My night at Meeplemart, purchases and this week’s workbench   3 comments

Since Tuesdays is my free night away from family responsibilities, i decided to go down to Meeplemart. I worked pretty hard to get my Malifaux Hoffman starter all painted up for today so i had to set up a game to show off my paint jobs. Justin was available again and he had some new figs to try out too. Justin had Perditia and a bunch of gunslining companions. We spent a while reviewing the stat cards for our own models prior to the game. Each master has an intended strategy built into their starter set but it really takes a few games beforeyou really see all the synergies between your models. Unfortunately for me, i didn’t quite understand how to use my flyer or cat model (i neve remember the names) so i promptly deployed them in a non-optimal way which got them killed before my 2nd turn and then my guardian got hammered by 6 shots (some crazy “if i successfully shot and then pull a specific suit, i shoot again and again and again). So on my 2nd turn, i just had hoffman left so i just stopped the game their and jokingly offered up my models for sale. Great way to promote the game Justin!!!

Well, we reset the game back to the start of the 2nd round and assumed that i won initiative. Ah, much better. I was able to charge in with my Guardian-Hoffman duo and start to tag team action. Getting the hang of it but it would have been nice to have those constructs that i lost early in the game for no payback. I couldn’t stop the constant barage of range shots and i couldn’t get into hand to hand fast enough. I need to review the terrain rules. Maybe i could have used some of the trees to help me out. Regardless of the beating i took, i enjoyed the game and was starting to see how to use hoffman’s abilities.

Andrew (asmzero) showed up later on to hang out and i saw that he picked up a new malifaux starter so hopefully he can find some time to get out of the house to play.  The funny thing was that as Andrew was still paying for his starter, Justin and i were already talking about other game system we want to play next week. My thought is for us all to play a bunch of sysytems from week to week so we don’t get bored of any one system. Other systems that were thown out there were Firestorm Armada, warhammer fantasy, bloodbowl, heavy gear blitz and urban war.

I really enjoyed talking with justin about how we went about painting our newer figs and the techniques we used.  Found out that generally i’m a bright highlighty guy (ie. GW-esque) and he’s more of a muted colors guy (ie. reality, historic like).

So it’s the end of the night and i’m looking around Meeplemart to figure out what to pick up. The thing with MM is that there’s so much stuff there that it’s hard to decide. I wanted to pick up a game for my kids but some of the recommendations (and the quick game play summaries) didn’t catch me but my pals did offer to lend me their copies before i buy it. Excellent idea and fits into my budget. But i couln’t leave empty handed so hee’s what i picked up :


I love reading painting articles so after a quick peuse of the masterclass book, it was an easy sell for me. But Pete did say something funny that stuck in my head : after seeing some of the steps these painters go through, you want to kick them in the teeth; what normal guy can paint like that. Haha. The steps are crazy but i really like reading about the color choices and how they mix the subsequent highlight layers. Good night reading.

What’s on the workbench this week? I’m on a mission to finish the bases for the hoffman starter and to fully assemble and paint the peacemaker model. In addition, i want to continue with my hydra model. Last night, i finished adding the fins to each head so the next step is to fill in the cracks with putty. Depending how the week goes, i’ll break out the firestorm armada figures to see how much work is neede to get them on the table.

image image

Thanks for reading.


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3 responses to “My night at Meeplemart, purchases and this week’s workbench

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  1. Hunter and Watcher. And if you guys switch focus on me and start playing Firestorm Armada I am going to be pissed.

  2. Hahaha. I’ll bring BOTH next week, just in case you can’t make it 😉
    Great stuff, Loy. I’m sure keeping the Workbench updated here will help you get through things.

  3. It’s good to see that Malifaux is back…a month after I ebayed my army! Ah well. Was that lady justice starter hanging around meeple?

    Btw Loy, there are 2 things that make painting a breeze for me.
    1 playing games
    2 seeing nicely painted figs and the process behind the work
    So I’d say it was a good purchase.

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