The Crews I Use #1 – Seamus (Part I)   3 comments

As it’s been a million years since I posted to ToG, I figured it was time to do so again.

Andrew’s incessant prodding and whining helped, too.

I think since Malifaux continues to be the mainstay of our little group these days, I’d like to put down some thoughts on the crews that I currently use.  Since my long-time favourite crew has been Seamus and his Undead Hookers and Friends, I should start with him.  And with a 35ss game coming up with Scott on Tuesday, these are my pre-game thoughts.  After the game I’ll speak a little more about them, how they did (sorta like how Andrew did about Kaeris after two games with her), and so on.

So, on with the show.


This mad hatter is nuts.  In sanity-wise and game terms both.  I really enjoy playing with him. 

He makes his Belles move further with Belles of the Ball, giving otherwise slow minions a nice boost, as long as he’s within 8″.  And since he does like being up near the action, this is pretty much always the case.  He can also Companion a Belle, including Sybelle, but I hardly ever use that one.  I’ve used it I think once for sort of like a ‘feat turn’ surge (a la Warmachine/Hordes), getting all of Belles to pounce on the Seamus-weakened oposing caster.  Possibly Rasputina, but I’m not sure who it was.

He’s Hard to Wound 2 and Hard to Kill, both of which are annoying to opponents.  His DF is only 4, but HtoW2 helps a lot when he becomes the target of attacks.  Another thing that annoys opponents is his Necrotic Ministrations (not Menstruations, as I like to say it while playing).  Healing when a living or undead model nearby dies and drawing a Control Card is awesome.  Again, more reasons to have Seamus up in the thick of things.  He’s also Terrifying 12, which also hasn’t come up much (he usually doesn’t get charged before the game is over).  Oh, and he’s Fast, so he can do a lot on his turn.

Okay, let’s stop beating around the bush and just get to the BFG: The .50 Flintlock.  This thing is a beast, and even though it can only be used once a turn, it instills fear into the hearts and minds of enemies.  With a DG of 4/6/7 you can guarantee that opponents will spend good Cheats and Soulstones to avoid a Severe damage flip.  Even a Weak flip will kill lots of enemies, so if in range and he can spare the Action Point…BOOM!

He can make more Belles, which is awesometastic.  Especially mid-game when there are a bunch of Corpse Counters around the field that he can use.  I love when an opponent gleefully kills one of my Belles, and then cringes when they get back and get locked into close combat with one of their models…especially the important ones.  The down-side of this spell is that it requires a second Crows (feathers) of 10 or higher.  It’s not often that Fate just drops necessary cards into my hand, but it does happen on occassion.  I also like Live for Pain, which both damages  a target and heals Seamus himself.  That’s two Healing Talents he’s got, which is rad.

He’s got a bunch of other Actions, Triggers and Spells I didn’t go over.  They don’t usually come up for me, but I’d like to try and work the WP angle of Seamus and Friends.  You know, lower the enemies’ WP, then use the various Spells and Abilities in the crew to send them packing or make them go crazy and just plain die.

Madame Sybelle

Seamus’ right-hand hooker, she’s a well-rounded psuedo-Henchman (you know, the second-in-command, but without the Soulstone abilities).  Looking at her, she’s definitely round (I hate when her gross, thonged-butt is facing me…I try to get her on the flanks and move her on an angle so I don’t have to look at those dimply blobs).

Anyway.  She’s not terribly easy to kill, what with Regen 1 and Hard to Wound 1, and with Slow to Die to boot,  but she always does seem to fall.  I think it’s because she’s got Flurry and some good Triggers, as well as a couple of useful spells: Call Belle, to slingshot other Belles around the board, and Shriek, doing a little damage and freaking hit living models out.

Overall, I enjoy using her.  The only other high-end Minion I own is Mortimer, and since he’s not painted, Sybelle will get the spot.  She also fits the Undead Hooker theme, so that’s another reason.

Rotten Belles

When Malifaux was new I was drawn to the game for a number of reasons (variety of cool interwoven themes, nice-looking models, deck of Fate cards).  But what really helped me decide was the fact that I could play as Undead Hookers.  Undead frickin’ Hookers, man!  You can’t tell me that’s not an instant highlight of any game.

