Hoffman’s got a new ride   1 comment

I’m typically pretty lazy when it comes to painting. I think the fact that I used to love going through the White Dwarf magazine and drool over the amazing paint jobs. When I first got into the hobby, I tried to paint everything up to “pro” standards but the problem was that I couldn’t paint worth crap. So what ends up happening is that I end up with a bunch of partially painted models that sit there for quite some time.

With my buddies at Meeplemart (local game store), I wanted to push myself into getting fully painted stuff on the table so what I had to do was paint the models to “tabletop quality”. My goal this week was to paint up the Malifaux Peacemaker model. I already had the Hoffman starter finished but I wanted to add this guy so that I can field 25pts. I have to say that I kinda rushed it but it still came out okay. Not a big fan of my Cygnar paint scheme here because this guy looks too much like a light warjack. Oh well, I had to stick with the theme. Just need to add some static grass tomorrow and I think I’m done. Took me two weeks for the whole gang but that’s really good for me. I better started reading the Peacemaker’s stat card … I have no idea what it can do or how it’s suppose to work with Hoffman. No big deal since I’m sure Justin will let my guys survive past the 2nd turn this week while “teaching” me how to play Malifaux. Sorry for the bad lighting. I’m always taking these pics at 2am in the morning in the basement so no natural light.


Here’s the whole crew together:


Another thing that I have a problem with is “focusing” on one system. Justin (mrborges) has this problem but to a much higher degree. Once he started talking about Firestorm Armada, I immediately tried to remember where I put those Firestorm models that I started to work on way back. Well, I got them out and they are now pushed up to the top of my “todo” list.


Oh, I’m also reading the Urban Wars rulebook but I’m probably just going to proxy my GW Imperial Guard to try out some game before I commit to any models.

One day, I’ll get back to my Warmachine armies, Warmaster, WHFB amries, Hordes army, 40K Imperial Guard … oh, also want to find a copy of Super Dungeon Explore and possibly get into building terrain with Hirst Arts stuff. Ugh … need to focus!!


Posted January 23, 2012 by loychan in Malifaux

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  1. Hahaha, I’m REALLY bad influence, eh? On you, on Andrew. Making you guys buy and play all sorts of games, getting off track.
    Is it wrong that I’m already making my plans for games like Urban War and stuff? 🙂 Oops!

    I’ll take some better shots of your whole crew tomorrow when they hit the table at Meeplemart.
    And look, I’m the kind of teacher that believes in trial by fire. I’m not going to pussyfoot around…it’s do or die, baby!

    I too want to get back to Warmachine and WHFB. And others. We should talk some more tomorrow about a game plan 🙂

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