Lesson of the day.   3 comments

The #1 thing the Citadel Spray Gun taught me? …
There are no short cuts.
Looks like I will be using a brush to base coat my lizardmen.


3 responses to “Lesson of the day.

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  1. Did you at least test the spray gun on some test models?

  2. Lets just say the washing machine is going and I just got out of the shower. 🙂

    It seemed to work well for the Skinks with Hawk Turquoise but doing as close to exactly the same thing with Dark Angels Green didn’t work well. I also find the thing a bit unwieldy. The paint reservoir came loose and fell to the floor splattering the floor, the washer, and my leg with paint. I had it jammed in really tightly too, just the process of spraying back and forth must have loosened it. Also, it seems like the dilution needs to be accurate down to just a few drops when you are working with small volumes of paint. If I were to give it another shot I would use a dropper to measure out paint and water. Right now though I feel like I am making good headway with my lizardmen and if I continue trying to get the spray gun working it will derail that progress. Do you want to give it a try?

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