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After 2.5 disasterous games of Malifaux, what do I think of the game so far? Well, I know I should give it a few more games before I form an opinion but I thought I would give my first impressions. I’m sure Justin is wondering what’s going through my mind since he’s worried that he’s totally ruined this game for me. I guess he doesn’t get my humor yet. No Justin – I do not plan to sell my minis and I do plan to play this game again. Just NOT with you!!!! (jk sorta maybe)

What I liked:

  • Low model count and quality of the Wyrd models
  • Card flipping dynamic (vs piles of dice) is diffferent and a change from the norm
  • Many unique skills, talents, spells, etc.
  • Cool background stories (i.e. fluff)

What I didn’t like:

  • Getting pummelled 2.5 times
  • Card hands and ability to change outcomes

I would have preferred that the game didn’t have a card hand since I like the randomness of the card flip. With any melee or ranged attack, I would have preferred that the outcome solely depend on the card flip. I don’t mind the soulstones (it’s ability to “re-roll” the flip) since each player is limited to a small number of soulstones. Although I like the change from dice mechanics to determine outcomes, I think I prefer games with a bunch of dice (fistfuls of dice). So I see Malifaux as a game that I’ll play every so often but not my go to game.

Hoffman will need to go back to the planning stage.



Posted January 26, 2012 by loychan in Guild, Malifaux

2 responses to “Malifaux thoughts

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  1. That photo is hilarious! Well done!

  2. Best. Picture. Ever. I thought my shot of Nino riding the Peacekeeper was good, but this one is great. Poor Hoffman.
    Good, I was hopeful you were just joking. I don’t enjoy ruining games for people!
    I love Malifaux and will play it whenever it is asked to be tabled, but I’m happy to play games where a small bucket is required to hold all the dice to be rolled.

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