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I wanted to get out of the house tonight.  It didn’t matter if I got a game in or not.  So I had to wheel and deal with my wife; I did bath time with my son and took the two kids out for an hour tonight AND she goes out (kidless) for a bit tomorrow (though her outing tomorrow is to visit her Mom in the hospital so it can’t really be considered a break) and I get to go out for the rest of the evening.  Seems like a lot of trading for something pretty simple but, I understand, bed time with a 2 year old and a 3 month old can be a stressful thing.

So I managed to get down to Meeplemart around 8:45 and Justin and Loy were just wrapping up game two of their evening of Malifaux.  Loy immediately offered to sell me all his Malifaux.  Must of gone really well.

I had it in my head that I would be picking up the expansion to the very interesting card game, 51st State.  Here is a link:  51st State.  Justin kindly pointed out that it is actually not an expansion but a stand alone game so I passed on it.  I’ve only played 51st State a few times and, though I didn’t need an expansion either, I definitely don’t need a complete game that replaces it altogether!

As mentioned in Loy’s post and in Justin’s post on his own excellent blog (link is to the left <—) we gabbed quite a bit about all sorts of things.  The games we are working on, the games we want to play, life, kids, painting and modelling, etc…  It is good to get out even if just to connect with people.  Without the other people the games we play would be pretty frikin’ dull!

With a small amount of coaxing from Justin I ended up buying a Malifaux Starter even though I had previously traded away my Malifaux to Loy.   The starter I picked up was the Kaeris “M&SU Assets” starter.  Pretty dull name.  I choose to call this starter after the second last sentence on the box; “Fear the burning angel”.  I took a shot of the box, the contents, and the minis all laid out but the three shots are stuck on my phone which I have misplaced.  I’ll edit this post in the morning and add in the photos!

And here they are:

Malifaux - The Arcanists - Officially M&SU Assets, unoffically "Fear the Burning Angel!"

Here is what I pulled out of the box. The figures were all stuffed between two pieces of foam.

Kaeris, Male and Female Gunslingers, and 3 Fire Gamins

Now the cleaning and assembly begins.  Fortunately almost the entire starter is one piece models so this should be a breeze!


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3 responses to “Fear the Burning Angel

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  1. Pfft…my Resurrectionists fear nothing…they’ve already defeated Death! And my Guild? Pshh…they shoot down burning angels for breakfast.
    Bring it on!

  2. In reviewing the site stats it has come to my attention that this page comes up when searching for some very specific alt porn. Therefore, I win at blogging. ha ha

  3. Alright, you win. I can’t compete with that!
    Now, let’s see if “this should be a breeze” actually translates into you at least getting these guys on bases! 🙂

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