Joyful nights of cleaning, pinning and gluing   2 comments

Probably the worst thing I hate about this hobby is prepping the minis to paint. I love going through the store and looking at all the cool models. Checking out the back of the box to see how the company painted up the mini and all that. But when you get that box back home and opened up … ugh. The bare metal (and even worse … spruces) just deflate the whole experience.


Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m actually getting better at it. I use a nice share exacto pen knife, a really expensive GW clipper and a few different files to clean up the mold lines and flash. Rinse off the mini in hot soapy water (just like the books tell me) and once they’re all dried off … leave them there for a few months until I get the desire to build them again. This time around, I actually started to build the models after the parts dried off. Added to my tool collection was a tiny drill bit for my pin vise. I was working on my Avatars of War minis and found that there’s a number of separate pieces that are just too small to attach without some additional support but my current drill bit (GW bought) was way too big. There were pieces like thin flimsy arms, pet dragon’s head and a broken lance. There’s a RC hobby store around the corner from me so I went over and found that they have a ton of small drill bits. With my new shiny drill bit in hand, I found the task of pinning actually quite easy and I’m not so worried about snapping off arms and what not.


I had the following on the table:

  • Malifaux : Peacemaker
  • Avatars of War : Dark Elf Sorceress, Prince & Queen
  • Confrontation : Dragan d’Orianthe (knight champion)

I would have just stopped at just working on the Peacemaker but I hate just priming just one minis because priming is such a chore. BTW, I found a great new place to prime my stuff in the winter … the underground parking garage at my work. I park in the corner on the 2nd level. I bring the primer back to my desk to warm up between coats and leave the minis under the car to dry. Haven’t got any wierd stares yet when I walk back to the car with a can of black spray paint.



So back to the minis, prepping wasn’t that bad this time so I’m all ready to start priming tomorrow. Another tip that I use to prime … get those paint stirs from Home Depot and use white glue to attach the minis. White glue is strong enough to hold the mini in place while you’re priming and the minis easily snap off with a bit of muscle. And for those minis that don’t stand up on their own (i.e. riders without their steeds), I glue some plastercine to the stir stick and then just wedge in the model so it’s upright. You’ll have to touch up with feet with paint on primer but i much prefer to paint riders separately from their steeds.

Check out the dark elf sorceress in the above photo, the fricken dragon’s head was a separate piece!!!

Hopefully I can get a decent first coat on these guys and gals this weekend.

Nite all.


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2 responses to “Joyful nights of cleaning, pinning and gluing

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  1. I laughed when I saw that you added this new post to “Loy doesn’t like categories” category. <– nevermind, I just realized that I renamed the "uncategorized" category and therefore everything without a category will get marked like this. Oh well.
    Nice work on all that assembly.
    I guess I should figure out how to add some detail to my bases.

  2. I’ve heard that the DE sorceress was a difficult build. Personally I don’t pin unless absolutely forced to. It just adds so much time to the assembly process.

    Also, are you sure you need to wash em? I find there’s not much in the way of mold lube on most minis

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