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Kaeris, Male Gunsmith, Female Gunsmith, 3x Fire Gamins … 5ss pool, 1ss wasted.

Game 1

vs Seamus (w/ Sybelle, Belle x3)

I had a great first game with Kaeris.  Part of this had to do with Justin’s choice of playing his Seamus crew.  Going up against a close combat oriented crew during your first game with Kaeris, especially one where the frontline troops have a fairly low Df, really helps Kaeris shine.

My recollection of my first game is pretty spotty now.  I should have taken notes.  Oh well.  Maybe Justin can comment on his observations also.  I do remember that the Fire Gamin felt pretty slow.  I really wanted to get them up into close combat but it seemed to be taking too many activations.  Can’t remember why though.  I think it was that after their first activation they were just a bit outside of charge range and were then relegated to the ranged support role.

Early game things were looking great for Kaeris.  I was peppering damage all over and managed to cheat away the Ranged beatstick that Seamis tried to lay on me.  A early kill in the second turn followed by Justin shrugging and having Seamus bring the Belle straight back to life reminded me that I should totally not be “peppering damage all over”.  Kaeris was then overwhelmed by a fresh crew of undead and a newly healed Seamus.  Lesson learn.  Fun game though.

Conclusion:  This battle really demonstrated for me the raw shooting power Kaeris has.  She behaves a lot like Rasputina.  But where Rasputina focuses her shooting to deal massive damage Kaeris spreads the love around.  Follow this with one of her spells to either reburn everyone with a token or seriously burn one model who has a token and you have a pretty versatile damage delivery system.

My big mistake:  Spreading the love around.  It had been so long since I played Malifaux that I forgot how Seamus worked.  I spread the damage around trying to kill everyone when I should have focussed on Seamus.


Game 2

vs Ramos (w/ Hans, Large Steampunk Arachnid, Arachnid Swarm, Brass Arachnid)

The following is an exact transcript of part of my post game night chat with Justin…
Justin:  So how do you feel about Kaeris’ performance tonight?
me:  boo
I f****d it up
I was really tired…I didn’t want to get cranky so I just did an assault
it worked ok
but left her too exposed
it worked ok in that I didn’t get cranky AND she killed and wounded some things
Justin:  I think all that should be your next post :)
me:  probably
I’ll write something up
Justin:  Yeah, maybe if you had gotten rid of a few more threats first, like Hans, then you could have brought her out.  But Ramos can be nasty.

This may not make sense to most so I’ll give a little explanation.  I was really worn down and didn’t feel like going to game night.  I specifically asked Ilan to come join us so that we would be an even number though.  So I had to go.  When I am tired and things are not working for me I can be a little bitch.  I know it, Justin knows it, I can’t help it.  It isn’t irritation with him (or whomever my opponent is), it is irritation about knowing what I want my army to do but not having the clarity to make it happen.  When things start going wrong because I made a bad move I get pretty upset.  When I am well rested and can focus on my strategy a defeat doesn’t upset me.  Often a defeat is just as fun as a victory, especially a close call.  This irrational emotion is why I try not to play when I am tired.  Doing an assault meant I had predetermined what all my models would do and just needed to think about two things; what order to activate in, and how to max out the damage they would do.  This strategy took a lot of the burden off of my already tired mind so that I could just enjoy the game, come what may.  Now, this is not meant to be an excuse for being defeated.  Scott did a great job in his first game of selecting the right abilities and spells to use, what models to focus on, etc…  A well deserved win.  I got a pretty early kill in too so had I managed to keep Kaeris alive through that fateful “Paralyzed” turn it would have been anyone’s game.

After Kaeris was destroyed Scott and I talked about whether I should just surrender or go on.  He wanted to play it out but it was getting late and without Kaeris to manipulate Burning Tokens my damage potential is sorely reduced.

Conclusion:  This game taught me that Kaeris is fragile, just like most everyone else.  If you move her out into the open she is going to get picked on and you are going to waste all your good cheats and soul stones keeping her alive.  Well, I didn’t even manage that.

My big mistake:  Moving Kaeris out.  This could have been remedied by dropping a big wall of fire at the end of her activation to block Ramos.  Better to keep her in cover though.



2 responses to “Kaeris observations

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  1. Nice post-battle thoughts. I find it helps to look back at the things that worked and didn’t work, even though I don’t do it enough (I don’t care enough about optimization, I think).
    I found Kaeris’ crew to be deadly, and I think they can actually do well to focus on one figure like Seamus. Even if you have to work on killing other figures along the way, it’s always a good thing.
    I look forward to playing Seamus against them again.

  2. I personally quite enjoy revisiting the gory details of a battle and seeing where things could have gone differently. I love trying out new configurations – not just to optimize, but to find cool new ideas that work.

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