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This is jumping back a little bit as I have already posted about my attempt to paint the first of my Fire Gamin but I put it up for the sake of completeness.

My workspace (after finishing the gamin)

The night after purchasing my Kaeris starter I dove right in and started building.  I was pretty confident that it was going to be an easy process since all of the models were single piece except Kaeris herself.  I got my workspace set up and started on the Gamin.  All of the models were pretty clean and I only do a limited amount of mold line removal so things indeed went fairly quickly.  The only complication were the base slots, the metal attached to the feet of the mini always seem to need trimming and filing to get it into the slot on the base and not have it poke out below the underside.  Over the course of an evening, while chatting with Justin on google talk, I managed to get my whole crew put together and primed.

I decided to use brush on primer as I don’t have anywhere inside that I can use spray primer.  I had used it before with some Alkemy figures and it worked really well.  I do like the smooth, opaque base that spray primer lays down but the complications with using spray primer outweigh that benefit IMO.  Historically I have had terrible luck with primer; having it separate, it going on “fuzzy”, not having a place I can spray indoors, living in an area that is winter 9 months of the year and too hot the other 3 months, etc…  From now on I think I’ll just use brush on primer.  A light prime with white gesso and then a nice black base coat will cover me for those models I would normally prime black (hopefully!).  Can anyone give me any reason why this would be a bad idea?  Are there things that spray prime does for you that you just can’t do with a brush on solution?

Anyhow, the brush on primer went on great (as you can see in the pictures below).  I now needed to start planning my colour scheme.  I am not a very confident painter so I often just try to emulate the studio paint job’s colours and will do so again with these models.  I am going to tackle the Gamin first (you can find a post about that fiasco here).  After that I have decided that I am just going to block in colours on all my models and give them a light wash.  That should get them to at least a respectable “Wow those look crappy but I guess they are painted” level.  If such a level exists.  And on that note I leave you with a shot of my whole crew waiting expectantly for their base coats!

The current state of my starter


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