These ladies of the (eternal) night have overall low scores (which is fine for a 4-cost minion), but they make up for it with their plethora of goodies.  Hard to Wound 1 and Slow to Die again annoy the opposition.  ” You’re dead!…and yet you’re still attacking me…and you just healed Seamus…oh look, you’re back again…and attacking me again…I hate you.” 

In terms of Spells, the one I use most is Lure, drawing enemies close and biting their faces off, or at the very least bringing them closer for the next Belle to bite their faces off.  This is helped by their Seductive ability, making it so that you only need to flip a 4 of anything for the spell to go off.  You know, I don’t use Distract (makes targets Slow) or Undress (makes targets -2DF) very much.  Like, hardly ever.  I think I should change that.  Might need to try them out next game.  More annoying tactics, yay!


This is not the cute little noisy kid who I read about to my 9-month old.  No, this is a shovel-wielding fatty with a hard-on for Undeadliness!

With Regen 1, DF5 and 10 WD, he’s pretty resilient.  He doesn’t usually die as quickly as Sybelle when I field him.  His Six Feet Under helps, too, making him Hard to Wound 2 for a 0-cost Action. 

He can Exhume, pooping out a Corpse Counter for Seamus to use, but it hardly ever happens.  The spell is easy enough to get off, but flipping a Crow does not usually happen for me.  Fresh Meat! is cool, sending all friendly Undead models towards a target.  I haven’t used it much, though.  He can Summon a new Belle with Make My Own Friends, but it’s expensive (2 Corpse Counters and an All Action). 

I think his best value is in his attacks, either a ranged one at 2/2(Blast)/4(blast), or his 2″ melee at 2/3/4 with the potential (with Crows) to cast Empty Grave (1/2/4 plus Slow) for free (Paralyzed instead if you’ve got another Crows in the casting).  That’s a wicked combo that can do between 3 and 8 damage, with Slow or Paralyzed to boot.  Cool.

I’m going to paint him up and get him on the field some more, but I personally think it’s a Sybelle-or-Mortimer showdown for who gets to play.  Together they’re just too expensive to bring them both out.

Punk Zombies

Awwwwwwwwwyeah!  Nothing says “Fear My Crew” than samurai punks…be it the rocker or the bride!

Not only are their Katanas Paired, but they’ve got a CB of 7(Crows) and damage of 2/4/5.  Add Flurry to the mix, and if they start within 1″ of you…y’er chopped liver, boy!

They’ve got the usual zombie Hard to Wound 1 and Slow to Die.  Without a ranged attack the latter is only good if within 1″ or 2″ of enemies…

…because they can either do a regular attack, or castSlice and Diceto deal 3WD to anyone within 2″, if the spell goes off.  Not exactly easy, requiring at least an 8 of Masks, but it could happen.  They’ve also gotSelf-Mutilate, which essentially hurts them, but they then whip out the same amount of damage in shuriken at a target.  Booyah!  Eat Ninja Stars of Undeath, suckah!

The Punk Zombies do have some weaknesses, though, namely DF5 and WD6.  Even coupled with HtW1, they’re easily felled before they get into combat.  Without Nicodem’s healing/boosting powers, they’re not as resilient as they would be with him as their leader.  But, you know, I’m not ready to drop Seamus for Nicodem, so I’ll have to make do with squishy punks.

* * * * *

Well, those are the Resurrection models I currently own.  I don’t have any plans to add to this any time soon, as I think I’m fine with the amount of Malifaux models I have (aside from maybe Abuela for the Ortegas).  I’m going to try and run Seamus and company for the next few games I play, trying out some of the other tactics that I mentioned I don’t usually use.  I’ll be sure to post my findings here in further Parts.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. That’s fun as it’s identical to the crew I use as well. In fact, I’ve got two of my Belles painted at this point, working on the third, the on to Madam and Seamus for my 2012 11+1 challenge.

    I find Seamus isn’t as durable as I like at times, especially against some of the more “melee” oriented crews.

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