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The funny thing about the start of the new year is that there’s a lot of new resolutions. My new year’s resolution is to give myself more time to play and work on my minis. It was a tough year last year with all the hours i dedicated to work and all the free time i wasted just surfing the internet while my hobby table just collected dust.

Well, the year has started pretty decently with a demo game of Malifaux with mrborges. I’ve had a starter set and rules for over a year and have never played it or watched a game. Tuesday night is my free night so when justin was looking for a game, I jumped at the chance. I didn’t want to pack a bunch of minis like a WHFB army so a low figure count game like Malifaux worked perfectly.

Great demo with Justin where i was able to try out a bunch of different actions and spells. There’s a ton of details to this game since all the minis have unique special abilities. I liked the demo so much that i decided to pick up my 3rd starter and work on it right away.  I usually follow the manufacturer color scheme but i decided that i would go with Cygnar colors instead. Hopefully i’ll get it ready for the table on Tuesday.


Wait a moment. Isn’t this my dark elves blog? Well, i did work on them a bit. I’m hoping the guys have an appetite to get back into warhammer this year so i’ll still work on my dark elves ad brettonians. I did work on some crossbowmen and spearmen in the summer but they still need a highlighting layer. I decided to add magnets to their bases since they’re so light and one errant knock to their movement tray sends them sprawling.


Also decided to start on the hydra. Took a while for me to dry fit the heads to figure ot which head goes where. After i figured i all out and started gluing some heads, i notice that each head has a number and the body has numbers by each head slot. Duh, what woud those number be for? After all the heads are in, you begin to see how impressive this model really is. I still have to put on the head fins to each head and start the putting of all the crevises. I’m:-)not much of a putting kind of guy but i really like this figure so i want it to look amazing.



Good start to the year.


Posted January 16, 2012 by loychan in Dark Elves, Malifaux

3 responses to “The dark elves are still around

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  1. Loy! It is good to see you back and posting. No need to restrict your posts to your Dark Elves. As you can see Justin and I are posting about a variety of games. Hopefully you are getting some use out of that Rasputina starter you got off me.

  2. Yay!
    The Malifaux game was great, and got me back into it. I’m working on my Perdita gang, and I’m doing as top-notch a job as I can on these guys. Thank YOU for revamping my interest in this awesome game.
    The Hoffman crew looks great, Loy. Nice colour scheme. Looking forward to seeing them on the battlefield…tomorrow?
    And I am definitely ready for more WHFB. I’ve been itching to play it, after, like, half a year of not doing so. Maybe next Tuesday!

  3. Nice painting. Could you post a shot of the Hoffman crew against a white background? I think it would show them off to better effect.

    Also, I’m glad to see fresh content on this excellent blog.

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