Southern Strike & Fire Support Cadres – Nearly There!   2 comments

I’m really happy to see Loy and Andrew posting on here again.  Barely a week ago I came to this blog and sighed, as there had been no activity since October.  I had almost given up on it, but it looks like we’ve got some life left in us yet!

I’ve been posting (quite) regularly on my own blog as of late, and I don’t want to start overlapping here too much, but I just have to throw in my own update on one of our Tale of Gamers games (yes, we now technically have three: WHFB, HGB and Malifaux).

Here is what my Southern starter box looks like at the moment. 

I will probably only be adding ‘eyes’ to the gears, and call it a day.  I was going to add some other details, and possibly colour the pauldrons of the Strike cadre, but I don’t think I will.  The original plan was to buy more units, but we never got this game off the ground.  Just in case we do, though, I’ll be ready for it. 

I would like to play the game a few more times, though.  We only got learning games in, with single squads.  And I think the game can provide a lot of depth and fun if we get back into it.

Tonight it looks like Loy and I are going to take Malifaux out for another spin.  With all of the work I’m doing on the Ortega gang, I’m going to use them.  Looking forward to seeing Loy’s Hoffman in action.  I love the look of the Guild’s constructs.  Might have to pick them up myself, along with a Peacemaker.  Oooh.

Thanks for reading!


Posted January 17, 2012 by mrborges in Heavy Gear Blitz, The South

2 responses to “Southern Strike & Fire Support Cadres – Nearly There!

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  1. To be honest … after looking at some of your pics, I looked into this game but found the entry cost a bit too high. Plus I need more minis like a hole in the head.

    Good job getting these done especially when there’s no huge push to get them on the table. Any decals that do with these mechs? I got some from my GW Imperial guard that might look cool even if it’s just numbers.

  2. DP9 sells decal sheets for every army if you are looking to keep the theme…if not I have a pile of (mostly space marine) GW decal sheets.

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