and Abuela) uses Obey to push him a little further.  Then BOOM! Yes, that’s actually the name of one of his Talents, the one that says when he dies, models within 3″ take 5 Dg.  Nice.  His “Take Ya With Me!” spell also helps out, extending the range to 6″ and causing 6 Dg.  Of course, he also takes this damage, and so he can’t use it to kill himself.  But as long as he’s only taken one or no damage, he can do it.

Other than being fast, his stats are average.  His Thrown Dynamite has a shorter range than his Family’s guns, but his Cb is 6 and it has Blasts at Moderate and Severe.

His biggest drawback is having a Wp of 4, which drops by 2 if he’s defending in a Wp Duel, as he’s Easily Influenced.

I’ve used him in a semi-“Papa Bomb” capacity, as well as just a Family member that can do some short-ranged damage.  I probably wouldn’t plan from the start to use him for a suicide run.  I think he’s better suited as a ranged attacker, then get him in close when the time is right.  When I’m not playing Resurrectionists, and each Family member is unique, I don’t like throwing away lives, even if they do make big booms.


I only just picked Abuela up, and since she’s not painted (but on the painting table currently), I haven’t used her yet.  I wanted to her to complete the Ortega Family, as well as to bring in some much-needed healing power.  Her Sawed-Off Shotgun and some of her other abilities make her an asset to the family as well, but really it’s the healing that I was looking for.  The downside is that at 7ss, unless we’re playing at 35ss I have to drop either Santiago or Nino to put her in.  I’d rather keep them all, so unless we’re playing at 30ss and I can drop Papa Loco or Francisco instead, she might stay back at the Ortega compound.

Enslaved Nephilim and Latigos Pistoleros

It was only recently that I considered picking up Totems for my Masters.  It’s possible that one day I’ll get the Enslaved Nephilim, who for 2ss will get me another chance to Obey and a little bit of Nephilim craziness (Black Blood, Flay).  Maybe just to help complete ‘the set,’ as it were.

The Latigos Pistoleros are new models who have Family, but are not Ortegas.  Again, perhaps I’ll pick them up at some point to complete ‘the set,’ but they’re not high on my list.  The good thing is that I could sub in two of them for Papa Loco, which gives me extra feet on the ground.  I’ll have to go through their stats some more, when I don’t have too many other models to paint for other game systems.  Pfft…fat chance I’ll ever be in that situation! Hah.


I’ve enjoyed getting the Ortegas painted and on the table, after having them sit idle and primed for a good two years.  They’ve got mad ranged skill, their Companion ability can make for wicked ‘Alpha Strikes,’ and their cowboy-gunslinger theme is cool.  And I like my paint jobs on them, which helps a lot.

I will continue to use them over the next few games at least, adding in Abuela, and hopefully continuing to aggravate my opponents with they awesomeness.  But I’d like to lose with them as well, as it’s not so fun toalwayswin.  I think the other guys are less-enthused to play against me when my Ortegas have a 3-1-0 record.  I just need to face Andrew’s Kaeris or Rasputina with them.  [challenge] Hopefully soon.  [/challenge]

Thanks for reading.


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