Freebooter’s Fate – First game   1 comment

Here’s my WIP pics of my Brotherhood minis.

More or less finished all but the Queen of Shadow who needs a ton of highlighting. Her dress is suppose to be a light blue and all you see now is the base coat. Still waiting for Meeplemart to get in some Brotherhood deckhands.

Had my first real game (if you can really call it that when most of time, we’re scouring the rulebook) with Justin’s Imperial Armada starter box last night. I didn’t know what to really expect but I did know that combat is quite deadly so my melee guys had to use as much cover as possible.

First Impressions:

  • Getting initiative is huge since any model can luck out and hit huge
  • Hit determination is really simple but maybe too simple. Most times it was the attacker picking 2/6 hit locations, the defender picking 3/6 locations and the attacker just needs to get one hit location that wasn’t picked by the defender. Hmmm … I’ll need to play a few more games to really have a good opinion about this one
  • When you do land a hit, you take you strength of the weapon (say 5) add a fate card which can be up to 10 (note that there are more low numbers that higher numbers so not as likely to get a 10 than a 1) and compare it the the toughness (say 3) plus a fate card. So you can see that a lowly deckhand could potentially take out your leader with one blow
  • I think we need a bunch of more 3d terrain so that movement is more varied
  • We didn’t play with events (because we forgot) but we’ll have to see how that affects game play
  • Fearsome requires the defender to make a morale check whenever the fearsome character comes into contact, or when you’re attacking the fearsome character
    • Once you pass a morale test, you become fearless to that particular opponent for the rest of the game
    • With Steadfast, you get to retake morale tests
    • With the fearless caveat + steadfast, fearsome isn’t that fearsome


  • Initiative = fate card + morale of leader
    • I don’t think this one affected us much since our leaders probably started with the same morale
  • Attack can only be made in the attacker’s arc of vision
    • I had a guy to the rear of Justin’s character which proceeded to make a shove action without turning around
    • Since shove is a combat action, Justin’s character would have to use one action to move (i.e. turn around) and then another action to shove
  • Attack from behind = -1 penalty to defense
    • I’m pretty sure we had this situation but I didn’t apply this penalty
  • Charge = 2 advance actions (1 complex advance action) + 1 attack at +2 ST
    • The rulebook was a bit confusing when I first read it but once I realize what constitutes a complex advance action, charging now makes a lot more sense
    • Thought you can only make 1 advance movement then attack but you have to more at least your MOV … so you have to be exactly a MOV away from the defender? All clear now
  • Lightning reflexes = +1 D which is already included in the stats
    • Err … so my Queen of Shadow does not have 5 defense. Oh well, she’s still pretty kick ass.


Cool game. Great background. Great minis. Loads of fun especially when you Justin was attacking with 1A against my 5D and hit!!! He totally lucked out by picking the one card I decided to leave out (my left arm).


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  1. Hah, that Lucky Left Arm choice was awesome. Definitely the highlight of the game.

    Nice find on those things the we forgot or got wrong. Will have to start making notes for next time.
    *I think I Retreated instead of Shoved, though, as Shove would have pushed you, but I moved away.
    *As or Charge, the simple/complex advance is confusing, but what they’re saying, I think, is that you can Charge between your MOV and 2x your MOV.

    Anyway, all things considered, I’m looking forward to trying it out again.

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