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It’s been a while since I’ve last posted so I’ll get you up to date.

Meeplemart (LGS) purchases

I’ve opened up the purse strings a bit and bought more than my usual.


You notice that I’ve picked up a bunch of Malifaux. Wasn’t I the guy who thought Malifaux was “errr … okay” and didn’t really like the card flipping mechanics versus a bucket of dice? Sure, that was me but I totally had a change of heart. Here I was a couple of weeks ago, I fully painted up the Hoffman starter + a peacekeeper but really didn’t like how they played (or in reality, got shot full of holes from the Family). Although they faired poorly, I wasn’t really interested in how Hoffman needs to be played to be successful so they went into the display case (for now).

So at this point, Malifaux got put on the back burner and Freebooter’s Fate was put front and center. But then I found a PDF of the Malifaux Rising Power’s rulebook. I had no intention of purchasing this book but I thought I would look through it and read a few of the background stories since I did enjoy the 1st rulebook’s stories. I read the stories about Kirai and I really enjoyed her background and how all the related characters fit into her story. So off I go and buy the Kirai starter and a week later, I pick up a bunch of supporting characters. Also picked up both the supplemental Malifaux rulebooks. I have to admit this is the first time I’ve ever used a PDF to “try before I buy”.

Since I also have the Lilith (Neverborn) starter, I decided to read up on other minions that work with her. In the Twisting Fate rulebook, the story of Tuco is really cool. He’s part of Ortega family who was captured and tortured until he turned. He was holding out for the family to save him (since they never leave anyone behind) but they were never able to rescue him. Awesome story so he’s another guy that I have on order.

I’m now a big fan of Malifaux more for the fact that there are so many different stories and different styles of play. You can play cowboy gunfighters, mechanical robots, undead hookers, demons, goblins and ghosts all in the same game.

Important self revelation

With the whole Kirai purchase, I’ve realized that I’m a mini game that is drawn more to background story and the look of minis than game play. If I really like the miniature or the background story, I’ll purchase it and play it regardless of how much they suck game-wise. I’m not one of those guys that wants to play competitive games but rather fun and non-serious games. I wouldn’t purchase multiple copies of the same miniature so that my army is more powerful/advantageous. For example, my Cygnar army has only one Lancer light warjack but since it’s the only Cygnar warjack with an arc node, I’ve read that it would be better to have more than one. Nope, not for me.

When playing a game that requires placing terrain at the start of the game, I place the terrain pieces somewhere that add variety to the game rather than to my advantage (i.e. in the corner out of play). So competitive tournaments or leagues are not for me.

That’s just me. Nothing wrong with being competitive though.


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  1. And that’s why you’re a good opponent!
    I’m lucky that the guys I tend to play with (you, Andrew, Scott, Ilan, Rob, xombe, Steve) enjoy the armies and the fun of the game, not the list optimizations and theory-hammer-in-practice. It’s great to just get the stuff on the table and have some fun. My budding Cygnar army is all about Nemo’s lightning theme, not about how to kick the best arse, for example.

    And it’s great that you’re so into Malifaux now! I’m glad Hoffman and I didn’t ruin it for you 🙂
    It’s top-notch, and I’m glad it’s coming out so often. Now if only we could play more than once a week…

    p.s. awesome recent purchases.

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