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Hi there…  I am back with the second instalment of “I hate to paint” (Click for “I hate to paint #1”).  Today’s post is short and sweet and contains fewer mistakes (but more booze) than the last instalment.  All I managed to get accomplished this time was to bring the other two Gamin up to the same state the first Gamin made it to.  Here we go.

I base coated the next two Gamin with my orange blend (3 glops of Golden Yellow + half-ish of a glop of Blood Red) using my stumpy, now officially named Stumpy, small drybrush from P3.  I decided I would skip all those pesky white and yellow pre-stages and cut right to the good stuff.

The other Gamin base coated.

A generous coat of Baal Red wash, again making use of trusty Ol’ Stumpy.  After the first wash, looking at the wet models, I suspected that they wouldn’t need a second wash (I was very generous).  This is the tricksie nature of things like this though…a second was indeed necessary.  The GW washes dry quite a bit lighter than they appear when wet.  Less so, I believe, with the black one (and maybe blue, purple, and mud) than with the lighter coloured ones.

The Gamin after a first (or possibly second) wash.

Another generous coat of Baal Red wash and we should have 3 identical (or very similar) Fire Gamin.  Here’s hoping!

All three of the Gamin together.

Looking at the three Gamin together I am hard pressed to tell which is the one that had the lighter undercoat.  Some people say that you can apply light or dark undercoat to assist with the shading and highlighting process.  These people are jerks.  While I was waiting for the above models to dry I turned my attention to my test model.  The poor Risen model got a very, very generous base coat of roughly the same orange.

Don't worry little fella, you'll get dropped into the Simple Green soon.

That wrapped up my evening of painting.  Next up I brutalize the rest of the Kaeris starter and continue with my experimentation on the Risen to try to find some easy effect that will pass for fire/lava/magma.  Thanks for reading.

Drinks consumed during this painting session: 1 x double Gin Caesar, 3 x Gin Fizz (1 tbsp Lemon juice, 1/8th tsp sugar, 1 oz Gin, 2 ozs Club Soda)

Listened mostly to Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math.


4 responses to “I hate to paint #2

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  1. Does the booze slow you down or keep you “moving”?

  2. The booze serves a very important purpose…it pleases me. It is unrelated to the painting.

    I suppose to a degree it slows me down. I have a bit of a tremor in my hands which seems to abate when I have a drink, so in that regard maybe it helps. One thing it certainly does is makes me less fussy about the results that I achieve on a model. Deep down I would like to be able to paint to a studio-type level and am disappointed when I a) cannot and b) do not have the patience to learn. They say that you are hardest on yourself.

    I did some painting this afternoon (sans booze) and I would say it was easier in some ways and harder in others. The tremor was definitely annoying. It often causes paint to go places I don’t want it. My patience was higher though so it offsets it.

  3. To me, I think that they look just a little too ‘single colour’, although that might just be the photo effect. Instead of starting with orange, maybe you could start with yellow and try to avoid getting the wash into the deepest crevices?

    Still, I have to say that I’m impressed with your efforts considering that you claim to hate painting. I know plenty of people who claim to enjoy it but are far less prolific than you.

  4. Hey, I totally agree. As they stand now they are flat looking. I am planning on doing some dry brushing from orange up through yellow and then white. I know it is going to look a bit dusty and fire doesn’t actually get lighter as you move away from the heat source but it will have to do. If it looks like garbage I will re-prime them and try again! I’ll try your suggestion on a test model for the very next post. Thanks.

    I guess I don’t hate painting but calling this segment the “I get moderately frustrated with painting and do not have the patience to develop the technique to be able to achieve the look on the model that I would really like #2” would probably scare people off. The one thing is that posting about it in this way means I really must continue to completion, so that is a good thing!

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