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The last time I posted, I was working on about 1500 pts of Warhammer Dwarves. Sad to say they’ve been put on the shelf just after I finished my awesome Gyrocoptor. I did have the opportunity to run them in Mighty Empires campaign, but the scheduling was not ideal so I didn’t sign up.

At the same time, a 40k league was starting up so I decided to dust off my Greenskins and give this a go. I picked up this army a couple of years back and haven’t really had a chance to field them. The army was basically “new” to me as I’d forgotten about it.

The league follows an interesting format. You need 950 points that are put on a fixed list. This list remains the same for the duration of the league. The remaining 550 points can be changed from game to game.
Here’s how my fixed list breaks down:

20 Ork boyz in a Battlewagon
Another 20 Ork boyz in a Battlewagon
8 Nobz in a Trukk
5 Lootas on foot

The idea for this army was originally inspired by the Ork Warbikers. I cannot think of a cooler idea than Orks on choppas riding across a dusty battlefield…yeah I didn’t actually include any warbikers…but that’s where the idea came from.

One new model I decided to include for the league is the Shokk Attack gun. It’s just so quintessentially orky that I couldn’t leave it out. It was also my first experience with FINECAST. See also Azmzero’s post. Here’s some thoughts about building it:

First off, the casting quality is very good. Detail is high and crisp.
However quality control is not very good. I did have the airbubble problem, but it was in an area that is not very visible. Used greenstuff to resculpt the affected area.

There was one area (a chain) that was too delicate for the finecast resin and it has since broken off. Fortunately it does not affect the look of the model as now it just looks like the link was damaged in battle.

The flash and injection points are very significant and much more compared to metals. So cleaning took a lot of extra time.

I would imagine as they stop using the old molds for the casting, they will correct these things.

As for gluing, I used to use Goop to build my metals. Goop both fills and adheres strongly to metal. It does not at all stick to the strange resin that finecast is made from. So I was forced to switch to CA hotstuff and greenstuff filler. Once I did, I found the build very fast. This model would normally take about 2 days to finish (goop cures in about 6 hrs). I was done the assembly in about 15 mins because the CA / Green cures so fast. I think the light weight of the resin makes the gluing much faster as well. The pieces tend not to fall apart as readily.

So there’s lots of good and bad about the stuff…overall I think that I’d put finecast right in the middle between plastic and metal for ease of assembly. I still much prefer plastic, but the finecast is an improvement over the metal in several ways. It’s light weight, easy to clean, and easy to build. The only real problems are quality control, brittleness for fine pieces, and cost.




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  1. Wow! Even ROB is posting! 2012 is going to be a GREAT year!

  2. I just got the WordPress app for iPhone so it allows me to post from pretty much anywhere. To think of all those potential posts I could’ve made while on the can…

  3. Rob, We do NOT want to hear about THAT “miniature”! =D

  4. How are the picture sizes. Testing from an iPhone upload. Also, can someone add a 40 k category. Can’t on iPhone.

  5. The pics are a little small. I’ll add a category for you. Cheers!

    Category now added.

  6. I blog with my new Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet. It’s much easier to take a quick picture and add it to your post. I have a nice DSLR but I would have to snap the pic, import from the memory card, export from iPhoto and then add it to the blog. Much easier with the tablet. But the lack of a decent keyboard makes typo much more common.

    Still can’t make it out on Tuesdays? Regardless, good to hear from you.

    That ork figure looks quite detailed. Whenever you get a chance to put some paint on that fellow, post a pic.

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