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As of late I’ve been wanting to get back to using Battle Chronicler to make battle reports.  Thankfully we’re playing miniatures games again, which is pretty integral to doing so, I think.

Now, don’t expect too much right now.  It’s been a long time since I used the program, wrote battle reports, or played miniatures games in a way to record what’s going on.  So I’m missing a bunch of details.  A bunch.  Important details. 

But I’m sure you’ll forgive me this once.

So game one of my double-header on Tuesday was against Loy, pitting my Ortega gang against his Hoffman crew.  This was an expanded rematch of last week’s scrap, when I had left out Papa Loco and Hoffman’s crew was not yet sporting the massive Peacekeeper.

The best part about this game, right from the get-go, was that it was a fully painted match.  Both sides had fully painted and based crews.  Even better, these were the crews that took us both a week (or so, in the case of the additional Peacekeeper for Loy).  And on Meeplemart’s wicked ‘desert ranch’ terrain, it was beautiful.

The match-up was C. Hoffman, a Guardian, a Hunter, a Watcher and a Peacekeeper against Perdita, Francisco, Santiago, Nino and Papa Loco, both cashing in at 25ss, leaving little in the way of Soulstones in our respectives caches.  I flipped Slaughter for my Strategy, and chose Raid! as my Scheme, announcing it.  Loy flipped Claim Jump (aiming for the 5″ area around the outhouse) and chose Bodyguard, which would help counteract my own plans of slaughtering his entire crew.

The board looked like this upon setting up terrain and deploying:

At the very centre of the table is the outhouse, with a 5″ area around it marked by cacti.  The top-left building is a barn, and the other is a ranchhouse.  Both buildings were Miniature Building Authority pieces, by the way…expensive but dang pretty.  All of the other bits are cacti and deserty-trees, all on top of a Zuzzy mat.  It’s a really nice table set-up, as the ones at Meeplemart tend to be.  The table is actually 4×4, but we only used the space we needed.  Later on we figured that we did not have enough terrain on the table, as often happens.  Especially with the gunslingin’ Ortegas, with their silly range and crazy skill values.

As you can see, we set up in straight lines.  And off we went!

Turn One we all moved up a bit, but my awesome ranged firepower started the blood (er, oil) spilling, as I got a few hits on the Peacekeeper.  Quite a few, actually, what with Perdita’s mad skillz and Nino’s long range.  The Peacekeeper had moved up to try and hook Perdita in, but all he got was a bunch of bullets in his carapace.  Hoffman had hung back with the Guardian and just pulled some scrap out of his pocket.

Turn Two Loy won initiative.  The Peacekeeper charged into Perdita, but you gotta feel bad for Loy as he managed to do scrap-all.  In fact, not only did he get in there and fail to do any damage, but Francisco came in to help his little sister and boom, no more Peacekeeper!  Ouch.  Don’t mess with the family, I guess.  On the bright side, Hoffman used the scrap counter left behind to do a  point of damage to Francisco, Perdita and Papa Loco.  There was a lot of shooting over the new few activations, and Hoffman, who had moved right up into plain sight for some reason, was the target.  Thankfully for him he could use his Constructs’ armour, and hand damage off to the Guardian, who by the end of the turn was hurting. 

 Turn three was over so quickly that I don’t even know how to make a picture for it!  Hoffman and his remaining ‘bots couldn’t deal with the lead-death that the Ortegas could muster against them.  Another handful of really good flips for me and it was over, game conceded with the Watcher on one side, everyone else on the other (with only those single wounds inflicted). 

I feel bad.  Loy is new to the game, and once again I destroyed him.  At least he managed a smidgen of damage on me, so it’s not as bad as that one game.  Man.  I had some really good flips, including the Red Joker popping up at the most opportune times.  Yes, times.  I think Loy is going to want to take a break from facing me for now, at least until he gets some more experience with Hoffman and figures out some strategies to use with him.  I just hope he doesn’t hate the game because of me!

Anyway, I’ll see if I can get the report completed for my second game, against Andrew.  Maybe for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


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