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The other day I posted some thoughts on my Seamus crew, featuring his Belles and some Punk Zombies.  On Tuesday I played a 35ss game with them against Scott’s Ramos and Friends, which you can read about on my blog here.  Today I’m going to re-visit the crew, and take this game into consideration.

Rotten Belles

Like I said in the battle report, the MVP for me goes to the Belles, so I’m going to start with them.  They gave me board control which was vital to my success.  If not for all of their successful Lures (I’d like to calculate their percentage of success), it would have been a different game, surely.  Not only did they neuter Hans by drawing him out of his sniper position, but they brought the various Arachnids into the fight as well.

I also used Undress successfully, I think against some Arachnids at one point. I didn’t try Distract this time around, but I’ll do so in the future.

In terms of damage output, they didn’t do too much, other than the one Belle who gave it to the Hunter.  But their Luring sure made up for it, so I can’t complain.


I’m only talking about him next because he is the leader of the crew.  Otherwise, he did not do much in this game!

Killing Ramos aside (as it happened technically after we ended the game), his only claims to fame were Summoning a Belle, giving them +2 Wk at the beginning of the game, and weakening the Large Steampunk Arachnid for the Punk Zombie to finish off.  There were actually a couple of turns where Seamus literally did nothing but Pass.  That’s unheard of, man!  And that’s thanks again to the board control provided by the Belles.

He would also definitely do better against a Living or Undead crew to fully use his ability.  Constructs are pretty useless opponents!


Sybelle did well in this game as well.  Between her Shriek (although only used once, it did a whopping 6 points of damage), Flurry and being used in tandem with a Belle (using Companion), she was actually a powerhouse in this game.  Having the Belles bring an opponent right up to her is fantastic, and exactly what she wants with her Flurry, and string of Triggers.  Call Belle was another helpful Spell, somewhat.

Punk Zombies

Sure, they didn’t do as well as they could have, what with Cb7 andPaired Katanas, but they did their part.  Both the Hunter and the Large Steampunk Arachnid fell to the slashing attacks of the Punk Zombies.  In that sort-of turn at the end, the dying PZ failed his Slice and Dice Spell by missing a Mask suit.  That would have irked Ramos, I’m sure.

I will definitely continue to include Punk Zombies in my list.  I just know that they will do awesome some day, and instil fear into the hearts of my opponents.  And their miniatures.

* * * * *

Where to go from here?  Well, I’ve got Mortimer that I still need to paint up before I use him again.

Those are all of the Resurrectionist models I own.  I am honestly not planning on picking up any more, as I’m actually looking to sell my other crews (while keeping Seamus, the Ortegas and probably Lilith).  But there are a few ways I would go if I did.  Crooked Men look fun and would help with board control as well, as they leave little mine-like shaft markers that enemy models would want to stay away from.  Bete Noire is a psychotic chick who would fit right in with Seamus’ ladies, even though she isn’t herself one.  Seamus’ fiery little totem, the Copycat Killer would be interesting to have. The Hanged of course would be a great way to play the Wp/Morale Test game.

I’m sure there are a few more that would fit (I don’t want to stray too far off the theme path, so no Nurses or Spirits, etc.), but again, I’m not looking to grow my crew right now.  I’m content with what I have.

Actually, it would be nice to have some more Belle models, so I can Summon a few more during the game.  In this game, for instance, Hans left a Corpse Counter behind, and in those turns that Seamus had nothing to do, he could have dug up more.  I could have had another Belle or two on the board, so it’s quite possible I could have forced Ramos to square dance between the Belles like a puppet, Luring him back and forth like their little bi…

And thanks for reading, folks!


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