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So this past Tuesday night was sweet for gaming, in that I got a first game in of Freebooter’s Fate with Loy, and a rematch against Scott in Malifaux.

Freebooter’s Fate

This was definitely a learning game, fumbling through the rules.  While we had both read through the rules, we play a number of games so keeping track of how each game works can be slow-going.  Well, we did get through it.  I used my Imperial Armada starter against Loy’s non-starter Brotherhood crew.  We each had a Leader, a Specialist and two Deckhands.  We set the board up with lots of terrain, except for one open area in the middle, and ran the plain-Jane duke-it-out scenario.

Loy was really afraid of my Arquebusiers, with their 50cm range (which is a deceiving number, as that’s huge in inches, but not so huge in centimetres).  So he hugged cover really well.  What he didn’t realise at first was that they required an entire turn (complex action = 2x simple actions = whole turn) to reload them, being heavy weapons.  That, plus the fact that his characters seem to generally be well-suited to not dying at range (Agile, Lightning Reflexes, etc.) meant that at times I was shooting with 2 Attacks against 4 or 5 Defence!  That means I’d have to choose 2 body location cards, while he got to choose 4 or 5, so I’d have to be pretty lucky to hit him.  And then I’d have to Reload, so I would only get one, at most two shots against him before coming into melee.

Well, that’s how it happened.  I was either out of range or outright missed the long-range shots for the first few turns of the game.  I only scored damage through ranged attacks late in the game, often by luck.  I did do some damage in melee, ending up killing two of his guys (the Leader and one of the Deckhands), but he managed to melee my guys into submission, one-by-one.  In the end, my single Arquebusier was no match for a dude on stilts with a frickin’ scythe, and his Harlequin pal.

We did learn a lot about the game, including the one Golden Truth: this game is deadly!  And I thought that Dark Age Apocalypse (coming soon to a Tale of Gamers near you, btw) had the motto, “Everything Dies.”  Yeesh.  Successfully hitting an opposing model could be deadly.  I did 8 damage in one attack one time, while Loy managed something like a 13+.  It’s those dang Fate cards, just like in Malifaux.  I say dang, but I really like the Fate card idea (even though I also love buckets of dice).  Once we got into melee, the blood started spilling.  Even more when models were Supported in their attacks.

I was happy with the game.  I got to learn about how different things work, and I now know that you need to always pay attention to modifiers (like the +1 A and +2 St during a Support) and sequences (like flipping for a Critical and taking Morale tests, etc.).  During the game there seemed to be a lot that we had to remember, but I honestly think that it’s a pretty simple game at heart.  Once you know the available actions, and how the various tests are performed (attacks, damage, morale), it can be a pretty simple game.  As well, it’s definitely going to be interesting using scenarios.

I’m going to hold off on buying more models (even though I’d love to try out some of the other Specialists and Deckhands for the Imperials) until we’ve played some more and agree that it’s worth getting more of.  Andrew still needs to build, paint and use his Amazons, and there are some other interested parties among our local players.  The models are definitely cool, and the quality is top-notch.

I’m looking forward to more Freebooter’s Fate, for sure.


Scott and I had a 35ss rematch in Malifaux, as well.  I took the same list as last time (Seamus, Sybelle, 2x Rotten Belles, 3x Punk Zombies), while Scott changed it up a little (Ramos again, but with a Brass Arachnid, Guardian, Soulstone Miner, Steampunk Arachnid Swarm, Hans).

The outcome of the game was similar to our last one, however.  The Belles (upped to x3 by Seamus) were able to Lure and neuter Hans, while surviving the various Constructs that came after them, along with their aggravating abilities that punk’d my spellcasting.  I managed to deal with the punk’ing, though, and ate through enough models to take on Ramos, who had gotten in close enough for multiple Charges, including one by Seamus himself.  I totally ignored the Guardian, who ended up flubbing the only attacks he got all game.  I also avoided the Electrical Creation, once again Luring my own model out of harms way.

The best thing to happen to me was the Black Joker coming out on a damage flip against Seamus.  Could have hurt badly, but ol’ Blacky saved the day.  Again! Fate often really hates Scott, to be honest.

Scott did come up with some ideas for his next outing against Seamus, whenever that will be (not next week…I think he needs a break from me, and will play Loy).  First, no Hans.  The Belles are just too effective at reeling him in before he can actually do anything (last game he got off a shot that got a Black Joker for damage; this game his shot missed, somehow or another).  Hans is probably awesomesauce against other armies, but the 18″ Lure beats the 16″ Sniper Rifle every time.  Second, he needs a big-hitter.  The Steambourg Executioner.  Joss.  Anyone!  Thankfully he has Joss, and will probably get him painted ASAP to replace in Ramos’ crew.

I will personally keep my crew as-is.  I might pick up a Copycat Killer someday soon, and I’d like to replace Sybelle with Mortimer at some point and see how that works.  But otherwise, I’m really happy with how they work.  At least against Ramos.  Might be different against other crews, or even a revamped-Ramos crew.  We’ll see in future games.

Speaking of future games, we talked about starting up a League at Meeplemart for Malifaux.  I ran one a couple of years ago with some success.  Some other guys have been running some Leagues/Campaigns lately that have worked well (WHFB, 40k, now Blood Bowl).  I’ll be talking to them shortly about doing Malifaux.

* * * * *

I was a good boy at the end of the night, as I didn’t pick up anything else.  I was so tempted, too! Steve has the Dragyri starter box in stock for Dark Age Apocalypse, but I had the willpower to say “not yet.”  Might wait until next Tuesday (I did say I’d wait until March, which begins tomorrow, afterall).  I was also looking at Abuela Ortega to finish off my Ortega crew.  At some point I’ll get her.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.  Sadly I didn’t take any pictures last night, and the time-lapse video I took was at a horrid angle! DUH!  Quite disappointed in myself.  I’ll have to be sure to get a better angle next week, sorry about that.

Anyway, thanks for reading.


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