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Let’s see if I can avoid messing up the formatting on this one.

When making bases, I’ve discovered that the big metal runners that a lot of metal bitz come on make great scrap on a base.  just drop a few on the base (bend/break to fit if necessary), cover most of the base with super glue (careful, very easy to get stuck!), and dip in model sand (I use a mix of sand and larger gravel).

As primer doesn’t dry properly when applied below room temperature, and family tend to abhor the smell (not to mention it’s bad for pets/children/pet rocks, etc); I discovered a great place to apply it indoors.

The bathroom!  Most bathrooms have a fan to vent the dangerous fumes, and the primer doesn’t stick to tile easily (but good aim saves on primer, and don’t quote me on the tile thing).  Keep the door closed, and Bob’s your uncle (I always thought that phrase was weird, because my Uncle is named Bob).

I highly recommend Testors 1249 Flat Black as primer.  It’s cheap, and it’s fairly difficult to over-prime with it.  I also highly recommend their 1260 Dullcote for sealer.  After sealing, it’s best to use a little gloss vanish on shiny bits, varying the finishes on the model tends to look good.

A word of warning, Dullcote smells very strongly.

This is just advice/ideas.  I don’t claim responsibility for any damage to self, family members, friends, pets (rock or otherwise), furniture, etc.


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  1. Ha ha. I have primed in my basement in desperation! As a homeowner I think I would pass on priming in my bathroom no matter how good the ventilation was. Liquitex, please make jet black Gesso. Thank-you. Your friend, Andrew

  2. Just to clear things up. I do NOT recommend priming in the bathroom with primer other than Testors. Many primers blow off a pile of dust and particulate, and it’ll get everywhere.

  3. I started priming at my work’s underground garage (2nd floor). Works well since it is actually not too cold down there.

    Way back, I thought priming in my basement’s crawl space beside the furnace was okay. Uhhh … that’s didn’t go well.

    How much does the Testor primer go for? GW priced their primer out of my budget although I do like the results. PP has a pretty good primer and it was $10/can last time I bought it at 401 Games. MM has Army painter primer for $13 IIRC. Size-wise they’re all about the same.

  4. I believe it’s $5.50 for small (85g) can… I find it lasts a pretty long time though.

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